Aldi now carrying gluten-free baking mixes?!

I got an email from Emily from Our Frugal Happy Life and she said that she found the above display at her Aldi store with Gluten-Free Brownie and Baking Mix available for sale for $2.99 per box!

I can’t guarantee that you’ll find this at your Aldi store, but I thought I’d pass the news along to those of you with gluten allergies so you could be sure to check.

Let us know if you find this same deal!

I’m so excited to see Aldi jumping on the bandwagon with not only carrying organic food, but also now offering gluten-free mixes. Be sure to let them know that you are happy to see these options — and hopefully they’ll make them a long-term thing!

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  1. Marie says

    yes, definitely communicate with Aldi’s corperate! They want to know. A new store opened here today and there were many distrinct and regional managers and I spoke with a few about my desire to see fresh herbs carried. And it is going to happen. They had cilantro today!!! But they were very open to my suggestions. I tell you Aldi’s has become my main shopping store! I love it!

  2. Jenna says

    I really like Aldi. It is so quick to get in and out and their quality is great. I have really enjoyed their organic selections. I will have to run and see if my local Aldi has the gluten free items yet.

  3. Sherri says

    It was at my Aldi when I was there on Tuesday. There was also a corporate person there. I told her how excited I was to see it. She said it was a special buy though and sometimes they come back and sometimes they don’t. It is based on sales. I would think sales would be great if they didn’t have any left!!

  4. Paula F says

    YES! I saw the baking mix and brownie mix at my Aldi’s in CT. They immediately went in my carriage!! Hubby was very happy when I got home and showed him. =)

  5. Laurie says

    One thing that I do not like about my Aldi’s is that they do not carry the organic line. They had it for a brief time and then never got anything back in. I think this is also true with their special buys like the GF mentioned here. It all goes so quickly and if you do not get it when you see it there will not be any left. I think I need to write to corporate office also. I would also like to see 1% milk too.

    • Kelly says

      Our Aldi too here in PA. They had the organic stuff on special buy for less than a month before it all disappeared. I asked and they said they didn’t sell enough. Sadly, I don’t think ours will get the GF mixes in either, although hubby would love them!

  6. Amanda S. says

    I bought them in Keller, TX and they are AMAZING. My husband thought I had made ghirardelli brand brownies. Very tasty gluten free product.

  7. Angie D says

    My friend found them in Wichita and said they are the best she’s tasted!! I’m excited b/c we’ve got a gluten-free one over here and it’s tough.

  8. Jen says

    Yes, in central NY. I saw them last week:-)
    We have Wegmans here too and I think the prices are the same. So I was hesitant to try Aldi brand. I will now that I see positive feedback though:-)
    I hope the mixes stay around.

  9. KimH says

    Im heading to my Aldi tomorrow.. and stocking up if I find them.. They can go in my tubs in the basement where they’ll stay nice & fresh for a long time..

    I dont know about this brand, but Aldi’s brownie mix is the BEST anyone has ever had. I used to take them to events all the time & I cant tell you how many times I was told they were the best brownies they had ever eaten.. hundreds… Anyways.. Im willing to bet the baking & cake mixes are the same! Cant wait!

  10. says

    I already love Aldi, so this is good news, though I think that if you have your own basic gluten free flour, many baked goods (aside from bread) are not that hard to do.

    We started getting fresh cilantro in packages recently and it was really fresh. If they started carrying fresh basil, I would be thrilled.

  11. Melinda says

    I love Aldi! Great selection, quality and best of all – low prices without clipping coupons! Has anyone tried the powdered non fat dry milk at Aldi? They just started carrying it in PA. I usually buy Carnation at BJs to use in between if we run out of milk and its great for baking.

  12. Deborah says

    Our Aldi here in Hornell, NY is carrying these as well. I bought one as they are extremely expensive at Wegmans. I made biscuits with them last night and they were very good. I made sure to tell the Aldi personnel how happy I was with finding that mix at their location. I asked if it would become a regular item and they said, no. It is a specialty item, but sometimes they DO indeed become regular items. I’m hoping it’s a big hit so they will continue stocking it. I have a husband with food intolerances and Aldi’s move to carrying more products that are conducive to this, thrills me.

  13. JenG says

    I picked up one GF brownie mix and one box of the GF baking mix at our Aldi in north central Ohio yesterday. Mixed up the brownies this morning and just tried one. Not bad. I will grab a couple more today or tomorrow to have on hand. We love the regular Aldi brownie mix here too, so I was hopeful.

    I’ll just say they were too thick in the 8×8 pan, and not super sweet or chocolately despite sugar being the first ingredient. I was happy to see that there is at least tapioca starch in addition to the rice flour in the mix. At $2.99/box, it’s not something I’ll use frequently, but it will be nice to have for those need-a-GF-treat-in-a-hurry times!

    Thanks MSM for the heads-up to look for these!

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