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Kroger discontinues double coupons in Midwest region

Kroger has announced that they will discontinue doubling coupons at all 118 Kroger stores Midwest region (NKY/Cincinnati/Dayton Division) beginning March 1, 2013.

I had a feeling this was coming. And I’m predicting that it won’t be long before Kroger discontinues double coupons at all their stores. :(

However, while this is disheartening news, remember that there are many, many other ways to save besides double coupons. Be sure to check out the helpful series on In the Land of No Double Coupons that I posted awhile back.

Thanks, My Litter!

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  1. Jessica says

    How do I know which region I am in? I’m in Columbus OH. Here, we have Meijer and Giant Eagle that double up to $.99. If Kroger stops doubling, I won’t be doing very much shopping there. Meijer is my go-to place anyway.

    • Whitney says

      Andrea is right. We’re the Great Lakes Region – though if they’re doing Cincy and Dayton, I’m guessing our time is coming very soon.

    • Melanie says

      Can anyone tell me where to find a list (if one exist) as to what Meijer stores double? The one closest to my house doesnt but I am not far from Detroit and have heard they do. might be worth a real short drive….

      • Esther a homeschool mom in Mid-Michigan says

        bargainstobounty.com covers the best deals list for the metro Detroit area. Included are the match-ups for Meijers, Kroger, VG’s and more.
        HTH :)

  2. Amy R says

    Ours stopped doubling a while back. I wrote to them to encourage them to reconsider, and they told me all the other wonderful programs they had (most of which seemed to benefit senior citizens). Last week was the first time I’d been back in Kroger and it was only for the free carnation breakfast packets. Tom Thumb and Albertsons still double and triple here, and Walmart will match almost any price. It makes no sense for me to go back to Kroger.

  3. Robin says

    Can anyone provide a link from kroger about this? I cannot find any proof. I see it posted on a lot of blogs, but I can’t actually find a statement from Kroger. I also cannot figure out which region I am in. (Indianapolis area)

  4. says

    This makes me sad, but they started limiting the number of identical coupons here (NKy) recently so I knew this was next. Guess I’ll be giving Remke Bigg’s my business. They are still doubling up to 12 identical coupons (unless prohibited on the coupon, ie P & G coupons) and I don’t see them stopping anytime soon! Especially not after this announcement. It’s just gonna get them more of Kroger’s business!!

  5. Sarah Eddins says

    Oh no! Is there a reason why? Kroger is my favorite grocery store b/c they have such great sales, send me store coupons, and the doubling coupons was icing on the cake!

  6. Mandy says

    I am so sad to see this happen! I won’t be shopping there much anymore beacuse of this. I guess I will stick to Meijer and Aldi

  7. Jennifer says

    Well, I will be making more trips to Aldi and Meijer! This will hurt their business in the Cincinnati area. Everyone I knows who shops there only does so because of the coupon doubling.

  8. Jennifer says

    I live in Auburn Indiana, 3 hours north of Indianapolis and last week I learned our Kroger stopped tripling coupons. So I figure that they will soon stop even doubling. The town we live, Kroger has no competition except for Wal-mart and they do not double coupons anyway. I figure they are just losing way to much money. Guess it’s back to the land of reality.

    • Robin says

      In the Indianapolis area, there has not been tripling of coupons for years. And even then, it was only on special days a few times a year.

      • Kathy H. says

        Ok IN people…I seen this on fb from the local area. I knew about a month ago they stopped tripling around here. Which made my shopping trip a lot different today. If they stop dd then not sure what we will do since we only have WalMart and Kroger also. I can’t find the good deals at WalMart. Even though they match ads. Their prices have went up ..some things are now cheaper at Kroger.

  9. says

    We posted this news earlier today from Kroger corporate directly.

    I live and blog out of the Dayton and Cincinnati markets (I’m also the Kroger – Cincinnati contributor here on MSM). This is a major bummer BUT I think it makes it even more important to follow blogs.

    We do share coupon matchups, but many also let you know about unadvertised deals, closeouts, cash back incentive offers, catalina promotions and other hot buys at grocery stores. So, we will save 50% less as a result of the news but we can STILL save money despite it!

    • Brandi says

      They stopped all double and triple in Texas about a year ago. I stopped shopping there and it’s literally at the end of our street. I do pop in for deal items, but that’s it.

  10. Pam says

    I am with Jessica. I live in Columbus Ohio as well and I am a Meijer shopper for the most part. I love the history that Krogers has and I have found that they keep doing things to turn me away from them. I will be a one stop shopper at Meijer. I have found alot of good deals at Kroger the past two weeks (with my coupons). They are turning out to be as costly as the Big Bear stores that used to be around and are now gone. Must be the same man running Krogers and JC Penney????

  11. Laura says

    I agree with other. I live in the Cincinnati area and will not be shopping at Kroger much after they stop doubling. I’ll stick to Meijer where they do double.

  12. janel says

    Too bad.

    I live in southern california so its been A LONG time since ANY store doubled coupons. I used to gt so much more food free/cheap. i miss that. lol

  13. J says

    Where I use live on west coast all the stores stopped doubling except Safeway and then only 4. Now I am in Ariz. and I can’t find any that do.

    • Kristin says

      I am in Florida and I do not know of any stores that double coupons. However, Publix also has the market cornered on grocery stores here as well. We do have an Aldi’s but nothing else.

      • J says

        There are not either of those stores here. I just super watch the ads and shop as careful as I can. We have reduced meat, chicken and fish and eat 2 to 4 meals a week that are vegetarian trying to save. Plus gasoline just went up again, 20c in one week.

    • Amy says

      I am also in AZ, and there are several grocery stores that double coupons, including:

      Albertsons doubles every once in a while- when they do it is advertised in their sales flyer.

    • Amanda says

      Where are you? We’re in the Phoenix area, and Bashas doubles (or sometimes triples) up to a dollar, and Fry’s often does too. Things are still getting more expensive, of course, and Fresh & Easy reduced the value of their coupons and has had fewer mark-downs.

      • J says

        I live in Cottonwood, Frys does not double here and neither does Walmart, we don’t have a Basha’s. We have Food City and they don’t double.

  14. says

    All the stores in our area stopped doubling about a year ago. But, I’ve been saving money and eating healthier now that I’m not buying something just because I have a coupon. Definitely less “convenience foods” lying around, and we’re okay with that.

    I shop at Trader Joes for essentials (lots of organic options at great prices), and Sprouts for fresh fruit and veggies and sometimes meats depending on sales. Otherwise I purchase meat at Costco which has superior quality for the price. For coupon items such as sundries, hygiene, baby supplies, etc, I can often find great deals at Target, especially by price matching and combining with their sales or gift card deals :)

  15. Hannah says

    Not cool! I suppose this is probably in part because of all the crazy couponers out there buying hundreds of dollars of stuff for next to nothing (with cpns of course). Guess they’re putting a stop to that.

    • Jennifer says

      Yes. I save between $10 and $12 per week with coupons ( every bit helps) I was afraid all of the extreme couponers would ruin it for everyone. I will still shop at Kroger because they do have good deals and really good produce for my area.

  16. Ferchi says

    Here in Florida, no one store doubles coupons. We just have to drive from one to another finding the bests deals, spending gas.

  17. Peggy says

    You guys are lucky that you still had double coupons. In California we haven’t had them for quite a while so I’m surprised other states still did them.

    • Jodi says

      Wow I’m so surprised to hear that most places don’t double coupons. I’m outside of philly and every store doubles and triples! But makes me think it’s cause our food prices are sky high. So take some comfort in that.

  18. Susie says

    I’m in northwestern Indiana. In the towns around me that have both Kroger and Meijer, Meijer doubles coupons. In the towns with only a Meijer but NOT a Kroger, Meijer DOESN’T double coupons. I’ve always been in the mindset that as long as the Kroger was doubling, so would Meijer. This makes me nervous that if Kroger in my region drops that program we’ll have NO stores that double. That would be tragic.

  19. Julie says

    Here in Knoxville, TN Kroger only doubles to .50. I only shop Kroger because of the double coupons. If they expand their policy to our area, I suppose I’ll start shopping Publix. I know they double, too.

  20. says

    I’m not a big fan of Kroger. Their sales are great, yes, but all the other items are crazy high prices. I’ve been shopping at Aldi for the basics and am saving a ton of money, without the time of coupons. I use coupons for household supplies and a few food items at Meijer. But Aldi has become my primary store.

    Once those couponing shows hit, I feel like the stores really tightened up on couponing and started making it harder and harder to use coupons and get good deals.

    • Rebecca says

      I used to shop at Albertsons all the time when they offered the twice the value coupons. Because they no longer issue the twice the value coupons in my region, I rarely shop there anymore. I prefer to take my wallet to the other local grocery stores in my town or price match at Wal-Mart using the Albertson’s ad. My advice is to take your money and manufacturer coupons to other stores if yours stops doubling coupons. I really wish stores would allow doubling of coupons with limits so that everyone can take advantage of the deals.

    • Kristie Speakman says

      I’m with you! With a 10 month old and another one on the way it is just too much to hit every grocery store every week. The coupons in our paper haven’t been good so I stoped buying it and the sales just are not that great anymore. I think Extreme Couponing along with the economic downturn has killed the game and I am not sure I miss it. Shopping at Aldi and GFS (check them out for shredded cheese $12.99 for 5lbs) costs me about the same as couponing at EVERY one of the 5 major chains we have here not to mention it is so much less stressful. For me this is a great time to figure out another way to feed my family on a budget.

  21. Tabatha says

    Very disappointed! But knew 2 years ago it was coming When Kroger’s shut down the first one out west. I have been couponing for 27 years. Back when people looked down on it. Ive had a GREAT time while its lasted. And I’ve saved thousands! Ill keep going to other stores that do double. Biggs, Meijer, Market street .(Cincinnati, Ohio) But I have a feeling they will follow.
    Also if im not mistaken(Kristen) Kroger’s owns a bunch of stores in the U.S that are franchised. Just different names. I do know I’ve shopped in Publics and used my card. Anyway this is a SAD day. Kroger’s started this and now there going to end it.
    HOPEFULLY everyone will go to other stores that double. They will(the stores that do double)Get the overflow. And may keep ” double coupons.” HOPEFULLY.
    Even if a ton off people leave for other stores. I don’t think they’ll ever bring back double coupons. Maybe once a year. Just like the triple coupon days. We haven’t seen from Kroger in years. Everyone stay positive. There’s many more ways to save than groceries.
    Sorry so long. Very dedicated And heart felt! Good Luck Couponers !

  22. Peach says

    This is not a huge surprise to me. Most coupons I get have been worth over .50 and stores don’t double those coupons here in GA. I think manufacturers began issuing the higher value coupons to save the stores from having to double them. No matter, I shop sales and BOGO at Publix–and as someone else mentioned, I’ve been buying more selectively. There’s no virtue in buying a lot of stuff I can’t use just to save money.

    • elisabeth in speedway says

      Taking away the “double coupons” just makes me sick.
      Literally. I donate/give away most of the things that I get for free/cheap using coupons. I always try to pay out forward.

  23. Alisha says

    I’m in NKY and this saddens me :( . I’m a frequent Kroger shopper. (Mostly for the fuel points). I don’t use coupons often but knowing that I had that option, made me come back. I don’t necessarily think that I’ll stop grocery shopping there altogether, like I’d mentioned previously my fiance’ swears by those fuel points, but this will probably make me shop around a little more. Good news is both my local Meijer’s and Remke/Bigg’s still honor the double coupons. Hopefully, this news doesn’t mean that these chains will be discontinuing the program as well. Guess we better enjoy it while we still can.

    • Gail says

      I’m in Cincinnati, and I have been cutting way back on Krogers for some time. Their prices on so many things run 30-50% higher on many items I can purchase for less at Meijer. I also dislike the “Buy 10 and get a lower price.” I live alone, and don’t need , and can’t afford to buy things in large quantities. I don’t have, or need, to load up my basement with food, or buy a freezer to stock up on frozen Pizza. I think this really affects Seniors, Single Parents, those on low income, or fixed income. I also think this helps to foster the Hoarding epidemic. I know at one point I was getting caught up in this, and stocking up on things I didn’t use often, but living alone, I would have too many of certain items, and food would be expiring and therefore money wasted. When Meijer has a 5 for $5 sale for example, if I buy one or five, I still get the sale price. I just worry that Kroger’s decision will cause Meijer to change it’s policy on doubling coupons.

      My Kroger purchases last week? Free Instant breakfast and Free Egg Beaters with my Kroger card, and Mueller Yogurt which is the same price at Meijers. I used to do all my shopping at Kroger. I was loyal. But one change after another, not caring about their customers has made me look elsewhere.

  24. Caroline says

    one word…Aldi. less nonsense, no coupon hassle our game playing.I highly respect Aldi for their business model and steam lined store. my family would likely starve without them.

  25. says

    I shop at Meijers and Krogers. I have done really well the past two weeks at Krogers. I have saved over $180.00 in coupons and spent out of pocket $60.00 and had two carts full of things. I stocked up on things and gave things to my family. But… if they quit doubling coupons I will not be shopping there. The guy who is the CEO of JC Penney must be taking over Krogers.

  26. Glenda says

    When we moved to Wyoming from Missouri, 34 years ago, we were surprised to find that they never doubled coupons here. Occasionally, Alberston’s will round up coupons to $1, which they are doing this week. Chex cereal, for the gluten free, is .88 after the rounded up coupon this week.
    When we lived in Kansas and Missouri there were Kroger stores, but not out West. Smith’s is now owned by Kroger and we do have a Smith’s that has absolutely wonderful sales. When combined with a coupon these are great deals.
    With all of the Extreme Couponing shows I have noticed the manufacturer coupons have changed over the years. Some now state “one coupon per person,” which is a real pain out here in the West, where one drives 25 miles to do shopping.
    Our Natural Grocers, which we shop frequently, has good sales and they hand out coupon books at the beginning of the sale. Good deals on organic products when combined with the sales.
    Since we are Senior Citizens, it is nice to have the Walgreen’s 20% off everything sale day for Seniors every so often. When the Walgreen’s coupons, manufacturer coupons, and Reward Points are combined, along with the sale the savings are wonderful.
    I enjoy this blog very much and read it daily, but have never posted before. Thank you for such a nice blog to follow with such good information.

  27. A Tip says

    The reason Kroger stopped doubling coupons is because they had way too many couponers going into their stores and clearing shelves. Then, the normal everyday customers come in and there is nothing left for them.

    I understand that not all people that use coupons clear shelves – but those who do…have ruined it for everyone else.

    Not to mention shows like extreme couponer that have also ruined couponing. Women who have life time supplies of diapers, yet have no children. 30 year old women buying Depends. Buying items you don’t need – just because it make a good “filler” on your shelf at home…or just because you can get it for free. When there are people in your community who need those items and they go to their local stores and their gone.

    • Glenda says

      Our local grocery store quit accepting computer generated coupons some time ago. There were too many people just copying them; bad behavior. This, among many other reasons, is why we drive the 25 miles into a larger town to shop.

      I sincerely hope most stores don’t stop taking computer generated coupons as they are so much easier to obtain, have nice values, and cost so much less to print than buying newspapers. In all honesty, we don’t get the wonderful coupons that I have read about in the Midwest and East, in the newspapers.

      Yes, those who abuse the privilege to save are the one’s who ruin it for those who genuinely use the coupons to help make ends meet and to stretch the limited dollars. Things will continue to go up in price and homes on fixed incomes, limited incomes, and those struggling will be hurt severely by those who have abused couponing with pride and arrogance.

      I admit I purchase items I don’t use at home, if I can find them for a very reasonable price or almost free, but they are immediately delivered to the Senior Citizens, a food bank, the animal shelter, or passed along to someone in need. I don’t clear a shelf and only, normally, buy two to four items of anything to gift to others. I have read testimonials from people who had to go to food banks and it gave them pause as to what they donated in the future. Their experience has lead me to look for very good products that combine with a coupon and a sale to be able to donate healthier food items and name brand personal items.

      I have been unable to find any serious couponers in my area, other than my adult children with families, so I appreciate the opportunity to learn from and read this blog.

  28. Koree says

    I hate to hear this. I know I got a very minute raise after receiving my masters. Programs like this help people sneak by each month. This will certainly send me to Meijer if it happens in Louisville. Sorry for everyone who is affected by this : (

    • Heather says

      Also live in Louisville. Went to Kroger yesterday and got some amazing deals and only had a few coupons. It is disheartening to think that Kroger here could also follow suit but some weeks the deals are so good, I am not writing them off. We have a larger family and stockpiling when the price is dirt bottom means I am not buying it when it isn’t on sale.

  29. says


    I was actually AT the blogger meeting Thursday night when they told us this change was coming.

    Kroger is taking MILLIONS of dollars and lowering prices on THOUSANDS of items.

    This is just one part of their presentation that they made to us.

    ALL thier sales are staying including the Megas, AND they are ADDING more sales. ADDING digital coupons that can be clipped once and used 5 times.

    AND they are going to be having ROCK BOTTOM prices on items each week that they never have before. For example a gallon of milk this week will be $1.99

    Last week with the 4 coupon flyers, 67% of the coupons were over 50 cents off and would not have doubled under thier old policy as well.

    As a busy mother and entreprenuer. I LOVE the idea of lower prices at a high quality store – that has the sale items!


    • Emily says

      That’s great news about being able to use the digital coupons up to 5 times! Kroger has been putting some GREAT digital coupons on their website for the Simple Truth line, including coupons for organic items. That will be great if I can load a coupon and use it multiple times. I’m also glad to hear about them lowering everyday prices. I love Kroger – it is the store I shop at most often. I LOVE that they send me store coupons for things I buy all the time.

  30. Diane says

    Here in North Texas, we haven’t had doubling at Kroger’s in over a year, but I still save enough to keep me going for sales items. Just Thursday I got Rotel canned tomatoes for 28 cents a can with coupons and buy 10/get $5off. Everything I bought was sale priced then coupons on to that, but I am lucky to live in North Fort Worth area with all major retailers within 15 miles of me and each other.

  31. Janelle says

    When the Kroger affiliate in Southern California (Ralphs) stopped doubling coupons last year, they rolled out a new plan for lower prices. I was super skeptical– but seriously, the new prices were often lower than my price with doubled coupons! I started shopping there more than I ever had before.

    SO… this may end up to be a good thing in the end!

    • Tabatha says

      Wow Janelle I’ve read a lot of the comments. And yours made me smile. It was the only positive blog all day. And apparently you’ve already had the experience. I guess it’s hard for us to imagine a huge company lowering there prices that much. As it stands now Im getting quite a few things FREE. Have you had that experience? Kroger’s do have higher prices than most stores in Ohio. When they had the CEO on the news talking about how much they were going to lower prices. I thought It’s only going to be on a few things. And it’s just a matter of time before they raise the prices back to where they were. I also was thinking maybe the other stores wouldn’t change there policy because of all the new customers they will be getting. I do know there’s a great thrill with couponing and for some its a obsession . I hope you are right. Thanks for your comment.

      Happy couponing!!!!

      • Janelle says

        Yes Tabatha, I still found a lot of things for free– usually during Mega Sales etc. So be encouraged! I think Kroger probably looked around and thought– ok, the coupon abuse means we need to stop doubling, but we don’t want to lose the customers– let’s just make it all CHEAP! haha So I hope that’s your experience too!

  32. says

    If you have some of your past receipts, take a look at the bottom where it says how much you saved by doubling coupons. For me, it’s usually a small amount (percentage wise) compared to the rest of my savings. Losing double coupons might not be that bad of a thing if they lower prices on other things since many manufacturer coupons tend to be in the $1 range nowadays anyway.

  33. Laura says

    I’m a bit late on this thread, but double coupons or not, I would still get the majority of our groceries at Kroger & maybe just switch some stuff to generic or change the menu to what’s on sale. Louisville Walmarts can almost guarantee a 30 minute checkout wait, & the frozen stuff thaws before getting to the car. Just not worth the frustration. :-(

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