Write 5 Reviews, Get a $5 Amazon Gift Card

When you fill out 5 total qualifying reviews on Viewpoints.com between 11:01 AM CST on Friday, January 25 and 11:59 PM CST on Thursday, January 31 you will receive one $5 Amazon.com gift card distributed via email after the sweepstakes end date.

Qualifying Reviews Must:

  • Be written in the qualifying categories specified above
  • Be at least 500 characters long. The review will be saved in draft if it is not long enough to be published.
  • Be about real products that are listed on Viewpoints or that are added to the database within the time frame of the promotion. Inappropriate, copied or bogus content is ineligible for this promotion.
  • Contain unique content in all comment boxes
  • Be easy to read with minimal spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors
  • Not be combined with any other offer or affiliate program

See more details here.

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  1. Danielle says

    Thanks. I just did this. Also recently got the $5 gc from them from this promotion back in December.

    Is that character limit actually 500? On their website the lower limit is usually 200 characters.

      • Allie says

        Just wondering, but how do you know how many characters you have written? I don’t have the time to sit there and count up the characters that need to equal 500 characters for EACH review! Just not worth the $5 to me…anyone have a suggestion?

        • Elizabeth says

          The website displays your character count near the bottom of the page as you type your review. Or, copy/paste it into Microsoft Word and check the character count by selecting Tools –> Word Count.

            • Elizabeth says

              You’re welcome! I don’t own enough of the products in the categories required for these 5 reviews, otherwise I’d be collecting a gift card. :)

  2. Julia says

    I just finished the five reviews and was wondering how and when will I know that I will get the gift card?

  3. Brandi says

    Just checking that I just do the reviews and that is it, I don’t need to submit a form or anything?