Get $60 worth of Natural & Organic products for just $20 shipped!

Plum District currently has a $40 voucher to EcoMom for just $20. You can use this voucher over at EcoMom during their Green Friday Sale Week, where EcoMom is offering $20 off $50+ orders or $40 off $100+ orders (through November 25, 2012).

So, if you purchase the voucher from Plum District for $20 and then head over to EcoMom and put $100+ worth of stuff in your cart, you’ll get $40 off with the voucher and $40 off with their promotion. This makes your total just $40 out of pocket for $100 worth of stuff, by combining the voucher and the special promotion.

Kimber commented and said:

… Or buy $60 worth of stuff. Ecomom will automatically take off $20, and your voucher will cover the other 40. I did it this morning and it worked perfectly. $59.98 worth of toys, plus free shipping, and the only thing I paid for was the $20 Plum District voucher. -Kimber

If you prefer organic and natural products, you can get some great deals with this double dip offer!

Thanks, Coupon Cravings!

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  1. Kimber says

    … Or buy $60 worth of stuff. Ecomom will automatically take off $20, and your voucher will cover the other 40. I did it this morning and it worked perfectly. $59.98 worth of toys, plus free shipping, and the only thing I paid for was the $20 Plum District voucher.

  2. Mary says

    I got this great deal this morning! I was so excited to order 2 bags of Rockin’ Green detergent, ammonia funk bouncer and cloth diaper safe diaper rash cream for $20!

  3. Mary says

    I’m just starting to stock up for Cloth Diapering for baby-on-the-way and this is a great deal to get some items. Thank you for sharing!

    • Marsha says

      Did you get some cloth diapers? I was reading all the “fine print” and it said “May not be used to purchase food brands, diaper brands, batteries, swell bottles or Orbit Baby products” and I want to purchase some Gdiapers so I was wondering if it worked for you???

      • Mary says

        I didn’t read the fine print, but I had just bought gdiapers this past week somewhere else. Was going to use it for cloth wipes, inserts, soap etc… Looks like it anything gdiapers in the basket causes as issue using the plum district deal.

  4. Kathryn says

    Just purchased 59.94 worth of items (6 Melissa and Doug gifts). Have birthday parties covered for about $3.33 each, and shipped free to my house. Thanks!

  5. Heidi W. says

    Great deal! got some items I needed and some Christmas toys for 20.94! We really needed the tub spout cover and that alone would have been $10 on other sites so this was a steal!

  6. Jeni says

    You can also purchase this Plum District voucher through Ebates and earn up to 2.5% cash back… making it an even better deal!

    • Lori says

      Just a heads up … I’m having issues with my Plum District voucher. No matter what I put in my cart it won’t let me use it. I’m working with both companies to resolve the matter, but still thought I’d let you all know.

      • Margaret says

        Lori, I had to sign in for my voucher to apply.. but then it’s only applying $15 instead of $40. Try signing in and see if that works.

      • Lori says

        Just an update … I exchanged emails with both Plum District and EcoMom today, and my code still wouldn’t work. I finally called EcoMom and they were extremely friendly and helpful. I was very pleased to get six Melissa and Doug gifts for my $22 investment.

  7. Margaret says

    Anyone else try? I’m doing it right now. I have $102 worth of stuff in my cart. It took off $40 automatically, then I add the voucher and it only takes off $15 more.. but the voucher is worth $40!! I tried calling them but they’re closed right now. Has this worked for anyone else?

    • Sarah says

      I was having the same problem. It’s because you must have items in your cart that are ineligible for the Plumdistrict voucher. It doesn’t work on food, diapers, and some oher items, check the fine print at plum So you were spending $100 you would have to have at least $40 (after they take off the Black Friday $40 discount) of eligible items in your cart for the full $40 voucher to work. I spent way too long yesterday trying to get my cart just right so it would work.

      • Jamie says

        Did you get two vouchers? It will only use one per account. If you got two, you’ll have to use the second as a “gift” for your husband or something.

          • Kristen says

            It will do that if you have any ineligible items in your cart. I had some cloth wipes in my cart and it did the same thing until I deleted them and added something else.

            • Margaret says

              Thanks Kristen. I have all cloth diapers in my cart. Maybe they don’t qualify. That’s a bummer bc that’s the whole reason I wanted this voucher. Ill have to mess with it when I get home and see if that’s the issue

  8. Karoline says

    This is a great deal, but just wanted to share that I took advantage of a similar voucher last year and had a ton of headaches with backordered items and lost orders and shipments. Eventually everything was made right and their customer service department was extremely polite and helpful, but just something to consider if you are ordering Christmas gifts. They said it was due to the high demand and they weren’t prepared!

    • Kimber says

      It’s true – my order was very delayed last year too. But I found that they had great customer service, and I think maybe that’s why they’re having a week-long sale this year, so their site won’t get totally slammed like last year. Hopefully they’re better prepared this year. :o)

  9. says

    AWESOME!!! I just took advantage of this deal and got $60 worth of Christmas gifts for just $20!!! My youngest son loves everything castles and got him two Melissa and Doug sets! He’ll love it! THANK YOU!

  10. K Harrington says

    So the site in my opinion is deceiving. The site says the first “300 customers” will recieve this bag, BUT they never take that down throughout the day. So, you never know if you are part of that 300. You won’t know until the next day “if” you get an email. I spent 45 mins navigating the site trying to “add this bag” that never existed, once I called the company they graciously told me the news! I am very dissapointed. Still praying to get that voucher, but highly unlikely…

    • Kimber says

      They have the $15 ones on sale, too! Just a small warning – I bought one of these in the past, and they actually go through as a “promotion code”, not a gift card. So if you’re trying to use it at the same time as another promotion code, it won’t go though. It will work perfectly for a deal like this, since EcoMom automatically takes the $20 or $40 off when you spend the right amount. But with many of their sales, you have to provide a promotion code at checkout to get the sale price, which can’t be combined with the voucher from Swagbucks. I don’t want to discourage anyone from buying it – I love Swagbucks and EcoMom – but just wanted to share some info that I had to figure out myself. :o)

  11. Sarah says

    I think they may have added some fine print in response to how many people were ordering. I did the deal before it was posted here and bought both cloth diapers AND baby food with no issue at all. I don’t remember seeing the “no diapers, no food” rule until after I placed my order. Sorry to those of you having issues.

  12. Jamie says

    What a great find! I’ve wanted to buy a Moby wrap for the new one we’re expecting. I was able to snag a $62.95 organic moby for $22.95 out of pocket! Now I won’t feel guilty for the splurge!

  13. says

    I can’t even get the Plum District website to work! I’m already a member there, but it keeps timing out before I can even sign in! They must be getting slammed! Too bad, I love eco mom…maybe next time!?

  14. Elizabeth H. says

    Looked on Plum District & Voucher now says “•May not be combined with any other promotion on or ecomom promotion codes unless otherwise specified. ” in the fine print. Did this just get added and does it mean you cannot combine it with the ecomom $20 or $40 off sale?

    • Elizabeth H. says

      Nevermind, just called them and they confirmed that you can use them together. Just also watch that the Black Friday Ecomom sale excludes some brands that the Plum District Voucher does not.

      The following brands are excluded from this Green Friday promotion:

      S’well, Make My Day, OrbitBaby, ERGOBaby, Phil & Teds, Woolly Pocket, Skip Hop, Nature Babycare, Ubbi, Boba, Elements Naturals, Maya Wraps, gift certificates, tax, shipping

  15. Amanda says

    Thank you so much for posting this deal! I bought two vouchers, and was able to purchase $120 worth of toys for only $40 out of pocket! I know my son, nieces, and nephew will appreciate the high-quality gifts that I got for them. I can’t believe that I am already more than halfway done with my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving- this is a first for me!

  16. mariah says

    This may have already been addressed, but if you’re having trouble with your order, you need to sign in or create an account in order to add your voucher number as a promotion code. I just finished the process and it worked for me! I paid $20 for the voucher and $0 for the order on ecomom. I got $59.89 worth of items. They don’t ask for your credit card info either, if you didn’t go over $60.

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