70% off cards + free postage = cards for as low as $0.22 shipped!

If you didn’t get a chance to order your Christmas cards yet, here’s your chance again!

Cardstore is offering 70% off the price of any of their Christmas cards when you use coupon code CCN2770. This offer is valid through December 2, 2012.

You can get cards for as low as $0.21 to $0.22 each after the coupon code. Plus, this price includes the postage stamps!

Here’s how to get this deal:

::Go to and choose a Christmas photo card (starting at $1.09 — bulk pricing on these cards can make them as low as $0.21-$0.22 shipped).
::Personalize your card.
::Choose Free Shipping + Free Stamp at checkout.
::Enter your mailing addresses.
::Go to checkout and use coupon code CCN2770 to get 70% off.

You’ll pay as low as $0.22 per card (including the postage stamp!). Valid through December 2, 2012.

Thanks, Freebies 4 Mom!

(Note: The link in this post is my referral link. Read my disclosure policy here.)

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  1. Amy says

    I did this deal last time and my envelopes came without postage, so apparently I didn’t check a box or something. I was disappointed in myself for missing it, though I really thought I did it right.

    Just a note about the cards, too. They are essentially cardstock with a photo printed on them, not photo paper with glossy pictures. Thought I’d throw that out there so you know what to expect. Honestly, I could have done this myself at home with a regular printer for a lot cheaper.

    • says

      I finished my Christmas Cards last week and they have already been sent to my recipients. I also sent one to myself and I think they turned out great! I wasn’t planning on sending out official cards this year b/c of the $$ I didn’t want to spend, but this was so much cheaper and easier than the other options I was considering.

      I highly recommend them!

    • K says

      Did you enter your addresses for each card? If so, you could contact customer service. Maybe they will mail you the stamps if it was their fault. All they can say is no, so why not ask? I’ve been very, very pleased with this company. I haven’t tried the photo cards yet.

  2. Heather says

    I was thankful for this deal over the weekend as the cost was perfect for our budget as we normally send off 80+ cards, plus about 20 to hand out locally to neighbors, etc. I ordered a combo of mailed ones from the company (including one to us like Jana did…) along with about 20 to pass out. Haven’t received them yet, but I am sure that they have a lot of orders to complete! :) We usually include an annual letter (yes, we are THAT family!), so it is nice to not have to worry about writing it this year as it’s always fun, but a chore…if you know what I mean! :) I recommend this company as it was easy to do and the price was perfect for us this year!

  3. eunice b says

    I agree with Amy that these are not glossy photos, but color printed on cardstock…I still was able to get 130 printed for $22.00 including postage stamps on each…also, make sure to go through for a bit more savings. :-) The catch is you need to enter each of the addresses of the recipients online, and then you can choose to have Cardstore mail them, or they will mail them to you already addressed and stamped, which is often the second or middle option if they have 3 options. Also…chat is great with them to make sure you’re getting what you want! Quite excited with this deal that I did last week, and received over the weekend! :-)

    • Karen says

      I was sure that I had previously had cards addressed and stamped, but sent to me to add a note and mail myself. Sadly, they seem to have gotten rid of that option. It looks like now the only way to get stamps included is to have the company mail them out for you.

      I don’t like the idea of Christmas cards (or any greeting card for that matter) with my name just printed on and without me ever holding it in my hand. It seems way to impersonal; like what I get from my realtor or insurance agent. I think I’ll just spring for the stamps and use the Christmas cards I have left from last year so I can sign them myself.

      • eunice b says

        It appeared that way to me, too, but I chatted with them, and they said the stamps would be included with the ones that were addressed and sent to me…and they were. Hope this helps! :-) Make sure to check with them if in doubt…customer service was very helpful!

  4. Jessica says

    In order to get the postage paid, you have to input the addresses of the recipients so that cardstore mails it to them for you. They have a template so that if your address list is in excel, you can import it in a snap!

  5. Toni says

    I LOVE their quality. I feel like photo paper like the ones from SeeHere last year looked cheap. I must be in the minority though because I love Cardstore. Bought from them last year and again this year. :)

  6. says

    Interesting to see the different reactions to the quality. I love their style, as my daughter sent me a Mother’s Day card from there this year. I don’t like glossy prints for cards…scream cheap to me, as if done at home. The card I received was just the quality, if not better, than the ones I would find in the store. I guess it all depends on the type you like. Great deal, though.

  7. Kristin says

    Can you tell me how you get the cards down to the $.22 point? I’m seeing cards for $2.29 and at 70% off, that only gets it down to $.68. I’ve clicked through a lot of them trying to find something more inexpensive. Can anyone give any direction on this? Even with the maximum bulk discount, it only drops the price to $.53. I would appreciate knowing how or where the more inexpensive cards were gotten. Thanks!

    • K says

      Click on:
      Shop Holiday Cards
      Shop by photos (& pick however many photos you want)–the flat photo cards & postcards are the cheapest
      List view
      In Firefox, the Firefox button (red button top left corner of your computer screen)
      Enter $1 in the “Find” box at the bottom of your computer screen & each card $1-1.99 will hilite when you click on “next” at the bottom of your computer screen

      If you click on “Pricing Information” at the bottom of’s pages, you’ll pull up their prices including volume discounts. The pricelist is before the 70% discount.

      You’ll need to check for them to enter your return address AND the recipient’s address on the envelopes, as well as mark whether to ship to you or the recipient, for them to put a postage stamp on your envelopes. Be sure you double/triple check that the circles/boxes are marked correctly before submitting your order.

      Plus, use code THANKS4U & you’ll get 75% off–this code is good until 12/11/12!!

      Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

  8. Michele says

    Oh….rats- didn’t input our addresses!!
    I was wondering where our stamps were, LOL, as I never could find the place to click on”free stamps”. I’d do this deal again, next time taking the time for addresses to get the postage deal- I love Shutterfly’s quality more, but I’m pleased with these.

  9. April says

    I was not impressed with the cards ordered from Cardstore at all. I could have made better ones with photo paper at my house. I am glad that I my order for free.

  10. Hannah says

    Oh I am so glad they are doing this deal again, I missed it the first time around and have been feeling kind of behind. I’ve gotten many free cards from cardstore in the past and always liked the quality… don’t really need it to be glossy! Our picture and message is on there and that’s what matters :)

  11. Mary says

    Thanks for this deal Crystal, this saved me lots of time and money (I consider time as money in my book, especially this time of year). I liked the matte result, not a fan of shiny photo paper. I had them sent to me for a personal note before going out. My family and friends will be so excited to get a card with a photo of our family. Thanks so much!

  12. Stephanie says

    I received a postcard-size advertisement in the box with my cards:
    70% off using coupon CKN2868 expiring 12/31/12.

    • Rebecca says

      Thanks for this deal! I love the cards and how easy it was to make them. Some sites are a bit tricky, but this was quick. I put two pictures on the inside flap of the card with a little update about my kids and their current ages. I loved the chalkboard front. Thanks!!

  13. Cheryl says

    @Heather, they do have a newsletter option too… I found this out too late, but maybe next year.

    The price was great, and best of all, my addresses are saved for next year, and I don’t have to worry about making labels or handwriting addresses. Mine ended up being around 57 each, not sure what card would give you the 22 cent price or how many you’d have to order. Very happy with this site, and you can pick the date you want them mailed.

  14. Michele says

    You have to put in your return address and EACH of the recipients addresses in order to get the stamps on them and shipped free to you. I called and spoke with two different ladies last night and today before I placed my order. They confirmed this. There is no box I saw to check for free stamp. Make sure at check out the shipping method says “ship to me” and “addressed and stamped”.

    I personally love the cardstock. I think the way fashion has been going the last few years, that cardstock is seen as the “prime” photo card to get.

    The code I have for 75% off is THANKS4U. Exp 12-11-12. I ordered 100 cards (also got a bulk rate of 69 cents for the value cards) and paid 17.25, all shipped to me, 69 with stamps and 31 without, for the people we just hand them to.

    I cannot even imagine how they are making money as the stamps are way more than what I paid. I am hoping for the best with these cards, but wonder if their company can handle this deal…? Any thoughts on that?

  15. molly says

    Just got mine today- BEAUTIFUL. FYI, the postage is paid only if THEY address and mail the cards, not if they are sent to YOU

  16. Michele says

    I tried this last week and ordered *one* card with a return address and recipient address and it came to my house two days ago fully addressed with a stamp on it, ready to mail at my convenience.

  17. Abbey says

    Just ordered my cards. I got 10 free last month when they were running the deal. They are a little plain but nice for the price.

    I just ordered 123 cards and got them for $21.22. That is 17 cents a card and it includes a stamp!! I checked with online chat before ordering that I would be getting the stamps. She said yes if you have them addess them for you before getting them shipped to your house. I searched in box first for value to see all of the 1.09 cards. My multiple card discount brought it to .69 per card. The code THANKS4U(75% off) reduced the price to 17 cent per card. I also went through ebates so will be getting 7.5% back. Thanks for the heads up Crystal and other users. Christmas cards done!!

    Just a tip. Before creating the card go to your account then address book and import contacts. Use their excel sheet to type up addresses then follow the link to add them. I tried to enter the addresses after making the card one by one and the computer would freeze and I lost all my work twice.

    • Corrina says

      I just placed my order and I chose to have the recipient address printed on them and shipped to me, but I did NOT choose the “mail to recipient” option. Once I added in all the addresses, the cart said those cards would be shipped to me and it also said they would be addressed and stamped-so hoping they do come with stamps, we will see!

      I then chose “duplicate” on the card I made (in the cart) and ordered additional prints without addresses on them–this way I have some to hand out and extras to mail.

      It was about $40 for 80 cards—I didn’t choose the cheapest design, but 50cents a card is still great–and if 50 of them come with stamps, even better!

      Hope this works :)

  18. Keslie S says

    I just placed my order using the 75% off code THANKS4U
    I got 110 cards shipped to the recipients for only $29.36!!! Wow! I am so excited! I wasn’t planning on doing cards this year because of the price, but that was affordable!!!

    • TwinMamaTeb says

      Thank YOU!! I too wasnt going to send cards due to the time and money expense. But 75 cards addressed AND sent for $18, THAT I can afford! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

      • Jennifer says

        Thank you! For 71 cards addressed and mailed plus 15 extra cards to hand out for only $16.99, that was the BEST deal on Christmas cards EVER!!!!!

  19. Ann says

    I ordered cards for myself, entered addresses and they came envelopes addressed WITH A STAMP for mailing on each envelope. 20 minutes after that order I placed an order for my mom with her account — she got her cards today, addressed entered, printed on envelopes but NO STAMPS. Instead she got gold foil stamps. I kept the receipt that said stamps would be included and feel deceived by cardstore. Anyone else having this problem!?!?!?

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