Get 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life for just $0.99 today (Plus, get a free printable calendar download!)

After many months of brain-storming, writing, editing, formatting, and getting everything ready for the launch, my new ebook, 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life, is finally available for purchase! And for the next three days (October 23-25, 2012), it’s just $0.99!

Do you have ideas, hopes, and dreams for what you want to accomplish in your life, but you feel like you’re being held back by a lack of personal discipline?

Are you easily overwhelmed by your big ideas or projects, and you just don’t know where to start and how to make real progress?

Do you find yourself making “all-or-nothing” plans for transforming your life, and then three days later you crash and burn under the weight of your plan?

My new ebook, 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life, may be the solution to your frustration. Read more about it and purchase it here for just $0.99 through Thursday, October 25, 2012.

Have a Kindle? You can purchase the Kindle version here on for just $0.99 through Thursday! Note: The Kindle version had a glitch this morning and added in some extra dashes to words when we uploaded it. If your Kindle copy is showing those extra dashes, please email and she’ll send you a corrected version!

I would love your help spreading the word about this book. If you could tweet about it, click on the Like button on the Amazon Page, Pin this page to Pinterest, or share it with your friends, I would be so grateful! Don’t forget, you can sign up for our affiliate program and earn 50% on all sales through your referral link!

And be sure to come back around 1 p.m. EST today because I’ll be announcing a HUGE Giveaway Extravaganza with details on how you can win lots of great prizes!

Bonus! Free Printable Calendar/Planning Page Download!

For the next three days, with the purchase of the ebook, I am offering a beautiful free download of a matching calendar/planner that Joy from created. To get your free calendar download, just purchase the ebook and then go here and fill out the form to receive your download. (Kindle version purchasers, enter the code KINDLE instead of a Paypal transaction ID).

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      • lisa says

        sorry i posted 2x did not think i posted first time ok i will get help loading i really dont know how but my daughter doesthanks Crystal love you and your family really enjoy inside look how everyday life is that would or could be something you could do in future also i would love to know more on cooking with coconut flours and oil when you and your helpers get time im sure it would benefit a lot of people with cholesterol and weight problems love to you and may God pour out his blessi ngs as you continue helping others.

        • Mandy W. says

          Thanks Crystal!

          @Lisa – if you download the eBook app that is actually from Apple for your iPhone (look under the top free apps, or recommended apps), there is a separate section for pdf files, and you should be able to open it with that. Hope that helps!

    • says

      Yes! It’s based upon the series, but we took that series and rewrote, updated, and expanded it. So there’s a lot of new material and projects in the ebook, plus some printables!

  1. JP says

    Hi Crystal. Very excited for the new book! This is a topic that I particularly need guidance on.

    I’ve read your sales page and I have one question. How is you book different from other discipline/productivity books (e.g., getting things done, study hacks blog)? You touched on the idea of delivering quality work while also raising kids. Is that your unique angle?

    Would love to get your thoughts!

    • says

      It’s different in many ways, but I think the biggest difference is because it’s realistic for a mom (or anyone!) who wants change but doesn’t have a lot of time to overhaul their life. For instance, I found Getting Things Done to be a little overwhelming to me in this season of life I’m in. Some great ideas, but many were not applicable to me when I often only have little snippets of time to work on things.

      I want to give busy women really practical things that they can do in bite-sized pieces that will result in big changes. 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life does just that. It’s very down-to-earth, hands on, step-by-step, and realistic. I’m your cheerleader and coach, coming alongside you motivating you and inspiring you to go from survival mode to living a very intentional, fulfilled life!

    • Jenny C says

      I’ve read the first few pages and love it! Thanks for being real and already things have resonated with me! I’m excited to continue.

  2. Elizabeth H. says

    Can you type into the Free Calendar pdf? It didn’t seem like you could or at least I couldn’t get it to work. I’m kind of type A about stuff like that and I like to type my stuff in rather than write it in. I know some of the downloads in the past you can type into and some you can’t

  3. Sydney says


    A few days ago I read that you were providing free copies of your new book for blog reviews?
    Is that offer still available?


  4. Christen Mitchell says

    I ordered mine as soon as I got up this morning!! I can’t wait to read it, and thanks for the calendar download!

  5. Lindsey says

    How many pages is the .pdf version? Just wondering if I’d be able to print it out or whether I should get the Kindle version and not worry about printing.

    Thanks! :)

  6. Carey says

    Hi Crystal, do you know if you need a paypal account to purchase your book? Reason I ask is that each time I’ve tried purchasing, I have selected not to create a paypal account, then after I’ve entered my card information, an error keeps coming on the screen letting me know that the visa credit card I entered cannot be used. I called my credit card company and they said there are not any issues with my card, they were thinking there might have been a problem on the other side in the processing of my credit card information?? Anyway, my husband has a paypal account and I can just order it tonight through his, but I am just anxious and wanted to order it this afternoon :) Thanks so much!!

    • says

      I’m not entirely sure, but based upon the reports I’m getting from others, it seems like you do have to have a Paypal account in order to order the PDF. You could order through Amazon and read it on your computer, but you can’t print it out then!

  7. Mary says

    Help! I have a Blackberry Playbook — is there an app or program I can download to be able to read a version of your book when I buy it?

    • MomofTwoPreciousGirls says

      I believe there is a Kindle app for Blackberry’s as well. Check the app store and search for Kindle.

  8. says

    Love the book…typing up my blog post now!! I’ve been doing a series on “Turning It All Around” to help moms with their mornings and this just fits perfectly!!
    Thanks for the chance to be an affiliate!

  9. Trinity Ragan says

    Just a note …when you go to the salespage. The sale for the sale says:

    My new e-book, 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life, may be the solution to your frustration! Get it for just $0.99 through Thursday, October 26, 2012.

    Thurs is the 25th and fri is the 26th. I wish it was the 26th, then i could get it. oooohhhh welll.

    • says

      No, that ebook was copied and pasted from the series on my blog and reformatted just a tad. This ebook is based upon the series, but it’s been reworked, expanded, edited, and added to a lot. There’s some overlap, but a lot of new material, new projects, and printables. Plus, it’s presented in a more cohesive format. :) It was my intent all along to make this an ebook I could sell… it just took me a number of months to finally get it done!

      Thanks for asking so I could clarify!

  10. Elizabeth H. says

    To enter the contest today do I need to repeat the actions or can I just enter again if I did them yesterday? For example I posted on Facebook yeaterday so do I need to post again today to get another entry for that or can I just use the link from yesterday’s post?

  11. RuthS says

    @Crystal, last night I asked my husband if he had any objection to me getting this book to support you , while it was on sale, and he said I should wait and buy it at full price because that was better support. Love that man!

  12. Jaime Taylor says

    I purchased this for my iphone last night. I clicked on the link to download the free calendar. It asks for my paypal transaction ID but I didn’t pay through paypal. Can I use my amazon order # instead?
    BTW I can’t wait to read it and begin to apply it in my very undisciplined life! :)

  13. Emerald says

    Anyone else having this problem with the “Click here to get your download” link:

    “Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.”

  14. Mandy G says

    I purchased the kindle version today. I went to download the calander but it is not working for me. I was able to fill in the form and get to the actual download link but when I tried to either save it or open it I got errors or blank page.

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