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Corn Dog Muffins

Okay, so I know there’s a big debate over whether or not corn bread should be sweet or not. If you’re in the camp that says it should not be sweet, then this recipe probably isn’t for you. :)

But if you love a good piece of sweet, moist cornbread, you have got to try my World’s Best Honey Cornbread recipe. Because you know I don’t dub something “world’s best” unless I believe in all sincerity it is.

I took this recipe and used it to make Corn Dog Muffins, which are basically just a much easier way to make homemade corn dogs. Okay, so you don’t get to eat these on a stick like a typical corn dog, but the taste is exactly the same.

Last time I made Corn Dog Muffins, I put in a big chunk of beef dogs in the center of each muffin (see a photo of these here). I decided I wasn’t completely sure that I loved that idea, so this time, I cut the beef dogs into chunks and then put a spoonful of batter on the bottom of the muffin tin, some chunks of beef dog, and topped it with another spoonful of corn bread batter.

Jamie from Milk Allergy Mom has a dairy-free, egg-free version of these muffins here.

Are you joining us for Lunchbox Freezer Cooking? If you’ve blogged about a lunchbox recipes you’ve made for your freezer, leave a link to your post and recipe below. I can’t wait to see your yummy recipes and ideas!

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  1. kathy says

    We love making these but I use a mini muffin tin fill it 2/3 full and then put 1/6 of a hot dog in each cup. There is something about mini things that kids love!

  2. AC says

    I’ll have to try these. We’re gluten free so I can’t use your cornbread recipe but if you want something with more corn but not grainy, you should try corn flour instead of cornmeal. I make our GF cornbread with corn flour and brown rice flour. It is so very, very good that I don’t even miss gluten cornbread!

      • AC says

        Sorry I’m just seeing this! Here it is (can’t remember where I found it or I would give credit :-():
        1 c brown rice flour
        3/4 c corn flour
        1T sugar (original called for 3 T)
        2 1/2 t baking powder
        3/4 t salt
        2 beaten eggs
        1 c milk
        1/4 c melted butter
        1 T butter (for skillet)

        Mix together all but last T of butter. Preheat oven to 400 and melt 1 T butter in cast iron skillet during preheating. Once oven is ready, remove skillet, swish around the T of melted butter to coat. Pour in batter and bake for 15 – 20 minutes.

  3. Jamie says

    These are a staple. My kids (and husband) love these. I use mini muffin tins just b/c anything mini is fun, right? These are a hit at our house! Btw: of course corn bread is supposed to be sweet 😉

  4. Paula says

    I’m with the others who use the mini tins. My kids really like them – and they are a perfect pair with chili! Thanks for posting them this way – I bet as my kids grow, I’ll have to start making the regular muffins anyway!

  5. says

    I don’t need lunch stuff… no kids going off to school, and Hubby likes leftovers. But breakfast… there I need help. Hubby will eat ramen if nothing else if offered, and I need something that is quick and easy. Its hard to cook while juggling a hungry 1 year old and my own need for coffee! So, I’m using your ideas and coming up with my own breakfast inspiration! Tonight I made mini-quiches using wan-tan wrappers for crust… about to try one. (idea from mini-lasagna post). I’ll have to try this, Hubby ate corn dogs regularly before we were married, so I know he likes them.

    Good ideas, keep them coming!

  6. Anna says

    I made something like this but I added cheese and turkey pepperoni to the batter. Makes really good corn muffins with cheese and pepperoni in it. My kids love theses. I like the hot dogs too! I added these to my freezer as well. Easy to put in lunches or pull out for lunches!

    • Susan says

      Anna, thanks for mentioning this.

      We’re not hot-dog eaters other than the rare times they’re offered at a bbq or something. I won’t buy them, we really don’t care for them, and they’re so unhealthy. I would have skipped right past this post were it not for the corn bread part …

      We do like pepperoni, though, and I think subsituting that for the hot dogs would be good. Sausage too, maybe.

  7. says

    I made these a few days back. They were a big hit with my corn dog loving little boy. I love having an alternative to store bought corn dogs. I will have to try cutting the hot dogs up next time and see if any of us have a preference of which way we like them best.

  8. Kimberly says

    When reheating, do you warm them in the micro? Or did you heat them through in the oven again? Also, did you add cheese in the middle of yours? The picture kind of looked like it :) Although the recipe didnt say so. They look super yummy.. have to try some next time Hebrew Nationals go on sale.. They can be so pricey, but I just cant bring myself to buy the hotdogs with the ‘mixed meat’ and nitrates :)

  9. Anna says

    Does your homemade cornbread taste like Jiffy? I’m a Jiffy fan. It’s price and ease give me little incentive to look elsewhere. LOL When my mom was in 4H she did a cost comparison and found that Jiffy ended up being only a couple cents more, and she liked it better, so she mostly served Jiffy, and I still do. Of course, the that cost analysis may no longer be accurate. Anyway, I made a box of jiffy in mini-muffin tins and let my 3-year old stick the hotdog chunk in the middle. She thought it was fun, and it sure doesn’t get much easier than that!

  10. says

    Hi, do you think these would be okay eaten cold out of the freezer. I love the idea of this recipe and would love it for the kids for lunch, but how would they be eaten cold, I wonder.


    • says

      I think you’d probably want them to thaw them at room temperature at least a little before serving. However, I like them cold — just not frozen solid! :)

      • says

        Ha, ha!! That’s not exactly what I meant. I know that the hot dogs are fully cooked, yet our family has never eaten them cold..LOL

        For some reason, I’ve always shyed away from cold hotdogs. Not sure why, I always felt that maybe they weren’t safe to eat cold. But this looks awesome and I’m looking forward to trying it! :)

  11. Amy W says

    Do you have a gluten free version of this?
    I have made cornbread with cornflour and corn meal but lost my recipe! thanks for any help!

    • says

      Thanks so much for sharing the specifics on the recipe! I never measured or took note of times, etc. so I didn’t want to write down specifics and mess someone up!

      • says

        You’re welcome!

        I wanted to totally give you credit for the recipe, but also help people out who (if they’re like me!) might think they’re going to mess it up. :)

        Thanks again.


  12. Audrey says

    I made these for an afternoon snack when you last posted a few months ago. My husband and I loved them! So, then I made a batch for my Sunday School class – a big hit again! We eat them warm w/ mustard. We cut the hot dog up into thirds and dropped them in. This way seemed to work well, so I will continue this way. However, I may try the pepperoni and cheese as others have commented. Cyrstal, your World’s Best Honey Cornbread recipe is what we used to make them, and it is a delicious recipe.

  13. AD says

    I made these tonight for me and 7 kids while hubby was gone. We all agree that, not only does this make wonderful corndog muffins, but this cornbread will now replace my husband’s great-grandmother’s recipe that I’ve used for 19 years! It is most definitely the World’s Best Honey Cornbread recipe! Thanks for sharing!

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