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Old Navy: All Kid’s Jeans for $10 = 5 pairs of jeans for $9 each shipped

Old Navy has all their Kid’s Famous Jeans on sale for $10 through August 15, 2012. This sale is both in-store and online.

If you are planning on purchasing multiple pairs, you can sign up for Old Navy emails to get a $10 off $50 coupon. Plus, shipping is free on orders over $50. So you could potentially get five pairs of jeans for just $9 shipped each.

I typically purchase Old Navy jeans for Silas and have always been happy with how well they hold up. I’d love to hear how they’ve held up for your kids, if you’ve purchased them before.

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  1. Faith Gaubault says

    I only buy Old Navy jeans for my 2 sons. My oldest is starting 1st grade this year. Last year he wore Old Navy jeans, and they last pretty much all school year (until he grew out of them). Just ordered him some more jeans and some for his 2 year old brother. I love the adjustable waist, my oldest is kinda skinny and he needs it to keep his pants up sometimes. :) Love them, love them, love them!!

  2. Liz Shamansky says

    I ONLY buy Old Navy jeans for my kids. If you stick to one brand (because all brands tend to run differently for sizing), then you can buy ahead and get fabulous deals, even on jeans. Now that my son is getting older, I love that I can buy Slim jeans for him through Old Navy. Both of my children have always only wore ON jeans, and my son who is now in 6 Slim and my daughter (Silas’s age) both have never worn thru the knees or anything like that, and grass stains always have come out with Resolve Spray and Wash. Love them!

  3. Carrie says

    I have been buying Old Navy Jeans for my 5 boys for a long time. I love the adjustable waist and think they hold up better than the JcPenney brands. I don’t care for Levis as them seem to fall apart. I have some jeans that have actually made it down to Boy #4.

  4. Kathy says

    Old Navy jeans are my second favorite brand. The only reason I like Crazy 8 better is because they seem to fit my very skinny tall child better plus I get great deals when they go on sale plus use 20% off coupon. We have to buy slims and still adjust them as tight as they will go. He is going to be 10 in 2 months wears size 10 pants only due to length. I think we are about to have to go to size 12. During the summer he can wear some size 6 shorts since he is so skinny. I can’t stand baggy bottom jeans that’s why I love these two brands.

  5. Amy says

    My son (6yo) burned holes through his ON jeans last year so fast I won’t buy them again as him main school jeans. Disappointing since so many here say they’ve had no issues with them…

    • Rebecca says

      I too have found that my boys tear through the knees of these jeans quickly. ON used to be our go-to place for jeans, but the quality seems to be going downhill as I’ve noticed the denim getting thinner and thinner lately :(

    • Amy Moore says

      Same thing at our house. I will no longer buy ON jeans as they last us less than 2 months each time before we get holes in the knee. Gymboree are my favorite brand now.

    • Ashlee says

      I had the same problem with holes in the knees really quickly relative to his other jeans which are varied brands. I won’t be purchasing them again either.

  6. Martha W says

    I agree for my son their bootcuts work perfect hes tall and super skinney and hates when they ride to high. Now my daughters a little more proportionate and i can buy hers anywhere.

  7. Heather J. says

    These are the only jeans that work for my super tall, super skinny son! We wait for this sale every summer and stock up!

  8. DeAnn says

    I got this deal last night and saved $10 off $50 also! $50 gets you free shipping as well. My total was $43 for 5 pair of jeans! $8.60 each!!!

    Sign up to receive emails from them to get the $10 off $5o code. If you have already done this before or just don’t want the spam, then use this junk email generator http://10minutemail.com/10MinuteMail/ It gives you an email address that is good for 10 minutes. I received my code in 3-4 minutes on that same page. Hope that helps some of you out!

    • Rita says

      if youa re going ot use the email generator you can just make up any name and put @yahoo.com behind it…works everytime unless they have you verify your email address.

  9. Charity says

    I’m guessing this is a good deal, but I could never spend $9 on one pair of pants for my children. I have bought several Old Navy jeans from yard sales and thrift shops though and have never had any issues with them. I’m not brand picky though, and if the knees of pants get worn through then I patch them. I guess we’re just country bumpkins. 😉

  10. Vale says

    I have been buying ON jeans for my son for years and have always been very happy with the quality. They have never worn out, and he isn’t easy on them, only out grown them. Now that he is a teenager and in mens sizes, I have to say I will miss paying 10.- , now I will have to cough up 15.- a pair. Oh well, worth it to me.

  11. Crystal D says

    I love ON jeans. My 5 year old daughter is very tall and skinny, but she’s got a tushy that makes it hard to find jeans that fit her. ON has regular, skinny, tall, slim… all the great fit options that you normally don’t see in the kids’ section. And they’re affordable. They frequently go on sale, they hold up very, very very well, and they have great re-sale value!

  12. lindsay in pa says

    The quality is good…holds up to my active 3 1/2 yr old and 2 year old. I’ve tried Kohl’s Jumping Bean brand and Children’s Place brand, but find those shrink and the quality of the jeans are not as thick. the ON jeans are thicker, better quality and don’t shrink in the dryer.

    :) Although $9/pair seems expensive to me. I try to get my kids’ clothing on sale/clearance for the next season instead of buying the clothing when it hits stores for that season.

  13. says

    From today through the 16th you can get the same coupon for an in store purchase on the Old Navy Facebook page under their “reveal a deal” banner – so you can do the deal in store if you would rather! PLUS, they’re doing Old Navy Super Cash with Purchase on top of these sales in store. So…yesterday I went in and got 3 pairs of kids jeans (such a good deal at $10!), 1 pair of kids denim shorts, and 1 adult shirt, 2 kids tank tops, and 3 kids tshirts for $66 out of pocket after my $15 off $75 coupon (from the FB page, but no longer available), but I got $30 Super Cash to use on a future purchase. So…$36 for 10 items!!

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