Make the Most of Your Mornings: Your Day Starts the Night Before (Day 2)

If you want to make the most of your mornings, you can’t just expect to jump out of bed without a plan and somehow have all of the pieces fall into place for a very productive day. No, a productive morning is usually the fruit of planning and preparation. And it begins the night before.

To change your morning, you need to first change your evening.

If you go to bed late and the house is a mess, the dishes are piled in the sink, you’re way behind on laundry, you don’t have food for breakfast or lunches the next day, and you don’t even know what appointments or events are scheduled for the next day, no wonder you wake up feeling frazzled, stressed, and behind!

If, on the other hand, you go to bed at a decent hour, your house is picked up, you have clothes laid out to wear, breakfast is in the crockpot, lunches are made, and backpacks and your purse and keys are by the door, you’ve given yourself a huge head start on a successful morning.

Instead of trying to get up at some too-early hour and cram in a crazy amount of things in the morning, focus on changing your before-bed routine first. You might find that this is the thing that transforms your morning much more than getting up early does.

In fact, if you prep well ahead of time in the evening, you just might be able to sleep in a little bit more in the mornings. (I bet all of you non-morning people just let out a collective shout of “Hallelujah!”)

How to Set Up a Successful Evening Routine

1) Determine Your Bedtime

What time do you need to get up in the morning by in order to be out the door in time or start your day off on the right foot? Write that time down and then count backwards by 8-9 hours. Whatever time you land on is your new bedtime.

This is the time that you must be in your PJs, have everything finished for the night, and be in bed. No ifs, ands, or buts. I’m your new drill sergeant and you must do what I say, okay? 😉

Sticking with a consistent bedtime just might be your number one key to morning success. When you’re well rested, you have more energy, more clarity, and more productivity. Not to mention that you usually are less stressed, less irritable, and life just looks a lot rosier when your sleep tank is full.

2) Pick Your Top 5 Evening Must-Do’s

Once you have your bedtime determined, then it’s time to determine the five things that you are committing to do every evening before bed. I know you might want to come up with a list of 25 things that seem like they’d really be good to do, but let’s keep it simple and just pick the top five must-do’s.

You can make a list of 25 ideas, but promise me you’re going to whittle it down to just the top five for starters. Keep it simple and you’re most apt to actually stick with it and follow through with it. I’ve learned that one the hard way!

Possible Evening Must-Do’s

::Clothes Laid Out for the Morning

::Kitchen Cleaned Up

::Lunches Made For the Next Day

::Breakfast In the Crockpot (Or cereal out and cereal bowls and spoons set out on the table.)

::To-Do List Made for the Next Day

::Quick 15-Minute House Clean-Up

::Everything Together and Set By the Door That You Need For Getting Out of the House the Next Day

Once you have figured out your Top 5 Must-Do’s, write them down on a piece of paper and put them in a conspicuous place. You could even print them off in a cute font, laminate or stick them in a page protector, put this on your fridge, and then use a dry erase marker to mark each item off as you accomplish it each evening.

3) Plan Your Start Time and Stick With It

Think realistically how long it’s going to take for you to accomplish your Top 5 Must-Do’s and then work backwards from your bedtime to figure out your Evening Routine start time. In most cases, your start time is going to be at least an hour before your bedtime. I’d add in some extra time, just to be on a safe side and to give yourself a cushion in case something comes up.

Write this start time down on your Top 5 Must-Do’s List, set a timer or an alarm to go off to remind you when you’re supposed to start, and just do it. Stick with this for three weeks and I promise you’ll start to see some significant improvement in your mornings — and in your days as a whole.

At the end of three weeks, you can tweak your evening routine and even add a few more things, if you’re sure you’re up to it. If you miss a few days or have a few hiccups along the way, don’t be discouraged, just pick back up where you left off the next day. And remember, moving forward — even at a microscopic rate — is still moving forward!

Day 2 Project

1. Determine a bedtime. Follow the steps above to figure out what a good bedtime is for you and commit to go to bed at that time every single evening for the next three weeks.

2. In addition, pick your top 5 Evening Must Do’s, write them down, and commit to following them for the next three weeks.

3. Leave a comment telling us what bedtime you’re committing to stick with and what your you determined were you Top 5 Evening Must Do’s.

Tomorrow, I’ll share my bedtime and Top 5 Evening Must-Do’s and will check in daily here at 1 p.m. EST to tell you how it’s going for me and to see how you’re doing in sticking with it, too.

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  1. Nikki F says

    Day 2

    Determining a bed time

    Although I did not do the calculating thing I did get a jump start on my morning today last night, and it is always a life saver!!! I am in my third trimester of pregnancy right now due next week! : ) So I’ve had to reduce my speed greatly from going 90 mph to like 40 mph!! This pregnancy has been so different from my other two, I have been very tired. I usually would get things done the evening before but slacked off a great deal the past 5 months (poor hubby) or so. However, this has given me a “burst” of energy to get back into routine, and with our youngest starting school next week the same week I have the baby I really need to get back on track! I guess my bed time would be 0900 am however that just never seems to happen for me, I get the most done in the early mornings and at late night.

    Here are my top 5 evening must do’s:

    -Make sure hubby has clean work clothes hung out (we use a hook on the wall by our bedroom door, works pretty good for us, gotta love hooks they sure help save space!).

    -Make hubby’s lunch for next day.

    -Plan breakfast(s) for the next morning.. This actually applies to the kid(s) and my husband separately. I know my kids will only eat certain things in the morning, some eat lighter than others especially my daughter, so I try and keep breakfast light for hubby (he likes cold and sweet stuff in the summer, and hot and savory in the winter along with routine morning coffee to keep warm!) since he leaves so early (5 am early) in the mornings, and the kids are usually satisfied with hot cereal (oatmeal), cold cereal, or pancakes. I decided yesterday that I would start this crockpot breakfast thing and see if it really helped, tried it last night and what a great idea and how come I haven’t tried to cook breakfast in the crockpot before??? Such a time saver and I feel even more productive getting it done while I sleep!

    -To do list for next morning (no number on this yet, but I have taken your advice and tried to keep the number 5 or lower).
    For me, this only applies to the “need to” category, everything else (in the “want to” category), I just work in when I can, and right now, when I feel like it.

    -Clean the kitchen.
    This one has been a huge challenge for me for months now. Once I hit my second trimester me and my husband were bickering a lot because he had gotten used to me doing so much, and then it just stopped suddenly. The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in our home, I could live in my kitchen, I love food, and I love cooking. But the kitchen was becoming the center of our bickering, we adjusted and that moment passed of course. As a way to really clear the tension in this area for good I decided to add “cleaning the kitchen” to this list. It helps so much, and I wake up in a much better mood seeing a nice clean kitchen with delicious aromas coming from the crockpot first thing in the morning. Can’t wait for the rest of the challenge!

  2. Holly Hall says

    I am committed for the next 3 weeks to be in bed by 10 so I can be up by 6 a.m. My top 5 are: 1) Clothes laid out, 2) Kitchen cleaned up, 3) lunches made, 4) Breakfast set out, 5) everything at the back door. I went beyond this though and set up a nightly routine for my kids since we were kind of lax on this during the summer and there’s will be going to bed at 8 and getting up at 6:30 and there top 5 will be 1) clothes laid out, 2) pick-up house for 15 minutes, 3) everything together at the back door, 4) shower, brush teeth, pj’s on, 5) Read book for 15 minutes each. My children are 5 & 7 so most of these things with a little help from mom and dad they can do on there own. I am so excited about getting back into a routine for the school year, especially since I will start substitute teaching this year in school as well.

  3. ashley says

    My goal will be to be in bed by 10, I’m up by 5 or 5:30, but I just can’t do any earlier….
    1. set out clothes for next day.
    2. get diaper bag & book bag ready
    3. get hubby’s lunch ready
    4. decide what’s for dinner & defrost
    5. 15 min. house sweep

  4. says

    I love this series. For the past 2 months I’ve been getting up at 5am – nearly 3 hours before the rest of the family and it has been wonderful! I don’t really aim to get a bunch of stuff done, just some quiet, me time. I spend time with the Lord and then spend quiet time on the computer – mostly so that I can focus on the family for the rest of the day. I rarely check the computer throughout the day anymore, I just look forward to my 2-3 hours of uninterrupted time each morning. It is motivation to wake up each morning too.

    My determined bed time is 10:30 and I get up at 5am.

    I lay out my clothes the night before and shower or bathe the evening before.

  5. Denise says

    Bedtime 10….this is gonna b super hard but need to do
    It….I have to b refreshed in the morning
    5 things:
    Kitchen cleaned
    Laundry put away
    Quick tidy up of the house
    Clothes ready for next day

    Lunches ready

  6. Anna says

    Lately my schedule is totally out of whack due to having a 3 week old! He loves to stay up all night so I have had some odd “bedtimes,” 2 am, 4 am, etc. So I would like to have a bedtime of 11 pm, but for now I am going to set a reasonable goal of midnight and work on that first. But I will start my “bedtime routine” at 11.

    Things to get done before bed:

    All laundry put away
    All bottles and breast pump parts sterilized and ready to go
    15 min tidy-up
    Make to-do list for tomorrow
    Bible time/Devotions

  7. Katie says

    My husband is a teacher so every single routine I work to establish during the year goes right out the door at the end of June. I”m going to miss him like crazy in September, but I am looking forward to having some routines again. One thing I love about getting ready the night before is that the kids sleep through it even if I make a bit of noise. If I do dishes and run around getting things done at 5 am then my kids will wake up and quickly derail my morning plans and often make my husband scramble to get to work on time. At 9 pm they’re too tired to wake up for a little noise!

  8. Melissa says

    Ok…. Here goes nothin’.

    10:30 P.m. bed time (up at 6:15)

    Top 5 Evening Must-Do’s:
    1) 15 min clean up/kitchen
    2) Pack Lunches/ready backpacks
    3) Lay out clothes
    4) Review budget
    5) Spend time with hubby

  9. Susan says

    I love this series! I need the mornings to go smoother for sure! I picked 11:30. That’s realistic for me and my family.

  10. says

    Ok I’m in….this will be tough but good for me. I may struggle a little getting up on time cuz I have a two month old who is still waking up one to two times.

    My goal bedtime is 11pm to be up by 7am.

    5 evening must-dos:

    1. Quick house clean up
    2. Get clothes for me and kids ready
    3. Breakfast plan and prep
    4. Make work and home to do lists
    5. Spend quality time with hubby

    My hubby is going to do this with me too! So his 5 things are:

    1. Get clothes ready for next day
    2. Dishes done/Kitchen cleaned (I hate doing dishes so this is kinda his territory :) )
    3. Make lunch for next day
    4. Spend quality time with wife

    I’ll give him a break and only give him 4 things 😉

  11. says

    I am working for a 10pm bedtime.
    1. clean kitchen
    2. set up crock pot for dinner ingredients
    3. set up one counter with canning or freezing utensils
    4. set out everyone’s lunch utensils
    5. put morning reading material on table

    I am excited to complete this challenge!

  12. Ayisha says

    I have to get up at 5:30, which means my bedtime would be between 8:30-9:30. But I know that two days a week I won’t get home for the day until 8. So I set my bedtime between 9:30-10:00.

    My Top 5 to do’s:
    Bookbags & Mom bag packed and by the door night before
    Clothes laid out and ironed night before
    lunches made night before
    kitchen cleaned
    quick house pick up

  13. AMBER says

    Mommy bedtime 9:30, Kids 8:ooish

    1. kitchen clean up
    2. lunches made / am snack (eat on way to daycare)
    3. house pick up/kids pick up (part of their bedtime routine)
    4. am out the door basket complete
    5. to do list for next day

    i have a closet organizer in the kids bedroom (it’s designed for sweaters or jeans) and has 6 slots. For the kiddos i put their mon – friday clothes in the first 5 slots. the bottom slot is for their shoes. i fill this organizer on sunday nights so i have all their clothes for the week in place. i wear a uniform for work and make sure i have 5 ready for the week. husband is on his own. :)

  14. Nicci says

    9:30 Bedtime

    1. Kitchen clean
    2. Prep done for school lunches
    3. Make sure all assignments, backpacks, etc. are ready to go in the AM
    4. Put folded laundry away.
    5. To Do list for the next day.

  15. Sandy says

    I would like to wake at 0600 to worship, eat breakfast and exercise before I leave for the nursing home to take care of my mom for the day. I will try to commit to get to bed by 2200 each night. My 5 “Must Do’s” before bed will be:

    1. Worship
    2. No TV/music once I arrive home so I can start winding down for a better nights’ sleep.
    3. Picked up house
    4. Clothes for the next day laid out, including purse and car keys
    5. “To Do List” for the following made completed.

  16. Phyllis says

    I’m setting a bedtime of 10 and my tasks will be Clean Kitchen, prepare/plan breakfast, 15 minute house pick up and 1 load of laundry. Thanks for doing this….it is exactly what I needed for the school year starting up in a few weeks.

  17. Renee says

    Bedtime 10 pm

    1.) Cloths laid out for next day.
    2.) load of laundry (putting a load in washer, drying a load, or folding and putting away)
    3.) All items for school, work and babysitter next to door
    4.) Dishes done
    5.) Daily Devontional

    I am trying to find to make a daily or weekly to do list for household chores for me and the family. I want a daily to-do list, but I have trouble sticking with it.

  18. says

    Wouldn’t you know it, I had this all planned out and determined to begin last night and then came down with a head cold that kept me up most of the night. Le sigh. Ah well, guess I’ll be starting tonight instead!

    The plan is to go to bed at 11, so that I can be asleep by 11:30. I read somewhere that it takes the average person 17 minutes to fall asleep, so if that is the case I should be asleep by 11:30 no problem.

    Evening must-dos are:
    1. Pick up clutter
    2. Put projects away
    3. Get coffee pot ready for the morning
    4. Lay clothes out
    5. Make to-do list for the next day

    I usually do some reading and my personal devotions before bed, too. I’m more alert at that time of day plus it helps me wind down for sleeping. That is and will continue to be included in my night routine. Its kind of a given!

    Thanks for this challenge, I’m excited to conquer my mornings!

  19. Sarah G says

    Bedtime: 10:30pm
    5 Things (start 9pm):
    -Quick Kitchen Clean
    -Backpacks Ready by Door
    -Kid’s Lunches Made
    -Clothes Laid Out
    -Quick To-do List for Next Day (no more than 6 things)

  20. Heather says

    Bedtime: 10 pm
    5 evening to-do’s: clean-up kitchen, make boy’s lunch, lay out clothes, set out breakfast materials and vitamins, make to-do list

  21. Jennifer Hendricks says

    I am a grad student, and quite the night owl, so I am committing to go to bed at midnight, this way I can get up at 8. This means at 11 PM I am going to start my evening Must Do’s: Pack my school bag, Lay out my clothing, Do a 15-20 minute house clean up, Stretch, and pack my lunch.

  22. Alicia says

    My bedtime will try to be 10pm. My 5 things are:
    1. Dishes/kitchen
    2. Fold any laundry that needs folding/put away
    3. Get ready for next days- clothes picked out, diaper bag packed, lunch/breakfast ready
    4. Coffee ready
    5. To do list!

  23. says

    OK! My bedtime is 10pm. My top 5 to-do’s before I hit the pillow are:

    1. Dishes in dishwasher and started
    2. Boys stuff together (including baby bag) for tomorrow – sometime we have play date, other times it is getting ready for school. I just have to get it together so I’m not insane in the morning.
    3. Read an hour before bed – so get to reading by 9pm
    4. Get my stuff together for tomorrow – clothes picked out, errands list, etc
    5. Workout – I workout with my husband at 8pm (after we put the kids to bed )

  24. Rhoda says

    I set my bedtime for 10pm. Five bedtime goals: create to do list for tomorrow, 15 min tidy house, clothes laid out for tomorrow, get ready for bed, read Bible and pray with Hubby.

  25. Jennifer R says

    Bedtime: 9:30
    Top 5:
    1. Lunches prepared
    2. Clothes laid out
    3. Dinner prepped for tomorrow
    4. Set out breakfast “stuff”/fill up sippy cups
    5. Clean kitchen

  26. says

    My bedtime is 10:00 p.m. Oh, this is going to be a struggle! I might really need your drill sergeant help, Crystal!

    My top five are:
    1. Get clothes laid out for tomorrow
    2. Set up kitchen for the next morning
    3. To-do list for tomorrow morning
    4. Put up clean laundry
    5. Read before bed.

  27. Jennifer says

    I’m shooting for a 9:30 bedtime which I have no idea how I’m going to do.

    My top 5 tasks:
    1.) Clothes laid out for kids and me for next day
    2.) Kitchen clean/dishes washed
    3.) Dinner prep for next night
    4.) Pack lunches (hopefully leftovers for me which I can pack as I put them away)
    5.) 15 min clean up (tidy another room, put away laundry, etc)

    Hopefully I can get up early so I can get a workout in so I do not have to do it on my lunch break! Then I can leave 30 minutes early from work or get some wiggle room in the morning.

  28. Larissa says

    My bed time is 10:30, and my 5 tasks are have clothes ready for me and kids, have all lunches packed, have my Frapee made and in the fridge, know what appointments I have and when I need to be at them, have breakfast prepped as far as possible (for everyone).

  29. Shannon says

    I really need to get my act together so I’m in!

    For now bedtime will be 10 but hope to get it to 9:30.
    My five:
    1. Kitchen cleaned up.
    2. 15 minutes – tidy up house
    3. Look over homeschool lessons for the next day.
    4. Lay out clothes
    5. Make a to-do list.

  30. Liz says

    How I wish I could do this … I’ll give it my best shot, but I have a 6-month old who is currently up 4 times a night. There’s no way I can do 8 solid hours of sleep a night, but I’ll do my best with the rest of it. No reason I can’t have my “top 5″ done every night anyway. Wish me luck!

  31. says

    I am a day late on this but here are my five! I am committing to a 10:30 bedtime.

    1. Clean kitchen.
    2. Sweep kitchen and dining room.
    3. Run dishwasher.
    4. Update white board for tomorrow.
    5. Stock diaper bag. I have been caught not doing this too many times!

  32. Kate says

    Bedtime: 10:30
    except that might be hard some nights because I am taking to college courses at night to finish my teaching degree.
    Five things:
    1.) Have the kitchen cleaned up
    2.)Lunches made
    3.) Clothes laid out
    4.) Tidy House
    5.) Things I need by door ( How many times have I spent 15 minutes searching for my keys and my son’s shoes ?? )

  33. Staci says

    I got my husband on board!!
    10:30pm bedtime with 7am wake up
    My husbands 5 night time goals are:
    1. Dishes and kitchen cleaned
    2. 1st floor cleaned up and put in it’s proper place
    3. School lunches made/water bottles filled
    4. Read Bible
    5. Snuggle and talk to my wife

    My bedtime is 10:00pm and a 6am wake time
    My goals are:
    1. Kids clothes laid out & work out clothes laid out
    2. Quality time with husband and read Bible together
    3. Wash face, moisturize, brush teeth, braces rubber bands on, etc.
    4. Review dinner and breakfast plan and prepare
    5. Review next day schedule and pack anything car if necessary

  34. says

    Ok, so I’m a little behind, but here goes;

    Up by 6, so in bed by 10? Yeah, it’s not likely, but I’ll aim for 9:30, then maybe I’ll actually be in bed by 10:30…I’m not very good at this part!!

    Top 5:
    Dishes Done (no dishwasher; blah!)
    House picked up
    Clothes laid out for all 6 of us
    Lunches Made
    Breakfast Planned

    • claire7676 says

      I have a NOT to do item: do NOT get on the computer or internet after dinner! I ALWAYS stay way too long on it & totally blow my bedtime schedule. Staying off of it also allows me to mentally unwind and lets me get to sleep easier.

      I used to iron clothes each night for the next day (I need to add that it’s just me that I have to iron for), but I have found that I’m so tired each night that it’s not the best solution. So I have started do any needed ironing for the week on Sunday afternoons/evenings well before bedtime. And it takes less time overall: I just have to get the ironing board out & the iron going once a week instead of potentially 5 times.

      I really should be in bed by 10:30 because I read before going to sleep (I have a really hard time sleeping without reading), and I usually have a hard time pulling the book away before 1/2 hour passes.

      So my 5 things are:
      1) Make myself start this process by 9:30!
      2) Put the next day’s outfit aside.
      3) Wash face/brush teeth
      4) Check the alarm clock to make sure it’s set correctly
      5) Read

  35. Dita says

    I have to get to bed by 9:30 and asleep by 10:30 to get my 8 hours.

    My MUST five, exactly like Crystal’s
    1. 15 minute tidy the house, dishes loaded
    2. Get changed and ready for bed
    3. Clothes Laid Out For the Next Day for myself and my daughter
    4. To Do List Made For the Next Day
    5. Read a few chapters In Bed

  36. says

    I’m committing to a bedtime of 10pm. I normally get up between 6 and 6:30.

    I’m only doing 3 things in the evening- that will be plenty for now.
    1. Get stuff together and put at door
    2. Get clothes laid out
    3. 15 min, pick up

  37. Michelle W says

    I need this challenge!
    My bedtime will be 10pm and getting up at 6am (until school starts, then up at 5am).
    Start evening Top 5 Evening Must Do’s at 9pm.
    Top 5 Evening Must Do’s:
    1. Lunches ready
    2. Clean kitchen including start dishwasher
    3. Bathroom spruce up
    4. To Do List (written) and Calendar
    5. Read

  38. says

    I have committed to a 9:30 bedtime. My husband would like to go to bed at 9, and I would like to go to bed at 10, so this is a good compromise. And my five things to do in the evening are: clean up dinner dishes, straighten living room, put away laundry, sweep floor, wipe off kitchen table. I don’t really need to have anything ready for in the morning because I’m a SAHM and my only child is 1. We usually don’t go anywhere first thing in the morning. But, I do like waking up to a neat house.

  39. beingjennifer says

    Thank you Crystal for having this forum for us to clarify our goals and schedules.
    I already do 3 1/2 of these, so I’m really only adding 5. Some could probably be combined, but this is what makes sense for me right now. I love having a “start time” for these. I think that will make all the difference!
    9:30 p.m. – Start Must-Do’s – Set timers
    *Drink glass of water & take medicine
    *Clean Kitchen (dishes done and counters cleared)
    *Set Menu for next day (pull food out of freezer-if needed)
    *Review Calendar and Make To-Do list for next day
    *10 minute Quick House Pick-Up (mostly LR & DR)
    *Floss, brush & swish teeth and wash & moisturize face
    *Drink another small glass of water
    *P.J.’s on and stretch &/or do Intu-Flo
    Bedtime 11 p.m.

  40. says

    I’m joining in a little late, but had started on this journey when my kids started school last week. We’ve recently moved, and they have to be AT school by 7:35…last year they were WAKING UP at that time. I actually gave them a nightly to do list:

    Their evening 5 (ages 3, 8 and 10):
    –lunch packed (actually in a box in the fridge, so all we have to do is transfer it to their lunchbox)
    –clothes laid out
    –backpack packed

    My evening five:
    –dishes done
    –dinner planned (and prepped if it’s a busy afternoon/night)
    –my lunch and work bag packed
    –papers sorted and put away (my nemesis when it comes to clutter)
    –electronics charged

    • says

      Go momma, I am there with you, my kids are 4, 8, and 10. They start back to school next Monday and I am not looking forward to those 6am wakeup calls.

  41. Anne Stogner says

    Better late than never I guess. :) My bedtime will be 10:00, so I can be up at 6:00 at the latest. I’m going to have a hard time starting my evening routine at 9, but I really want to give that time a few weeks’ chance. After the kids are in bed, I usually want a lot of chill time with my husband and/or veg. time (where I am not productive at all for a bit), but once I start vegging, I lose all motivation, so that habit needs to go. Thank you, Crystal, for being a great motivator.

  42. says

    It is only a week late but I committed myself today that I am marching right along behind you. My new bed time is 10pm, which is better than my 11-12 o’clock finally drag my body to drop into bed. My goal is to work my bed time back to 9pm and start earlier, but I am by no means a morning person.

    I need a little structure to my day, not my norm, for not only for myself but for my children.

  43. Ms. Edith says

    Since it’s just me and my daughter, we sat down together and decided that 9pm would be our bedtime. We have to get up by 6:30am on school days, so we are going to stick with that as our daily wake-up time too.

    Here’s our ‘To Do’s” before bedtime:
    -Clean up kitchen
    -10 minute apartment cleanup
    -Have breakfast prepped and ready
    -Lay clothes out for next day
    -Gather items for errands and place by door
    -Read for 15 minutes
    -Bedtime routines

    My daughter likes that she has been included in this ‘Bedtime To Do List’. And since it’s just me and her, I feel that we can both do it together and it will set a good example for her at the same time.

  44. Tamara says

    My wakeup time is 6am so I’m committing to be in the bed by 9pm or 10pm.
    My 5 must do’s are:
    1. Clothes laid out for next day
    2. Kitchen cleaned-bottles washed & ready
    3. Breakfast & lunch meals made
    4. Diaper bag and other items ready to go by the door
    5. Baby’s bath

  45. says

    I’m setting a bedtime of 11pm, so I can be up by 7am.

    My top 5 evening to do’s are
    -15 minute house pick-up
    -kitchen cleaned up
    -to do list made
    -lesson plan ready for the next day of homeschooling with my son :)

    • says

      After reviewing my 5 to do’s, I’m revising them to :

      -15 minute pick up
      -Clean up the kitchen
      -clothes laid out for the next day (for both my son and I)
      -To do list made
      -Review lesson plan for the next day :)

  46. Rachel says

    This is so hard for me – as I am a night owl! I will try and go to bed by 10:30 each night. I get up at 6. My 5 night-time must-do’s will be: clean up kitchen, get breakfast planned/or prepared if needed, have kids get all their clothes/school things ready to go, get bathroom cleaned up (we have one bthroom for our family of 6 and it’s also the laundry rm – thus always needing a pick up), and make list of “to-do’s” for the next day. This might be hard for me at first – I have always had trouble sticking to lists and schedules in the home. :(

  47. Cristiana says

    As a full time student, full time worker and mother of 4…the earliest I can commit to go to bed is 11 PM. Sticking to it will be a challenge but I think it will be helpful. My five things are to be making lunches, prepping breakfast, setting all of the clothes aside, putting all my stuff for the next day by the door and the 15-minute quick clean up.
    So far this website has transformed me into a much more organized person needless to say its my favorite!

  48. says

    i know this thread is a couple years old, but i would love to start this routine. my problem is finding the energy at night to get all these chores done. i know its something that needs to be done so my mornings go smoother, but i really poop out at night.

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