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Make the Most of Your Mornings: Introduction (Day 1)

Fall is almost here and, for most of us, that means a new schedule, the resuming of school, and leaving behind the leisurely days of summer. I don’t know about you, but I always feel inspired to get more organized and back on track at this time of year.

One area that I really want to improve in my life is how I use my mornings. I had a great morning routine going before summer, but it all went out the window in July.

We weren’t on a strict schedule and I stayed up later than I should have many nights. This, in turn, meant that I got up later than I should have many days. By the time I got up and around and took the children to swimming lessons first thing in the mornings, it seemed like our day was half gone and I had little to show for it.

Summer is almost over and it’s time to get back on the ball — starting with my mornings. Because I’ve found that when I begin the day on the right foot, the whole day goes so much better!

And I’d love to have you join me! For the next three weeks, I’ll be hosting a Make the Most of Your Mornings Challenge here. We’ll be talking about specific ways to improve our productivity in the mornings, ways to make the mornings less stressful and chaotic, and how to start the day off well.

Each week day at 1 p.m. EST, I’ll be sharing some inspiring thoughts and practical steps to take to make the most of our mornings, I’ll be issuing a simple project or challenge for you for the following day, and I’ll be giving you an update on how my morning went and asking you to tell us how you’re doing, too.

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  1. Rhonda says

    I am in I need to get more organized my oldest starts kindergarden in less then two weeks. My almost 4 yo starts preschool in three weeks. Not to metion have a 21 month old and a 10 wk old. So getting everyone where they need to be, and keeping the little ones content will mean mommy needs to be up and ready to GO!!!

  2. says

    I am so excited to read this series! My biggest problem is if the Princess gets up before I do, or if she gets up when I am in the middle of my morning routine. She’s autistic and doesn’t want to wait until I’ve finished whatever I have going (like my Bible reading) to give her her shower. She’s nonverbal, so she screams at me to express her displeasure, and then we’re both in a cranky mood to start the day. I really need some inspiration to get in bed earlier and get up earlier to get my routine going before she gets up!

  3. Linda says

    Challenge – get up before the kids! They usually hear me and get up right after me, no matter when I get up.

  4. Brenda says

    What a GREAT idea. I am going to follow along and do the best I can.

    I have never been a morning person – NEVER. And with a husband that works shift work, it’s quite easy to vary my schedule/sleep times based on his.

    My biggest problem with getting up in the morning is hitting snooze. I just cannot get out of bed when that alarm goes off!

  5. Audrey says

    My biggest challenge is the kids. The 3 yo wakes up grumpy. And the 6 yo doesn’t wake up or function before 10 am! I’ve been trying all summer to get us all on a good morning routine.
    I’m in!
    Thanks Crystal!

  6. Steph B says

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I need to find some serious help with my mornings. My little one gets up super early and I drag around till around 8am-ish before I start getting motivated. This will be very helpful for me :-)

  7. says

    I have been struggling with mornings all my adult life. I am just wired as a night owl. Unfortunately, the rest of the world (and my kids’ schools) don’t agree that the day should start at 10! I’m going to give this a shot.

  8. regan butler says

    I stay up too late and hit the snooze too many times and when
    I get home from work I don’t fix dinner because I’m too tired!

  9. says

    I *really* need to get my mornings back in order! My biggest struggle these days is waking up before it’s time for hubby to leave for work. I used to be such a morning person, almost always up in time to see the sun rise. But ever since baby #6 was born last year, I can’t seem to catch up on sleep. (Or cleaning. Or anything, really. But I digress…) So, yeah, actually waking up when the alarm goes off would be a huge accomplishment for me!

  10. says

    I so need a challenge! My day goes so much better when I wake before my crew and have time to get a head start on chores, plan MIT’s, and enjoy a little quite time. Looking forward to great ideas.

  11. Robin says

    I’m excited to participate. My biggest challenge is not feeling alert enough in the morning to read the Bible. With four kids, the best time to read the Bible is before I get the kids up for school. Unfortunately, I find it hard to concentrate and stay awake that early. I know I need to get to bed earlier!!

  12. Sabrina says

    I am excited about this challenge. I need to make the most of my mornings. Ideally I need to get up early… and I would like to stretch, and work on core exercises before work in the morning. If I can manage to just get this added to my morning routine – I will be happy. There is more that I need to do, but I am going to start small.

    Great challenge… I am looking forward your posts AND making the most of my mornings.

  13. Cindy says

    As a single working mother of 2 girls I need help getting us on schedule, I am looking forward to what you can teach me.

  14. says

    I have been thinking recently that I need to get “back on the ball” as well. With 2 girls (almost 6 mo. and 2 1/2 y.o.) routine is key to everyone having a good day AND still getting things done. :)

  15. Ayisha says

    I will definitely be joining the challenge. I was just thinking about the same thing! Great minds think alike. :) Super excited to see your ideas

  16. says

    This is exciting. Wondering if you have tips for working moms. I have to be at work at 6:30 during the week. Not really wanting to wake up at 5:30 on weekends, too.

  17. Danielle says

    I really am excited about this. Followed the freezer cooking challenge and it help change my kitchen and dinner time. Ready for this challenge and need it because my oldest is starting Kindergarten this month!

  18. Dita says

    I would like to join! I will catch up. My biggest hurdle is sleep sleep sleep! With a full time job, a two year old little girl and a home to take care of, going to bed early is a daunting task! Even with my husbands help it is tough…always so many things to get done. If I go to bed on time, I get up early simple as that. It’s just doing it…once…and then again and again :)

  19. Nicole says

    I am in need of a better morning routine. I have my daughter lay out her clothes the night before but our mornings are still a constant clothes battle. Help!

  20. Andrea says

    I’m game! SOOOO glad I happened to come across this page (not by chance, I’m sure) today. 2 days behind schedule, but ready to catch up! Thx for your blog!!

  21. Leslie says

    I desperately need to join this challenge! I am a relatively new stay-at-home-mom (7 months into my new ‘career’, to our 13 month old daughter), and often times feel very overwhelmed and unqualified! My biggest struggle is that my husband gets up at 4am to leave by 4:45am. I try to get up and get him out the door on a good note (breakfast, pack his lunch, etc), and then have my personal Bible study time and get a head-start on my day… before our little one wakes up. The only thing is… 4am comes early, especially if I’ve had to get up with our daughter in the night. I’m looking forward to this challenge and the results!

  22. says

    Just catching this on day six…I think it’s six! I’m so in. Morning is my most productive time. But so often I squander it on email, FB reading or other mindless things. Sigh. I’m in!

  23. says

    I would love to participate in this as I sit here reading this at 11:11pm. I know staying up this late will make school mornings crazy ad I know I have to get back on track so we can all get out the door in a organized and non-frantic manner. I would really love to be able to wake up in time to exercise before my husband leaves by 6:30. If I wait to exercise after my kids get off to school my whole day is off and work begins too late. So I am in on this challenge:)

  24. Gerri Barron says

    Just saw your site and read this. What a neat thing. My summer went out the door the first of August, school started back here. It has been really hard getting back into the get up early routine. I am way behind with your Make the Most of Your Mornings, but I going start with week 1 and continue on.

  25. Tamara says

    So I know I’m late but according to my “motivational” sticky note it reads: Do it now, sometimes later becomes never… so I’m signing up now (even though I’m like 9 days behind) before it becomes NEVER :)

  26. Kristen says

    Just came across this! I was visiting my parents last week and had some time to do some thinking/planning. My biggest issue with our day is the way I start my mornings so I am beginning this challenge, just a little late! Thanks for doing this.

  27. Amanda says

    Im in! My biggest challenge is going to bed at a descent time. With 7 kiddos needing time & teaching, housework etc there’s hardly a minute to go to the bathroom by myself let alone have an uninterrupted conversation with my hubby! We both end up staying up entirely too late in order to spend time together or to just breath 😉

  28. Christine says

    I, like many of you, also struggle with the getting up before everyone else. Always looking for inspiration. This looks like a great place to start!

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