Homemade Hawaiian Pizza Recipe

I whipped up some Hawaiian Pizza on Sunday, inspired by this recipe. It was a fantastic success — at least according to my family!

Since I used homemade pizza dough from my freezer, I literally had this in the oven in minutes.

And judging by the enthusiastic responses from my family, you would have thought that I had spent hours slaving in the kitchen.

The crust puffed up a little weird (I think maybe because I had let the thawed pizza dough sit in the fridge for a few days?), but no one seemed to care since it tasted so good! In case you think your family might enjoy this recipe, too, here’s how I made it:

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    • says

      Hmm, I usually never poke it — and it usually doesn’t puff like that. I’m going to have to try poking the dough with a fork next time, just to see if it makes any difference in the way the dough cooks overall.

      • Laura says

        your pizza looks professional with the “puffs” that is how commerically made pizza looks alot of time. Also poking the dough is called “docking”. :)

  1. says

    Wanted to pass on a GREAT gluten free bread recipe that I used for a pizza crust the other day.. I did make a few small changes..

    -doubled the oil.. used olive oil instead
    -next time I think I will increase the tapioca starch and decrease one of the other starch flours to make it a bit chewier..

    I spread the dough on a parchment lined pan, rose in the oven and pre baked it until ALMOST done then added the toppings and broiled.

    This recipe woudl make 2 mediumish pizzas or four smaller individual pizza crusts (which may work best for a crispier crust..)

    Anyway, had to pass it on.. it is a really awesome recipe for those who are GF.



  2. Debbie says

    That looks so good! And it also looks like you used some Whole Wheat flour???

  3. Brooke says

    Is 500 degrees the correct temp? Seems quite high and the recipe this was adapted from stated 400 degrees? Thanks!

    • Rachel says

      I was thinking the same thing! It does seem high, but this will be my first time making it from scratch.

    • says

      Most of the pizza recipe I have come across say 500 degrees. If you go to a professional pizza place, their ovens will be quite hotter than this. It is what is necessary to get a nice crispy crust. But if your oven starts smoking at 500 like mine does sometimes, then it should turn out fine at 425 – just takes longer. I use a pizza stone though, so I have a crispier crust.

      Here’s when I used whole wheat pizza dough:

  4. says

    OH, I lOVE pizza….and this is a favorite in my house. Thanks for the recipe :) :) Homemade is definitely the best :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  5. stacy says

    I make this pizza with cooked chicken, no pineapple, no cilantro and call it BBQ Chicken pizza.

  6. Lana says

    Our favorite and expensive pizza place, Mellow Mushroom, always has puffy and bubbly places in the crust. Seems like part of the yummy pizza and funky atmosphere there. :)

  7. J HEIMLICH says

    Thanks to Frugal Jen for the gluten free recipe. Being GF is new at our house and so we are still gathering info and recipes !!