Vitacost: 54 ounces of Organic Coconut Oil for $10.99 shipped

If you’ve not used the $10 off $10 Vitacost coupon yet, Vitacost is offering free shipping on $20+ orders of Vitacost Brand products. Here’s how to get 54 ounces of Organic Coconut Oil for $10.99 shipped:

::Sign up for a $10 off $10 Vitacost coupon (it should come via email within 30 minutes or so).

::Add the 54-ounce container of Organic Coconut Oil to your cart.

::Go to checkout and use your $10 off $10 Vitacost coupon code.

::Your total should be $10.99 plus tax and shipping should be free.

This offer is good through March 15, 2012 at 9 a.m. EST.

Thanks, Common Sense With Money!

(Note: The link in this post is my referral link. Read my disclosure policy here.)

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  1. Kamila Straker says

    Hi. FYI: I tried to register and it’s showing an error message not allowing me to complete the registration.

  2. Casey says

    I have some coconut oil, but mine isn’t organic. I know some products it is important for something to be organic, but other products not as crucial. Anyone know about coconut oil?

    • Luda Konshin says

      A lot of people think that anything that is directly exposed to the pesticide is more dangerous, such as strawberries (which are VERY absorbent), tomatoes, herbs, greens, and pretty much anything that is above the surface and you are not able to peel. They think that bananas, coconuts, pineapple, potatoes, beets (not the greens) are safe because they are not in direct contact with the pesticide. My belief is that if you spray pesticide, it is going to affect all parts of the plant regardless, because it drains off with watering and with rain into the ground, and is absorbed by the roots, poisoning the entire plant, including the fruit, seed, leaves, and roots. So if you can’t afford to get everything organic, make sure anything that is above ground and not protected by a skin that can be peeled is organic. This way, you can cut back on pesticides, but there is no way to eliminate them. I grew up surrounded by farms. The next door farmer was spraying his crops (cabbage, I think), and with the breeze, the pesticides blew over to our yard and damaged the paint on our entire car. Completely ate the paint off. She took the farmer to court and won her case. So based on that experience alone, I try to eat organic as much as possible. Including meat.

  3. Kim says

    I’ve never used coconut oil before. When you use it in baked goods, can you taste coconut?

  4. javajunkie says

    I noticed the $10 coupon is like a referal thing…you only get $10 when you make a purchase and someone who signed up under you makes a purchase….so how are people getting the $10 coupon instantly?? I see this every single time there’s a vitacost deal posted on here…

  5. Kristine says

    The $10 coupon must be for new customers only. I already have a Vitacost account. Too bad. :(

  6. Megan C. says

    I have never had a membership, I signed up and I still didn’t receive a $10 coupon. Just an e-mail asking me to refer more friends.

  7. BethB says

    It looks like the price is now $19.95 which means it doesn’t qualify for free shipping. But there are plenty of Vitacost products for just a buck or two to add to the transaction

  8. Michelle says

    I used my $10 coupon a couple of weeks ago and two days later my credit card number was used fraudulently at another website. This particular credit card had not been used online in over a year. When I contacted Vitacost about it, they never responded. Do NOT do business with this company, they are NOT trustworthy!