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Target: Memory Game for just $1.04 + more hot game deals!

Target just keeps rolling out the fantastic game deals! Here’s another:

Buy 1 Memory game at $7.04
Use $3/1 coupon from Play Saver
Stack with $3/1 Target coupon 
$1.04 after coupons

Other Game/Toy Deals:

Buy 1 Chutes & Ladders game at $7.04
Use the $3/1 Chutes and Ladders Target Coupon
Stack with the $3/1 Printable Chutes & Ladders coupon (or in the 3/25/12 Playsaver Insert)
$1.04 after coupons

Buy 1 Cootie game at $7.79 
Use the $3/1 Cooties Target Coupon
Stack with the $3/1 Printable Cooties coupon (or in 3/25/12 Playsaver Insert)
$1.79 after coupons

Buy 1 Candyland game at $7.79 
Use the $3/1 Candyland Target Coupon
Stack with the $3/1 Printable Candyland coupon (or in 3/25/12 Playsaver Insert)
$1.79 after coupons

Play-Doh Swirling Shake Shoppe or 24-pack of Colors $9.99
Use $3/1 Target printable coupon
Stack with $3/1 Play-Doh Swirling Shake Shoppe Playset or 24-pack coupon
$3.99 after coupons

Buy 1 Scrabble Simon or Yahtzee Flash at $15
Get One Hasbro Card Game Free (advertised in weekly ad)
Use $5/1 Target printable coupon
Stack with $5/1 Scrabble Flash, Simon Flash, Yahtzee Flash printable (or from 3/25 Playsaver insert)
$5 for both after coupons

Buy 1 Hasbro Battleship game at  $10
Get One Hasbro Card Game Free (advertised in weekly ad)
Use $3/1 Target printable coupon
Stack with $3/1 Operation, Battleship or Twister Game printable (or from 3/25 Playsaver insert)
$4 for both after coupons

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  1. Elizabeth says

    I tried to do the free card game deal and using both coupons and the store wouldn’t allow it. The register accepted the coupon without needing an override AND it showed on my receipt, but the register didn’t actually subtract the value of the manufacturers coupon. Customer service told me I could either do two coupons, or do the free card game deal with one coupon. Weird.

    • Arienne says

      Elizabeth..I had the same experience at my Target. I went over my receipt and saw the Target coupon was the only coupon that was subtracted. The man. coupon was listed on the receipt as minus but was never subtracted It took me over an hour to get them to refund the $33.00 worth of coupons they took and never honored for the games.
      I called Target Customer Service and discussed it with them and they agreed it was wrong however the do not compensate shoppers for their time that was wasted by their cash registers. I forgot to say that it took me 1 hour and 10 mins. to check out.
      She questioned everything I bought with my coupons. I thought that was why they had the computer screen at the register. Has anyone else been treated like a criminal? This was the first time I was treated this way at Target; however it has happened at other stores.
      Oh the woes of a coupon grandma! LOL

  2. says

    I am so excited about these deals. We have “family” game night with our best friends and their children every week! I love adding to our collection.

  3. Robin says

    I print these coupons and went to our local Target. Normally, these type of deals are wiped out but I got lucky. I bought a Disney Princess Doll (used the 50% coupon), the Playdoh Swirling Shake Shoppe, Battleship, Chutes and Ladders, and a Monopoly Deal card game. All for $13.00!

  4. says

    I really wanted to take advantage of this great offer. At my local Target, though, the Battleship game was $18.99, not $10. Not as great of a deal.

    • ACMommy3 says

      For those who see a different price on these games, please price check…it seems that many stores nation-wide have the $18.99 or so prices on the shelves, but they’re still on sale! Maybe Target didn’t want to bother with sale stickers this week? :-)

      I was sad to see higher prices at my Target too, but I checked the ad and it showed the games in the pictures with the sale prices, so I price scanned and they were ringing up on sale. Just hope this helps those who haven’t purchased any games yet. :-)

  5. says

    I’m heading to Target tonight – hoping they have some of these still in stock! Going to use the games for Easter Baskets – much better than tons of candy and plastic junk! Thanks for posting all the links in one easy spot! :)

  6. says

    I got this deal to work for Chutes & Ladders, Operation, the Play-Doh shake shoppe (didn’t like this one) and the Simon Flash game. There were LOTS of games in stock and more on end caps, so be sure to look there if you don’t see the games on the regular shelves.

  7. Deanna says

    I went to Target prepared to get all of these great deals and others, but my Target did what Elizabeth’s did, and the Battleship was $7 and the Simon Flash was $10. Still a good deal, but not NEARLY what it should have been. All the coupons went through, and the ones on my phone, but they did not come out correctly on the receipt. I talked to customer service but they said that the register rings up the deals and that is the way it is calculated, and they can’t override it. I should have gotten over $10 more off, but I ended up getting over $225 worth of toys for about $95. My toy closet is stocked for birthdays and Christmas for all of our friends kids!

  8. Katherine says

    When I first saw the post I printed the coupon for chutes and ladders and cooties. That was just two days ago. Tonight I went back to the Target site and just like everyone else has said, the majority of those awesome toy and game coupons are gone. I was wanting to print so many others to utilize such a great offer and now I can’t. Next time I think I will just print the coupons and have them just incase there is an awesome deal. I just hate the thought of wasting the ink if I don’t use them.

  9. Crystal Graves says

    I noticed that when I calculated my receipt total’s minus all the coupons that it did take off it came out right. But the receipt did not look correct because the register did not match the correct coupons to the product. So some came out negative and some came out over on the receipt. But in the end the total was right. I hope this makes sense. :-(

  10. Laura N. says

    I got the Scrabble Flash and Sorry Card game. My receipt was very confusing to me. It looks like the mrf coupon didn’t come off, but it did. My receipt looks like this:
    Scrabble $15
    Mrf coupon -$5
    Sorry Cards $6.49
    Package Subtotal $21.49 (Looks like the mrf coupon didn’t come off)
    Target coupon -$5
    Sorry Cards -$6.49
    Package Subtotal $10 (Should be $5)
    But, the subtotal is $5.00 plus tax. So, it did come out correct in the end.

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