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Free Gevalia Coffee sample (new link)

Sign up for a free Gevalia coffee sample from Target.com.

Thanks, Freebies For U!

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  1. Emilia says

    it says I need a code (which I don’t have) but it also doesn’t take me to a page where I could enter a code

    • says

      I’m having the same problem. I wondered if it was my computer or browser, but I’m using Chrome which rarely gives me problems. I could try it in IE, but if it doesn’t work in Chrome, I’m not optimistic it will work in IE.

      • AnnaLisa says

        worked for me in chrome. I think if you click on that beauty sample offer first (which does require a coupon) it hangs this one. When I closed, went back, and then just clicked Gevalia, it worked. Otherwise I had problems with the coupon code (in Firefox too)

        • says

          It’s still not working for me. I cleaned my cache and even restarted my computer. No luck. I can’t even get past the first survey question. I hit “next” and nothing happens. How disappointing. But I don’t have time to mess with it any more.

  2. Tonya says

    After I went through their ridiculously long questionnaire about coffee habits, I got nothing because it says it requires a code.

  3. Jen says

    I finally got through all the questions and it says I need a code—for which I was never prompted. There is no place FOR a code. Fail, Target. Fail.

  4. Gail says

    Don’t waste your time. It says you need a code, and you can’t get past that. Even if you had a code, there is nowhere to enter it, you just go right back to the page where you filled in your information.

  5. Alison says

    My persistance paid off and I got it to work :) To those who are having difficulty, try clearing your cookies.

    Thanks, Crystal…this was one that I had been too late for the last few times it was available. I’m excited to give this coffee a try!

  6. cat says

    I couldn’t get it earlier this morning. I just went back in and cleared my cookies and its working now. Thanks, cat

  7. Laura says

    Thanks to the above suggestions I went ahead and cleared my cookies and had no problem gettting it. I never got anything about a code.

  8. Sue says

    To possibly aid someone else out there, here are the detailed steps on what to do: Close out of your internet browser completely. Go to Start>Control Panel and click on Internet Propeties. Select Cookies and Temporary Internet files (two different checkboxes), then click OK to delete them all. Depending on how often you surf the internet, you may have to wait a bit for everything to clear out (this is a good idea to do frequently, to help your computer’s speed). Once everything is done, close out of Internet Properties and reopen your browser. If you again try to request the sample, it will work fine. Hope that helps someout out there :-)

    • Sue says

      You’re welcome :-) As for the beauty bag, when I clicked on that, it referenced obtaining a code from specially marked packages, “Eligible purchases will receive a code via receipt throughout the month of March.” It doesn’t state exactly which purchases will get you that code, but the description states some different brands that are included in the bag, so maybe you have to purchase something from one of those brands? I’m just not willing to go buy things, just to see if I get a code on my receipt :-)

  9. Courtney says

    I clicked on the beauty bag sample first (I don’t know if that matters or not) then the coffee sample would not work. I exited completely out of my internet browser and then when I immediately tried again it worked. I didn’t delete my cookies first.

  10. Keelie says

    I got it to work after I deleted my browsing history. I hope that the sample is worth the hassle it took me to figure out how to do that. Hope others who have been trying to get this will make it work.

  11. says

    Ok – I tried it one more time and it worked. I wasn’t prompted for a code, but I did have to type the answer to 9 – two, and 7 worked. I guess that was just to confirm I was a human.

  12. diana says

    Yup, also told me I needed a code but there was nowhere to enter one. Not worth the trouble of trying to figure this out.

  13. says

    thank you so much for the heads up! after refreshing the page 3 x it worked fine. I think people are getting confused with the first offer which is for a free beauty bag after certain purchases. Gevalia doesn’t need a code. just 8 simple questions to answer. thanks again!

  14. Elizabeth says

    I had the same problem with it asking for a code. I cleared out my cookies & catche, closed out the window and started over again like Sue said. (Thanks Sue.) That time I got past it asking for a code and got to the screen that you have to answer the question. When I hit submit after answering the question nothing would happen. I refreshed my page, had to go through everything again and got a different question again. It worked that time. Persistance paid off this time. Hope this works for others.

  15. Jackie says

    I had issues signing up when I used my lap top as it kept asking me for a code. I then tried using my smart phone and had no issues, so I was able to sign up for the sample. Yay!

  16. says

    It says I need a code which I don’t have. I noticed, when looking at the free beauty sample…that this code would be on a Target receipt..so I’m thinking you had to have made a pu rchase from Target at some point during this month, in order to get a free sample. I’m not going to do that. However, the sample itself would have been lovely :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  17. L J says

    I think there are some gliches but when I switched from IE to FF it went through. It seems to be the cookie issue as I seldom use FF on this computer.

  18. Liz says

    It took a while to get in and after I entered all the information, it asked for a code. I don’t know where to get the code from nor do I know where to even input it as it doesn’t even have a space for it. I’m lost like everyone else. (Although on the other Target sample – the make up – it tells you that you need a code to even start that one. What is up with that? Why do we we need special codes now?)

  19. Carmen says

    When I request a sample, it starts a survey. I answer the first question and then it freezes every time. I guess no sample for me

  20. Brenda says

    Such a process to get a sample of coffee. I had to clear all cookies, refresh the page, and then fill in the form all over again. Glitchy page!

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