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2012 Goals: March Update

How are you doing on your goals for 2012? March wasn’t the best month for me when it came to goals, but I did make some progress…

Read through the Bible in a year. {I’ve been keeping up with this faithfully.}
Read through the 24 books on my 2012 booklist. {I’ve finished all the books through March plus read quite a few other books!}
Listen to 12 audiobooks. {I’m still working on March’s audiobook–it’s a longer one and it’s taking me awhile to get through!}
Run in at least one 5K race. {Almost finished with week 8 of the Couch to 5K program.}
Complete the Couch to 10K program.
Tackle 12 Do-It-Yourself Projects. {I bought the stuff to make March’s DIY project, but after my allergic reaction, I decided to postpone the Face Wash project for another month or two!}
Focus on one habit per month. {So I totally bombed the morning routine goal in March. Can I try for a redo in April?!}
Learn to use my new DSLR camera (huge surprise Christmas present from Jesse!!) & improve my photography skills.
Take at least one photo a day and put together a page every week for my Project Life album. {I kind of fell off the bandwagon with keeping up with my album in March, but I have high hopes of getting caught up in.}
Memorize Colossians using the plan and free download here. {I’m almost caught up with this.}

Go on the Love Like You Mean It Cruise. {Done–read my recap here.}
Go on two Marriage Retreats (overnight trips sans children for planning, talking, goal accountability).
Have monthly date nights. {We had one date in March.}
Read four books together. {We didn’t read anything together in March… must try to make this more of a priority in April!}
Read at least 3 books on marriage. {Finished Rekindling the Romance in March.}

Continue regular dates/outings with each of the children individually. {I went on at least one outing with each child individually in March.}
Continue Grace and Truth memory book. {The children memorized part of the Lord’s Prayer plus two verses of a hymn this month.}
Ice-skating lessons for all three children. {We started the second round of ice-skating classes in March.}
Swimming lessons for all three children.
Finish second grade, begin third grade with Kathrynne. {Plugging away at this!}
Finish kindergarten, begin first grade with Kaitlynn. {Plugging away at this!}
Start preschool with Silas.
Go on at least one field trip every month. {We went to the park multiple times and on some family bike rides, but didn’t actually make it on any “official” field trips.}
Go on at least one family vacation.
Finish at least 15 read-aloud books. {We’ve finished seven read-alouds so far this year.}

Ministry/Friendships/Extended Family
Write at least two handwritten notes every month to encourage someone. {I wrote & mailed two handwritten notes this month.}
Continue being involved in our local church, homeschool group, young couple’s group, and blogging accountability group. {Ongoing}
Continue with weekly get-togethers with both sides of our extended family. {Ongoing}

Continue to take Sundays off from blogging/business work. {Ongoing}
Continue keeping strict Office Hours for the business/blogging time each day. {Still plugging away on this!}
Switch to a paperless planning system. {This is going well for me, though I’ve decided I’m probably never going to be 100% paperless for all things.}
Follow my weekly blogging plan. {I didn’t do this perfectly in March, but I adhered to it somewhat.}
Plan blog posts out at least a month in advance. {Not quite there, but I’m at least being much more intentional with my blogging this year than I’ve ever been before!}
Write and schedule blog posts at least a week in advance. {Making some headway with this, though I’m far from where I want to be!}

Continue to tithe 10% of our income. {Ongoing}
Give generously to needs in our community and around the world, as God prompts us. {Ongoing}
Pay cash for a new-to-us vehicle to replace our family’s van. {We picked out the specific vehicle we’re planning to buy and started our vehicle search in March!}
Finish saving for and purchase a rental property with cash. {We were able to set aside some for this in March.}

How Are You Doing on Your Goals for 2012?

If you’ve posted goals for 2012, I’d love for you to post an update on how things are going and share your link in the comments. If you don’t have a blog, feel free to just leave your update as a comment. Let’s encourage one another to live lives of intention and purpose!

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  1. says

    This is so inspiring! Makes me want to write out more goals for the year!
    I just posted about my new spring goal to swing back into shape before summer, so I’m excited to be working on my small (i.e. 3 minutes a day) goal. Also, we have some financial goals for this year that are coming along (http://marriageonabudget.com/mm-passive-income-plans).
    Crystal, it’s exciting to hear you mention buying a rental property! We just bought our first rental property last fall, and so far so good! We’re thankful for good renters and positive cash flow. :)

  2. Karin says

    Thank you for sharing your goals and progress. I appreciate it!! I did great in January and somewhere since then I fell off the wagon (so to speak) -thanks for the encouragement. I intend to get back up and get back to work on all of my plans.
    I especially like the 1 habit a month – I’m going to switch one goal to that :)

  3. NaDell says

    I’m doing pretty good on my goals for the year, I think. I have to do my little update post tonight. Here’s the link to my goals I set this year: http://andynadellransom.blogspot.com/2011/12/my-goals-for-2012.html
    I update at the end of each month about how I did.
    I’m ALSO reading the Bible this year. 4-5 pages a day used to feel like a lot, but it really doesn’t take as long as I imagined it would and I think I get more out of it because I can keep everything (mostly) straight.
    I love hearing how you’re doing!

  4. says

    Crystal, you’re way too hard on yourself! Looks like you did fabulously last month. You’ve had a lot of extra stuff going on in March as well and I’ve loved hearing about all of your trips and adventures. Really looking forward to the webcast on Thursday as well. As always, you continue to inspire me!

    I did so-so this month, accomplished a few (my big one-walked 100.26 miles during the month of March), missed a few, re-worked a few to reflect where we are at now. Amazing how quickly life can change in just a few months!

    Here’s my post-thanks for allowing a link-up:


  5. Meredith says

    I love reading your up-dates. Even though I’ve slacked in some areas, I definitely had a productive March. I need to start a new habit and refer to my goal sheet to see what foods I’ve been wanting to make homemade!

  6. Esther a homeschool mom in Mid-Michigan says

    Hi Crystal :)
    You mentioned that you were looking for a replacement vehicle?
    Have you tried http://www.cargurus.com to search for your next vehicle? It shows the current values of the vehicles you’re looking at and whether or not it’s a good deal! That’s how we found our van last year. We saved around $2,000 by using this website. And it’s “free” :)

  7. Cari says

    Thanks to you Crystal, my husband and I are now talking about goals and we are in the midst of establishing a budget. It’s a big change in our lifestyle but a necessary one!

    After being a fan of your blog and now your book, you have inspired us beyond our wildest dreams.

    I could never thank you enough, God Bless you :)

  8. misty gorman says

    not great with mine, about half of what i had planned, but we have a new baby in our family. giving myself some grace and then jumping back in!

  9. says

    You had a fantastic March! Look how much you learned and accomplished, as well as how much you’ve helped so many others. I look forward to reading more and more…

    I don’t think I could ever be 100% paperless either. There are too many thing like to have a “hard copy” for.

    I’m on top of my goals. I think I may switch up the blog a bit though. 3 months into 2012, I’m ready to add more of the goals I haven’t blogged about into my writing. It feels unbalanced because so far I’ve only updated progress on a few goals/topics.


  10. says

    I’m doing well on the monthly goals that I make, but the yearly goals that I made back in January…ehhhh..not so much. Thanks for the reminder. I need to get moving on these! :)

  11. says

    My goodness – you are keeping up with so many of your goals! Back in January 2012 I wrote a post detailing my blogging, sewing, and pattern design goals for this year. I have kept up with the pattern design and sewing goals, and I have managed to write the number of posts I am aiming for so far. However, I have not kept up my goal of writing an article about costumes from a different classic film each month. Darn! Maybe in April I’ll get back on schedule.

    Keep up the good work!


  12. says

    I’m still on track with my yearly goals. My morning routine isn’t going great either. I say we both do a redo of that in April :) I need to start getting my morning stuff prepared the night before so I’m not always rushing out the door.

  13. says

    Wow Crystal – that’s a lot of goals! It’s nice to see that they are very admirable goals focused on faith and family. Consider this a job well done message. Publishing your goals like this just might inspire the rest of us to get our rears in gear. Thanks.

  14. Marsha says

    Where can I get a copy of “Couch to 5K program”. That is one of my goals this year (late start goal, but still one to be done).

  15. says

    Great job with your goals. And thanks for posting about Colossians. That’s a project I want to tackle.

    This is not a ‘new-goal’ year for me, but a year to consolidate and work on all the long term goals of previous years that are only partly achieved. It’s working, bit by bit. :)

    I posted a review of your audiobook. It’s great to hear the enthusiasm in your voice! http://anniekateshomeschoolreviews.com/2012/03/the-money-saving-moms-budget-audio-book/ The chapter on setting goals was wonderful, and I’m going to share it with my teens.

  16. says

    Wow! What a list! I have one 6 month old and still struggle to figure out how to get basic routine things done + work from home. Trying to tackle some of these bigger projects sounds overwhelming to me.

    I’d love to read a “day in your life”….have you ever posted anything like that? How do you make the time in a day to chip away at some of these goals (like your reading or advance blog writing)???

  17. Ashley P says

    We’ve managed to stay on track for our “big E on the eyechart” goal for this year… sticking to our Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover.

    I’m happy to say that we’re right on track to have our car (which we should be paying on for 3 more years based on our current financing) paid off by August.

    The big help has come in the form of God’s blessing: a promotion for both my husband and myself, including a raise for each of us. not only will this job change allow us to get out of debt faster, but it will allow us to afford starting our family when we had originally planned.

    God is so GOOD!

  18. says

    You did a ton last month! And have some terrific goals for this month. I’ll have mine posted tomorrow on my website. I’m concentrating on adding/ working on one healthy thing a month – March was water, April is greens – yummy! I do other things too, but I’ve found by focusing my efforts on one major change, I am so much more successful.

  19. says

    Goal setting has really helped me to stay on track and get more done. I didn’t completely finish my March goals but I got a BIG project done and it felt so satisfying. This month I am focusing on helping my husband get through his last 2 weeks of classes for graduate school. That means a lot of proof-reading which is not my favorite task! Here is the update of my March goals and my new April goals:

  20. jaclyn says

    This is encouraging and discouraging…mostly because i desire to live a life purposed and focused. But unfortunately that does not happen. I recently read Feminie Appeal by Carolyn Mahaney. I was very encouraged and challenged. I think I am just overwhelmed right now. One of the things that Carolyn talks about in this book is having determined purpose. She quotes another author whom i can not remember currently (I borrowed to book out to a friend) was that life can loose focus with out any effort at all! So very true. I want so desperately to be on top of things that I feel like I am struggling to even make it though the day to get the dishes done. My biggest goal right now…is getting into the Word every day. I used to be very faithful in this area and Lately (like the past year or more) I have let this discipline in my life truly slip. Thank you for the encouragement and for an example to emulate!

    • says

      Pick one goal and stick with that for at least three weeks before adding in anything new… over time, you’ll really start to see progress! Don’t give up! Moving forward–even at a microscopic rate–is still moving forward!

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