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Donate Plasma and Earn Money While Saving Lives

Guest post by Mary

One easy way to earn an income is donating plasma. Now, before you all say “EWW!” and stop reading, hear me out…

Yes, I realize that plasma collection centers don’t always have the best reputations. And, for some of them, this reputation is rightfully earned. However, most of them (like the one I work at, for example) certainly do not fall in to this category.

Our donor population, for example, is made up of mostly college students, soldiers, and locals who are simply looking for a way to put extra cash in their pocket while doing something that helps people.

Here are a few things you should know if you are interested in earning a little more money in this way.

It is a perfectly safe process.

Plasma donation is highly regulated by the FDA, as well as several other agencies. (Many of our medical staff employees have told us that we have more regulations than hospitals they have worked at).

When you donate, you only come in contact with sterile supplies. All lancets, sample collecting tools, and supplies for our machines are brand new and thrown away after each use, eliminating any possibility of transmission of a disease.

Now, that being said, there are some people who aren’t not suitable for donating due to health reasons. This is why every donor goes through a screening and physical process consisting of medical history, examination, and testing of a sample of blood.

And, for this reason, it is crucial that you are fully honest with the employees so they can be sure you are a suitable candidate. Also, each center is overseen by a licensed physician and there is always a nurse on site.

You are saving lives.

I mean this quite literally. Plasma is filled with proteins and clotting factors. These can be used to help people with primary immune deficiencies, certain protein deficiencies, clotting disorders, burn victims, babies born with hemolytic disease of the newborn, shock victims, and the list goes on and on.

For most of these conditions, there is absolutely no synthetic substitute for plasma, which is why it is in such demand — these people would either die or have a significantly reduced quality of life without these donations.

The money you earn is worth it.

You go through a screening process and then sit in a bed while you read, watch a movie, or surf the Internet for about an hour and get paid for it. The amount you earn per donation varies by location, company, and the weight of the donor, but our center pays anywhere from $20-$50 per donation, and you can do this twice a week! That is quite a chunk of change in your pocket!

Yes, I know this incoming earning ideas isn’t for everyone; but I really encourage you think beyond rumors you have heard about the process and check it out for yourself, for your own good and for the sake of the people you could be helping.

If you are interested, find a plasma center in your area and check it out.

Because plasma centers are run by separate companies, there is no one good way to find a center in your area. But, if you just run a google search “plasma center in (your town)” you should be able to find one easily if there is one around you.

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  1. shelley says

    between dec 10 and dec 14 2011, i received 13 units after having a vein burst in my stomache i had 43 people donated during my stay i think this is a wonderful life saving idea and you can make a llittle something for yourself i thank all that gave and thanks to those who will give

  2. Katie B says

    I donated for my girlfriend’s Mom who had cancer and was undergoing a bone marrow transplant. From what I remember, it doesn’t hurt more than donating blood. It just takes longer. I donated it at the hospital that I worked at. If you live by a hospital, I’d start by calling there. If the operator doesn’t know where to connect you, ask to be connected to where they donate blood…same place usually. It is rewarding in more than one way!

  3. laurie says

    Actually your not selling your plasma that’s illegal. The place you donate at is compensating you for your time.

  4. Priscila says

    My husband and I used to donate plasma twice a week in college! It was pretty painless and an easy way to save money!

  5. laura says

    My husband does this all the time, however not for money, just for being a person with good veins (which I don’t have) and he says if it helps someone I’ll gladly do it on an ongoing basis. Love him:) There are plasma centers who take plasma for different reasons. Many of the ones that are not donation centers and you are paid for uses plasma for other purposes.

    • laura says

      The difference between non-paid donation centers Paid donation centers: “Most places that take “donations” (also known as Paid donation of your time not for plasma) of plasma are owned by pharmaceutical companies that then turn around and use your “donation” to make huge, almost obscene, amounts of money off of. “

  6. candace says

    ugh….been here done this….NEVER again!!! I’d have to be pretty desparate to need this money!! Glad for those of you who have good places to do it at and nice people help ALOT!!!

  7. says

    My now-husband did this before we got married and has done it a few times since. He usually took me and/or another friend along with him (so we could split the gas costs, since the plasma center is 27 miles from where we live). He then used the money primarily for gas, which helped him devote more of his paycheck to tuition – part of the reason he hasn’t taken any student loans since the first semester of his sophomore year (now a senior; will graduate a 5th year senior)! It’s amazing how $40/wk ($20 per donation, 2x per week) can add some flexibility to a super tight budget!

  8. Carol says

    I’ve donated plasma off and on for almost 10 years. It is important to eat right and get plenty of fluids to keep up the levels of protein and iron in your blood. Also it is imperative that you get enough rest. Workers at the center are very concerned that a donor maintain their own health. At times I have really needed the money. I found that a neighbor with M S was supplimented with plasma dirivatives and it made all the difference for her. After talking with her it really hit home as to how much of a difference I was making in the lives of others.

  9. Dorothy says

    There was a point where my husband and I donated our plasma to make ends meet but I can tell you I had the worst experience with it. I followed all the tips on how to avoid getting sick (drinking a lot of water, avoiding fatty foods) but every time I donated I was down for the rest of the day feeling sick to my stomach and dizzy. There was even one day I barely made it to the car before I passed out. My husband never had any problems with it though. I am so grateful we no longer have to do that because it made me miserable.

  10. carrie says

    I had major surgery less than two weeks ago, and I received 5 units of blood, including 2 of plasma. Thank you for this post encouraging donation, as my life is one that was recently saved through this service!!

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