Do-It-Yourself: Homemade Shower Cleaner shows you how to make homemade shower cleaner.

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  1. Marion says

    I found this recipe on Pinterest about a month ago…..and it is the BEST tub and shower cleaner I have ever made or bought! I wish I would have done before and after shots of my shower door!

  2. Sarah says

    I read the comments at the original post and had a question that someone else asked, but hasn’t been answered yet. Is this something you spray on the shower (after your shower) and it does the work – or – is this something you spray on and then scrub during your “regular” bathroom cleaning?

  3. Sarah says

    Marion, maybe you can answer my question since you’ve been using it! Also, do you know if any other brand of dish liquid would work? I prefer Seventh Generation products but will buy Dawn for this recipe if it’s required.

    • says

      To answer you question you spray it on wash off during your regular cleaning, it is not a spray on daily cleaner. I have used any kind of dish soap and not noticed a differnce in results I’m sure 7th generation would work fine.

  4. says

    This is by far the best cleaner for the shower. I also use it on my vanity top and faucet, after cleaning with this cleaner they sparkle like the day they were brand new. I can not say enough of good things about this cleaner.

  5. Sarah says

    THANK YOU, Coupon Cutting Mom. We have been trying so many things, looking for something that cleans the shower and removes soap scum WELL. We have a natural soap that works “pretty well” and better than anything so far, but this would be cheaper and sounds wonderful. Thanks again!!

  6. says

    I can attest to this cleaner as well – I tried it last week after seeing it on Pinterest, and soap scum that had been nearly impossible to remove with normal cleaners came off easily with this cleaner. It has made such a difference in my ability to get the bathroom clean quickly now – I just spray it on the tub and shower for and leave it for about 5 minutes while my kids are eating lunch, and then can go back and wipe down everything in another five minutes. My tub literally was glossy in way it never was when I used a scouring cleaner.

  7. says

    Ok, I’m trying this! We have been using Soft Scrub with bleach and it does ok, but not great, plus the bleach in it makes me feel a little yucky when I use it. Thanks for the tip!

    • Sarah says

      Angela, I’ve used Borax, but never to scrub off soap scum. Do you just sprinkle it on a rag and use it like scouring powder or do you mix it up in a spray bottle?

  8. Brandette W. says

    I tried this 2 weeks ago for the first time! LOVE IT! I can not rave about it enough, seriously. We built our home a little shy of 4 years ago now and since then, I have used all kinds of scrubbing bubbles, etc. They worked ok, but never got the glass doors sparkling clean and removed the hard water & soap scum we have in our area. I sprayed this stuff on, left it for about an hour to stream down the doors. I went back and literally just rinsed off, not scrubbing. My doors were clean and clear again. It was amazing. I also soaked a few towels in undiluted white vinegar and let them hang over our chrome faucets. Again, after about an hour went back and just wiped the area dry. It removed ALL of the hard water deposits and staining on our beautiful chrome faucets. We had upgraded all of our faucets throughout the house, but after use they looked stained from the hard water. I was about to go and buy new faucets, but decided to give this a try. It worked, and saved me a couple hundred dollars vs a $3.50 case of white vinegar at Sam’s Club. Hoorray!

  9. Marcia says

    Slightly different take on this – I use one of the dishwands filled with Dawn that is designated for the bathroom only. It hangs in our shower caddy, and as I’m letting the conditioner soak in, or any other reason I might be dawdling in the shower, I grab it and scrub a couple of square feet. I try to keep track of approximately where I left off to start the next time, but I don’t stress if I can’t remember. Our tub/shower stays cleaner than it ever did before, and I’ve been able to remove another item from my weekly cleaning list!

    • Kara says

      Marcia, I LOVE that idea! Cleaning my tub and shower is seriously my most hated chore b/c I find it so hard to reach certain areas when standing outside the tub to properly clean them without hurting my back. But if I’m in the shower just scrubbing away every once in a while it won’t feel so daunting. I’m definitely going to start trying this!

  10. says

    I found this recipe on Pinterest before Christmas.

    I must say I wasn’t that impressed with it. I did our shower and the tub. Yes, it was clean but I’ve used other products that have done a better job. (And a worse one too!)

  11. Sharie says

    I love to use this but we just got our shower remodeled and the grout has a sealer in it so I can’t use bleach or vinegar in it :(

  12. Melanie says

    I found this on Pinterest last week and used it in our garden tub. I just had some cheap lemon scented soap on hand and it worked fine. It did take about two minutes for my sprayer to start spraying correctly but it coated everything well. Went back a little bit and used my wand scrubber and it just peeled the soap scum right off!

  13. Noelle says

    I am so excited to try this, and I’m so happy to learn it will clean my soap scum faucets too! I love natural cleaners.

  14. Beth says

    Be careful to rinse thoroughly around grout (vinegar breaks it down over time from what I’ve read) and can’t be used on granite as the vinegar will etch the surface and then hold dirt (yuck!). Still, I use this around the shower, especially the shower door, when I have the time to rinse very well. It is good on soap scum and our hard water! :)

  15. kimberly kahle says

    i found this recipe on pinterest and just tried it today. it cleaned very good, but found it took VERY, VERY, VERY long to get all of the soap off. i might try a little less soap next time. :)

  16. Julie T says

    This cleaner works in the kitchen to. Stove, sink, counters. Just do a light spray, its pretty concentrated so you don’t need a lot. Love it though.

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