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Clear Out the Clutter: The Junk Drawer

I used to pride myself on the fact that we didn’t have a junk drawer.

Then, I had my third child. And pretty much everything I prided myself on went out the window. :)

I know some of you have told me that having your third child was a breeze. For me, the actual labor and delivery was a walk in the park (1.5 hours of labor, no complications, and feeling back to my normal self within 24 hours!). But after the “babymoon” phase wore off, three children has been a whole lotta work.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my three precious children like crazy, but I no longer have this put-together, pristine life. And it’s been a good thing for me.

I’ve learned to relax more, roll with the punches, and embrace this sometimes messy and chaotic life I’m living. We’ve got a lot of love, creativity, and laughter going on around here, and I’ll take that over perfection any day!

But, I’ll admit it, the overflowing junk drawer was getting to me. So I set out to tackle it today.

And guess what? After only ten minutes’ worth of work, it was transformed.

It’ll probably be this messy again in a few months (or even weeks or days!), but knowing that it can be overhauled in such a short time period makes it not seem like such a big deal.

It’s amazing what can be accomplished in just a short amount of time when you set the timer and attack the clutter with gusto!

Did you do any clutter clearing this week? If you posted about it, link directly to your blog post below. We’d especially love to see before and after pictures, if you’re brave.

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  1. says

    My clutter was out in the open. You’d think seeing it daily would help me to get rid of the mess. The shelf on my computer stand ended up being a landing strip for whatever. It’s clean now and has stayed that way. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. says

    It’s funny how things that we put off for a while only take a short amount of time to finish! Great job Crystal! I made an appointment for a thrift store pickup to make sure that I declutter at least 3 bags of “stuff” by Tuesday!

  3. says

    The best way I’ve found to prevent clutter from re-appearing after an organization spree is to designate “homes” for the various items that tend to become clutter. For instance, designate a certain place for pencils, a certain place for paper clips, a certain place for flashlights, a certain place for pieces of paper with phone numbers jotted on them… that way, you and your family are more likely to place the item in it’s “home” rather than in the junk drawer, the kitchen counter, etc.

  4. says

    I love to time myself and see how little time it actually takes to accomplish something that I have been procrastinate doing. Your “junk drawer” looks great!

  5. KimH says

    Today I cleaned out my spice cabinet. I was at Dollar Tree & they had those 3 tiered racks so I got a few to use in different places. I tossed some old ones that had been hiding in the back, put some coffee seasoning shakers with the coffee & filters in their home, and organized the shorter spices & herbs on the tier. It looks great.

    I keep looking at all these notepads that are thrown in front of the computer. Our phone is here too.. I think Im going to go find a smaller tote to put them in.. That’d clear up an awful lot of clutter. 😉

  6. says

    I decluttered my junk drawer this week too (but have not blogged it yet.) I used wooden containers from Melissa & Doug toys. Those trays are the perfect size for organizing drawers and are free when you buy the toy. 😉

  7. says

    I have just started using Fly Lady and already she has me organized. I did clear out paperwork clutter in the bottom of my desk and closet, bought a new clear box with locking lid and filed important stuff away.

    I haven’t blogged about it yet but I do believe this will be future blog material.

    IF ANYONE, ANYONE AT ALL!!!……Has a creative way to organize Lego’s PLEASE PLEASE let me know! (You can leave a random comment on my blog because I might not remember to check back here)

  8. says


    I wondered how you were holding it all together, I have the same order girl, girl, boy, (and another girl). That boy did me in!!! He was always more of a climber and mover and so much bigger than my girls that he got into everything much sooner than the girls did. God was preparing me for #4 though b/c she takes after him, anything he can do she can do too! :) Glad you’re keeping it real and admitting how life has changed.

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