Walmart: Price Match Policy Update for Christmas

Great news! Walmart is making it even easier to guarantee you get the best possible prices this Christmas season.

They’ve announced that they will not only match all competitor’s prices, but that if you purchase an item at Walmart anytime between November 1 through December 25, 2011 and then find it at a lower price at another store, you can bring in the competitor’s ad and your receipt and they will give you a Walmart gift card back for the difference in price.

Here are the rules:

1. Purchases must be made from November 1 through December 25, 2011.
2. You must bring in the competitor’s ad AND your receipt to receive the Price Match Difference.
3. Black Friday and internet prices are excluded
4. Items on Layaway are eligible.

Find more details here.

In addition to this great incentive to shop at Walmart has also announced a number of other shopping incentives this season including layaway on purchases over $15, free shipping on most products, and a 10-cent discount on each gallon of gas bought at participating Murphy USA or Walmart stations.

Thanks, I Heart the Mart!

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  1. Crystal says

    I think maybe Walmart is trying to bring the shoppers back… anyone know for sure how their doing as a business? I heard they were cutting health care benefits for employees. I know I have allmost completely stopped shopping at my local walmart because of changes they made to their coupon policy (they used to take coupons up to 3 mo expired and would accept competators coupons) now they only price match. I have found that I get better deals at Target by stacking the Target coupons with Manufacturer coupons and then getting 5% off by using my Target card. I also have been hassled by cashiers at Walmart over coupons and one time found that they had taken all my coupons and they had not shown up on my bill… So, I had to go BACK and it ended up taking 45 mins that I really didn’t have to explain to the customer service what happened and get my coupons back. They kept looking at me like I was some sort of criminal or something. Talk about frustrating! Also, Target has better quality clothes, shoes, etc. And, my local Target will pricematch Walmart … win win. :)

    • karen says

      Would take coupons up to 3 mo expired? Well you most certainly can’t blame them for not doing that anymore!
      I love shopping at WalMart, have done price matching for over 10 years there. It is much easier to price match there than at Target. Target is such a hassle because you have to take it up to customer service, you can’t do it at a regular checkout. Then Target has “special rules” about price matching. It has to be a 7 day sale, you can’t price match any 2 day sales (ie: Black Friday sales). Plus WalMart always has a much better selection and stock in the store.
      I do agree that it’s nice that you can use a Target coupon along with a manufacturer’s coupon, but that’s about the only place Target comes in handy.

      • Lynn says

        I agree, taking coupons 3 month expired is unheard of! I wouldn’t blame any retailer for not taking them past the expiration.

    • Audrey says

      Crystal, we live in Bentonville, Ar, and my husband works at thier home office. Profets were down at the end of last year. we saw the lowest profets since he has started working for the company almost 7 years ago. A lot of it is thought because of they did away with lay-a-way. According to reports we still had the best prices on the popular items. I saw an artical that said Walmart had about 15% better prices and the popular holiday toys.

      But as for insurance, it’s bad. last year the choices were not good, but this year it’s worse. Our payments went up by almost 50%! and the deductals are really high.They have a better opption but the payments are 6x times as much, and that’s every check!

      On that note, I would like to thank you for money saving mom. We are expecting our 3rd child in the spring! we are trying to get our house in order, so I can continue to stay home with the kids and home school our five year old.

      • Heather says

        Insurance is bad everywhere, for everyone. Try buying it if you don’t get it through work.
        And if you have a “great” deal, it’s just cause your employer is paying you less salary to compensate.

      • Melissa says

        Unfortunately that is the case everywhere with insurance. We live in Texas and have seen the same thing happen with multiple businesses. Just a sign of the times :(

  2. michelle says

    Is that any item? Including food and beauty products? I am excited I think I might do all my christmas shopping there

  3. Brandi says

    I was just wondering if that includes produce. I am new to all of this but am really wanting to try it out. I do coupons, not to the extreme of what has been on here ….. yet, but am looking for more ways to save money. We just recently started getting the ads delivered and Aldi’s prices for produce are alot cheaper but it is over a half hour drive to one so if Walmart does price matching on fresh produce that would be amazing for us! Never really know how else to save on produce and I use alot in our house. Thanks for all the info. Hope I can get good at it :)

    • Jean says

      Just an FYI… I price match Aldi’s produce prices at Walmart REGULARLY! The only time I’ve had trouble is when Aldi advertises a price for EACH rather than per POUND… for example… Aldi often has peaches for 25 cents each, but Walmart sells them by the pound, so you can’t price match that. However, Aldi has started to list prices, both as each and as the pound, so that helps in price matching! Hope that helps!

  4. Meghan says

    One thing they said on the news this morning is that WM gives it back to you in the form of a gift card regardless of how you paid for it. They listed Target, Staples, Sears and Bed, Bath & Beyond as doing the same price match and giving it back to you the way you paid for it. So even though you get the money back from WM you still have to spend it there which I think it a little deceiving. I _think_ Sears is also give you an additional 10% of the difference.

    Early this year there was a study (they do every year at least once) comparing prices of WM and Target for a set typical purchase. Target came out ahead with its overall basket price being cheaper by somewhere between 1-3% (memory fails me exact number) and that was not even including the 5% you get back by using your target card so it was an additional 5% savings. You could save 6-8% by shopping at Target without even taking coupons into consideration.

    On a side note, I live in AR and loathe WM. Around here they aren’t noticeably lower prices than the few competitors that are left. I think it is because they have run almost everyone else out of town and now they don’t have to compete. The whole WM shopping experience just stresses me out with the huge store and they did a horrible job resetting two of the stores last year. Everyone has complained. Luckily we got a Target two years ago that is two blocks away from me. :) Thanks to this website and others I can really save a bundle there with the coupon stacking and 5%. Also, our Target here will do returns back to whatever payment you used if it is a credit/debit card without a receipt no questions asked. They really make it easy. And the staff at our Target seems more informed and helpful.

  5. mary says

    i wont shop at walmart no matter what they offer unless they get better cashiers who dont act like couponers are taking money out of their paycheck

  6. Stephanie H. says

    Not a Walmart fan. Their prices are not better than I can do at other stores. Especially, when you factor in the hassle for using coupons. I have price matched once and they demanded the ad. I asked for a manager and he said you don’t need an ad…I urged him to train his employees as such. He even commented that there are commercials on all the time saying you don’t need an ad. SO, why don’t the employees know? You know they train them to hassle you and then give in when you complain (which is another waste of my time).

    I will say that I have seen an improvement in customer service all the way around. They actually smile now. They must have somehow forced employees to be nicer because I have noticed a major difference.

    I usually only go to Walmart if they have a substantially lower price on big ticket items and many times Amazon beats them since they have free shipping and no tax.

  7. says

    This is great news, but if WalMart really wants to get more customers, they should focus on improving their customer service, not only their prices. I have been treated poorly time and time again at WalMart by their own employees and rarely shop there. (I only occasionally shop there for sewing supplies when they are cheaper than competitors.) WalMart profits would benefit from training employees to be friendly, put the customer first, and keep the store clean. It starts by hiring employees who take pride in their work, and sadly, most the WalMart employees I have seen do not take pride in their job preformance.

    • Heather says

      At the risk of sounding judgemental – the Wal-marts that I have been to seem to hire people that would have a hard time getting a job elsewhere. In a way, that is a good thing – I’d rather see people working than unemployed.

      My Wal-mart has workers who do not present the polished image that many retailers require – in wheelchairs, overweight, Down’s syndrome, poor personal hygiene, less than model-beautiful, grumpy, etc. I’m glad to see everyone given a chance.

      Although, ironically, given what I just said, this morning I went to a local fabric store instead of Walmart because I needed help, and I had received poor help at the Walmart fabric counter in the past! So, yeah, most everyone is capable of improving their customer service manners.

      • says

        I certainly wasn’t referring to any employees with a disability. I think it is wonderful that WalMart seeks to hire people who may have difficulty, despite federal laws, getting jobs elsewhere.

        The employees I have most trouble with at WalMart are those who are too busy chatting with other employees, walk in front of me when I’m trying to shop, and chat on their cell phone when they are clearly supposed to be working. They simply don’t put the customer first.

        While I have had a few occasional bad experiences at the competitor stores, overall I find Target to offer much better customer service and a cleaner store. Their employees offer to help more often, they are more professionally dressed, and they are generally friendlier than the employees of WalMart.

  8. Robin says

    I am on the “hate being hassled by Wal-Mart cashiers” bandwagon. Every time I take coupons, they ask me to fish the item out of the bag to prove I bought it. Then they take 10 minutes reading the fine print and the stupid computer always beeps on something that really is valid, so then a manager has to come over. It is a pain. I have a Target debit card and that saves me the 5% I might have saved at a Wal-Mart plus the stacking coupons is a lifesaver. I think my blood pressure goes up just walking through the doors of Wal-Mart. Thank goodness I have other options.

  9. Martina says

    It really depends on the Location, we have i think 3 Walmarts here in town, the one closest to me is the worst, on payday the shelves are empty, they dont carry whole chicken, or out of diapers, on top of that one lady said my coupon was expired, and it was still good for another month, but we just laughed it off, everybody can have a bad day right… now the other that is about 15 minutes from my house is in a richer neighborhood, is always clean, well stocked, and yes they have the bmw and mercedes parked in the parking lot, i can find anything i need and then some stuff the other one doesnt carry at all, the people there are very friendly. I now do my major shopping in the one thats a little bit more out of the way, but its so worth it

  10. Jessica says

    I work at Wal-Mart & I can assure you I take pride in my job. I’m always asking people if I can help them find things and telling them to have a great day. I remember my regulars (we’ve shared recipes). We are human too. I’m sure you all have been snappy or rude to people who didn’t deserve it….but don’t lump us all together.

    At the end of the day no one forces you to step into a Wal-Mart, that’s your decision…but I’ve had horrible experiences at Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl’s & K-Mart. Doesn’t mean I write them all off.

    • Jennifer says

      Well put. I work at the Starbuck’s inside of a Target store. On occasion, we are asked to run cash registers when the lines are backed up. Afterall, we are actually employed by Target.

      I am not as efficient at ringing up orders as an actual cashier, but I do take pride in trying to do my best. We all need to remember though, that just like customers can say a cashier or employee was rude, some customers can be quite rude as well. It is a two way street.

  11. says

    I am all for a good deal and saving money. We have a Christmas and gift budget and I intend to stick with it. We also only pay cash for gifts.

    There are times I can only find an item on-line, however, this year I really intend to support businesses who support their employees and are gracious to the other businesses they work with.

    For example, today I heard of a gracious gift given to a co-worker of mine by someone from Bob Evans corporation. The parties had never met and yet they chose help in a time of need. I will be giving Bob Evans gift certificates this year. J.M. Smuckers treats their employees very well – so they are getting my business by buying jellies, coffees and ice cream toppings. Best Buy is supportive of their store employees – they are getting my business as well.

    My point is that this year I am not as concerned with the best price, but with the best company and the best behavior by those companies. I want to ‘reward’ good behavior.

    And in the end – it isn’t about a gift or a company, Christmas is still about Jesus.

  12. Heather Morgan says

    Be careful because some stores will not accept the big book ads as ads, they say they are catalogs. So I am not sure if walmart will accept those as ads or not. I am talking about the big books that come out usually end of Oct with sales from ToysRus, Target and Walmart.

  13. Elizabeth Harmony says
    Don’t forget the fine print!

    “Walmart’s Christmas Price Guarantee is valid on purchases made Nov. 1 through Dec. 25 on identical items (the same brand, size, color, quantity, grade and model number) that are currently available at competitor’s stores located within the same local market as a particular Walmart store.*i”

    “*i – Offer excludes: Black Friday ads, expired ads, offers with Gift Cards, internet pricing, limited time or quantity offers (i.e. 6 hour sales), percentage off ads, bundles, trade-in offers, offers that require a purchase or gift provided with purchase, clearance or ads with typographical errors. The Christmas Price Guarantee does not apply to grocery items, non-branded items (i.e. live plants), tobacco, firearms, gasoline, tires, prescription drugs, optical, or wireless products that require a service agreement.”

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