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Chocolate Banana Bread Recipe

I saw this recipe on Pinterest the other day and knew I had to try it. It’s hard to go wrong with anything that has bananas, chocolate, and chocolate chips.

And the recipe, as expected, didn’t disappoint.

My little taste-tester agreed. :)

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  1. Becky says

    My neighbor has a recipe like this that she brings me periodically, and she won’t share her recipe. I’m going to give this a try and see if its like hers……

    • Chris says

      I never understand people who won’t share a recipe, unless it’s a product they sell for profit. :( I hope this one works for you, then you can tell your neighbor nanenane boo boo. :)

    • Meredith says

      I too have never understood why people won’t share recipes. Although I understand restaurants and the like who won’t. I guess people want it to be “their thing.” If this works out for you, you can always nicely tell your neighbor that you read about a fantastic recipe like hers. Give her to her to share with some of the bread. I’ve always felt we should share and give what we can!

  2. Dawn says

    Sounds great! I have some bananas that I’m waiting to ripen. I’m going to be reserving them for this bread now! 😉

  3. Stefani says

    I started making banana chocolate chip bread a few months ago because of how ridiculously expensive it is for one slice at Starbucks. I use a recipe off the Kraft website but use buttermilk instead of regular milk. I make mini loaves in the foil pans and freeze them. So yummy!

  4. Stefanie says

    I just wanted to say Silas is getting so big! Even though I don’t know you personally, I think it’s neat to see how fast they are growing just like my kids are :)

  5. says

    I was eating banana bread while reading this and started drooling for that extra chocolate. I am such a chocoholic :). I decided to make a whole wheat banana bread instead of the chocolate banana bread I planned to make and used this recipe from King Arthur Flour’s website .
    I was skeptical at first because it uses whole wheat flour only but it turned out delish. I definitely recommend it for extra fiber.

    • Suzy says

      Thanks, I am NEW to baking/cooking and I bought whole wheat flour and was afraid to try it on this recipe.

      My goal is to try a new recipe each week. I made the above recipe but made it into cupcakes instead. My son who is two just came back for a second helping.

      I cut the sugar down to 3/4 of a cup (have read you can do this) and they tasted just fine. I am sure better with more sugar but what we don’t know won’t hurt us. I also put in 4 or 5 banana’s instead of 3 because when I have banana’s start to go soft, I cut them up and put them in a zip lock bag in the freezer for baking and this is what was cut up. I just pull out the bags and let them thraw and mush away.

      One thing I have learned is to cut the banana’s up before freezing them. Just helps in the long run.

  6. Julie says

    Made this yesterday and it was completely gone yesterday!! My kids loved it!!! Make this recipe today you can’t go wrong!!

  7. says

    I use a vegan recipe, which I can’t find right now, and add a bit of espresso powder. It deepens the chocolate flavor, without giving an obvious coffee flavor, though you can add more for more of a mocha flavor. Anyway, the chocolate-banana combo is delicious.

  8. Nicole F says

    You have no idea how EXCITED I am about this!!! My mom used to make this all of the time, it was a favorite in our house. Somewhere along the way the recipe was lost. For years we’ve looked for it! THANK YOU for “finding” it!!!

  9. Casey says

    Any idea how to alter this to make muffins? Guessing ingrediants wouldn’t change, but cooking time might. Is there any such rule of thumb to alter bread recipes for muffins? We prefer them here because they help with portion control. Otherwise 1 slice could be thin or super thick plus I may find myself wandering back to the loaf to slice off “just a sliver” all those “slivers” add up!

    Think I should alter temp or cooking time? Thanks!

    • Chris says

      When I used to sell baked goods I would make various sizes, full loaves, mini loaves, and muffin size, of the same product. I always kept the cooking temp. the same, but the muffin size was usually roughly half the cooking time depending on the recipe. With these, I would still use 350 degrees but start checking them for doneness at around 20-25 minutes and keep checking every 3 minutes if not done on the first check. Just my two cents, hope this helps. :)

    • Suzy says

      I just made the above recipe and the muffins took 20-25 minutes. Just watch them and check with a toothpick.

      I started checking mine at about 18 minutes.

  10. Julie K says

    I JUST bought dutch cocoa at Winco in the bulk section. Will definitely try this recipe as I have frozen bananas waiting in the freezer!

  11. Matti says

    This does look great, but I think I would substitute applesauce for the stick of melted butter, or at least for most of it. I love butter, but I love it even more where I can taste it! Also, I have gallons of frozen applesauce made from free apples our neighbors were kind enough to let us glean this year, so much cheaper as well.

    • TOMMY TODISCO says

      Please tell me the amount of applesauce to use to replace the stick of butter . If I use, let`s say one quarter stick of butter what would be the correct ratio? Thank you, Tommy

      • Stacey says

        You sub the amount you took out. So if you’re going to replace a whole stick of butter (which is 1/2 c.) then you’d put in 1/2 c. applesauce. I don’t like the taste of no butter in it so I replace only half the butter with applesuace (so I make it with 1/4 c. butter and 1/4 c. applesauce). I also add a 1/2 c. of grated carrots to all my banana breads. Can’t even taste it!! Ands adds a little more nutrition.

  12. JAM says

    I really like how you are now formatting the recipes with the print tab – this makes it so easy to print them out and add to my recipe binder – sure beats cutting and pasting into Word documents – thanks!

  13. Jennifer says

    Trying this recipe today, looks so yummy!

    P.S. — Your house is adorable! Love the mantel decor in the background! :)

  14. says

    Ooh, yum!! For once I don’t have any bananas in my freezer (usually it’s overflowing with them), so I’ll have to wait. But this is definitely going on the menu soon!

    And I love your living room behind Silas. Your mantle actually looks so much like ours that I did a double-take, haha!

  15. Mary says

    Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to trying this. I make banana bread with some chocolate chips, and my family loves it. Your little guy is unbelievably cute!

  16. says

    I cannot wait to make this for my teaching co-workers! They’re the best & deserve this yummy-looking treat! I also hope to try to make it egg-free for my food allergy sweetie. It would make a yummy breakfast treat, served with sausage or bacon, on a cold school morning! Thanks for all of your hard work! I love to see your posts!

  17. says

    I adapted this recipe to be gluten-free. Almost everything is the same, just replaced the flour with a combo of brown rice flour and arrowroot, doubled the eggs.

    1 1/4 c. brown rice flour
    1/2 c. arrowroot
    1 c. coconut palm sugar
    1/2 c. butter, softened
    1 t. baking powder
    1/4 t. baking soda
    1/4 t. salt
    4 eggs
    1/4 c. cocoa powder
    3 ripe bananas
    1 t. vanilla extract
    1/2 c. chocolate chips

    Mix ingredients well and pour the batter into a greased bread pan. Bake at 350 degrees, for about 55-65 minutes.

  18. alicia says

    I made this tonight and baked it in a madeline pan instead. They were delicious and only took a few minutes to cook.

  19. says

    We’ve been making chocolate banana bread for a few weeks now. One of my absolute favorites!! A friend of mine made it one time and I asked for the recipe. She said, “I just add chocolate to everything!” So I just used a banana bread recipe and add cocoa powder. No special formula, and it’s always so delicious. (I always sub oil for butter)

  20. says

    I made this yesterday & LOVED it! My son & I were chocolate banana junkies all day :) I was wondering if you thought there was any way to adapt the recipe to not include the bananas (just a simple chocolate chocolate chip quick bread?) I know that’s less healthful…haha! But just wondering?

  21. Sabrina says

    Just made a double batch of this and yummy!! So glad I made two loaves! One for today and one for the freezer! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Melissa says

    I have this in the oven now! I had to go to the farm stand down the street to buy some ripe bananas just so I could make this….I couldn’t wait for the bananas that I had to get ripe enough!

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