Turn old dresser drawers into a dollhouse

Neon Fresh shows you how to turn unwanted dresser drawers into a dollhouse.

Thanks, Diane!

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  1. Penny says

    Awsome! I have been looking for an old dresses to turn into a play clothes wardrobe. Now I know what to do with the drawers.

  2. Judy says

    My mom did this last year but used the entire dresser, took out top three drawers, put in walls, added wallpaper in rooms, tile in others- my daughter has a beautiful barbie house – and she left the bottom drawer in so that it could be used for doll storage :)

    • Linda G. says

      That sounds wonderful, I wish we could see pictures of the house your mom made! Doll houses are outrageously priced so I love to see other people’s homemade ideas and works, so encouraging!

      • Judy says

        how do you upload a pic? I have one handy to send… no furniture in it but it shows the finished product.

        • Rae says

          You could upload it to tinypic.com (no registration required so it goes super fast) and post the link :)

    • Courtney says

      This is way too cute! Judy: would you mind downloading a pict of the dresser turned dollhouse. Thats’s awesome! My daughter is 20 months and my husband and I are already getting ideas. This is AWESOME!

  3. Brooke says

    Did she use decals for the windows and outsiding? Im in the middle of making one for my girls for a christmas present and any tips would be great thanks, I love your idea!

  4. kristina says

    Awesome idea!!!!! I can get free wallpaper books at designer places around town anywhere. They are always happy to get rid of out of date books. easy project that will look like it took forever. thx