How to make your own coupon binder (+ free printables)

Keeping Life Creative shows you how to make your own coupon binder. She also has free downloadable coupon binder printables.

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  1. Olivia says

    I am having a problem getting to this site. It says “Error establishing a database connection” Is that on my end or is something else wrong?

  2. says

    This is just what I needed. I put together this weekend a home management binder following the one you showed awhile ago. My hubs thinks I am a genius…so thanks :)

    Now I will have to try this coupon binder. I did try a couple months ago and failed miserably. Hopefully this time works better :)

  3. Angela Kreais says

    I wanted to check this out but I keep getting this message: Error establishing a database connection :(

  4. says

    This blog looks really cute. There must be some technical issues though as only the one page is loading for me. Database errors on all the other pages I click. Bummer!

  5. Desiree W says

    Link’s not working for me either :( I have been couponing on and off for several years. However, I have yet to try the binder idea…Maybe this will help!!!!

    PS-Thanks for all the hard work you so to bring us sweet deals!!! I appreciate it VERY much!! :)

  6. says

    I keep this binder in my car…it goes absolutely EVERYWHERE with me…If I do forget it I will not buy ANYTHING and go home and get it… My husband thinks I am crazy until he sees the savings!!!!:)

  7. Emily says

    Finally worked for me. Kind of, it loaded the main page but to open the printables I had to open them in a new window. They look really cute!

  8. Meagan says

    OK Im having problems with the link as well, I already have made my own coupon binder, but wanted to see this one to compare. But I seem to have trouble with ALOT of links on this site! Everytime I find something cool (like the homeade laundry detergent) I cant get the link to work!

  9. says

    Hi everyone,
    It’s Pam from Keeping Life Creative. I’m super thrilled to have been featured by Crystal. THANK YOU.
    I’m so sorry about all the trouble you’re having loading my blog. I’m talking with my site host to figure out what to do…It looks like it’s just having trouble handling such high traffic. Good problem, but bad problem. Hope you’ll hang in there.

  10. Lisa says

    i was also having trouble viewing the page, but when i just refreshed the page, instead of closing it and trying to reopen it, it worked! so ya might give that a try, good luck everyone ;)

  11. Denise says

    I tryed but having the same problem as everybody else. What is your blog and will try it that way. I tryed but couldn’t have it.

    Thank you

  12. Shirley says

    Finnaly worked for me. Love them, I have been thinking of starting a coupon binder. Actually bought the binder two months ago and never got further that that. I think this is the litle “shove” I need to get motivated again. I am excited about this next step in my frugal lifestyle changes!!

  13. Joy Snell says

    Thank you!! I love them and am going to use them to make a Christmas present for my sister! :) I was able to get them all to print except the cover. Is there a different link I need to use for the cover?

  14. Tammy Baugh says

    I downloaded the coupon binder and would like to print 2 copies.But am not able to see how to get to them to print.Is there a secret?Or what am I supposed to do to print these? i want to make my youngest daughter one for a present.She is as into couponning as I am.

  15. Tessa says

    so i have tried 3 times to download the coupon binder printables and it keep saying the limit is reached for download time? i really would like those for my binder !!! :(