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    Awesome, thanks for sharing! A friend and I were just discussing using the cash envelope system. I made my cash envelope system with items from a office store but this is a perfect template to share with her and it will only cost a few cents to print!

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    Wish my handwriting was as fancy as that!! These look really great to use! Currently I just use post-it notes, but they tend to fall off and disappear. Thanks!

  3. Darcie says

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I love how you share such a wide variety of helpful things….it is SUCH a blessing!!!! :)

  4. Emilie says

    Thank you for sharing the link. I love that they have the spot in the back for receipts! I want to try and make them on colored scrapbooking paper and then try laminating before cutting out so I can reuse it week after week. I have many envelopes that are getting ragged: groc wk 1, groc wk 2, household wk 1, hshld wk 2, grocery leftover, hshld leftover.

    I do not need the record part as I keep track of how much I spend in a small notebook with groceries in the front and household in the back. I keep one page per each per week. I keep a running total and then whatever is left after I have grocery shopped and bought household items is saved ( most often it is only a few cents). I fill out the notebook when I am waiting at appointments.

    When the leftover envelopes reach $20 it goes into our saving account.

    Thanks again for the links for great projects and for other blogs.

  5. sarah says

    Super cute. Almost makes me want to change. We use a plastic accordian coupon file to store all our chase. I put the receipts within each category and then check everything from there. I keep an envelope for change and then put all our gift cards, etc in the back.

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    Thank you for sharing this! I have been trying to do things electronically but this would be a good visual for me and a great thing for the kids to learn right now too. I appreciate that you shared this!

    • Brenda says

      Dionne that is great idea for sharing with the kids. My son was just asking me how he was going to get money for something he wants and if he can see how much he is saving every time he adds money he will have better control at saving. I can’t wait to share this with him.

  7. Kristy says

    These are wonderful! I used some leftover cardstock type paper we had and they turned out great! @Julie- when you are on the template pdf., hold your cursor at the bottom center of the page and a print option will pop up from adobe- that’s how I printed mine!
    @Emilie- LOVE LOVE LOVE the scrapbook paper and laminate idea!!!