Free full-sized P&G products (10,000 per day)

P&G is giving away 10,000 free full-sized products beginning today and running through Friday. The giveaways start at 12 EST each day.

Thanks, For the Mommas!

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  1. says

    I’m not quite clear on this one… is it the first 10,000 people, or is it 10,000 people randomly selected out of everyone who enters?

      • karen says

        I went ahead and entered since it gave the option, after I entered all of my information, it said the giveaway for today is over. Very confusing since it says to enter at noon???

        • K2licious says

          I got the same thing… I entered at 11:19 AM EST and it said it was already over after I submitted my info. This is strange… was it open early? Did we miss it?

  2. Rachel E says

    Well and here’s another question, if we win today’s does that mean we can’t try and win tomorrow’s because I like tomorrow’s too.

  3. stephanie bogart says

    a friend applied and told me about it so i did too- glad because now it says its GONE!!!! so not sure now if 12est everyone will have to redo OR if its already closed…. have to see…

    • Kelly says

      Me niether. Surely not all 10,000 are gone in the first 4 minutes. I’ve been trying since 11:58 a.m. : (

  4. Kristi says

    Looks to me like Allure magazine is the thrid party go-between for this promo and that you need an Allure log in to enter. Their website says P&G is giving away 50,000 full size samples and all you need to do is “simply log in to win”….very confusing! Is it a giveaway or a sweepstakes!?

  5. beth says

    Hey everybody try again, I just got through and got ‘Thank you for entering ” so I guess it worked!

  6. Kristi says

    I also noticed Crystal’s post says “EST” (standard) but the website says “EDT” (daylight)…maybe the website was wrong and Crystal was right, which means the giveaway would have been open at 11am EDT, which is why we were able to open the link before noon…but got a message saying it was gone??????