$4/1 Connect 4 printable coupon (new link) = $0.99 Travel Game at Target

Print a $4/1 Connect 4 printable coupon. If you find the Connect 4 Travel Game for $4.99, you can use it at Target to get it for $0.99.

Thanks, Tip Resource!

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  1. Tammy says

    When I went to go print the coupon this is when we found my printer has problems.I had hit print so the site thinks I printed them and the coupon says reached limit.Maybe next time I can get the coupons for a inexpensive game.

  2. Julie J says

    I saw these game at our Walmart. I didn’t buy it. The pieces are so small. I can see my kids getting frustrated trying to pick up such small pieces. Also they will surely get lost. Anyone actually tried to play the travel-sized game?

  3. Gail says

    Thanks!! Lots of game coupons available. I recall last year getting travel games for free using these Hasbro coupons.

  4. Megan says

    Our wal-mart had the full size Toy Story version on sale for $7, so $3 after coupon. They also had Champion Version Monolopy for $5, $1 after coupon!

  5. Holly says

    I went to my target to get this and discovered that they were rearranging the entire store to add a “fresh produce” section. In order to fit it, they minimized some of the other sections – turns out that this included getting rid of the travel games! So sad… Is anyone else’s Target doing that??

  6. Courtney Ferriell says

    Well I printed all the game coupons and went to Walmart and had a cart full…I am a teacher and needed prizes for our school store. So I go to check out and they have to investigate my coupons because they thought they were fake. Needless to say they took my name and number and I left frustrated because I wasted and hour and had no prizes for our school store. I gave them this website and the Hasbro website. I am not a happy couponer today!

    • Alma says

      I noticed that several of my coupons were not scanning at Walmart’s register including the Hasbro coupons. I had already had like four of my coupons that didn’t scan (different manufactures) and the guy had a line growing so he just manually entered them and they went through. I’ve noticed that my Walmart has become more hesitant when it comes to coupons. I hope you get this resolved and are able to use your coupons.

  7. Annie says

    Yes my target is adding produce too and they are getting rid of a lot of stuff:( They also made a lot of the aisle’s smaller so you can’t even push a cart through them! How am I supposed to shop with my toddler in a cart when I can’t even push her through the aisle?

  8. RuthS says

    I printed a bunch of coupons. Got 4 card games for $1.25, two free travel Connect 4 games, and $5 off the $20 game I was going to buy for Christmas anyway. Awesome deals!

  9. Courtney Ferriell says

    I have still not recieved a call back from the manager at Walmart. I am going to Target today to see what I find and give my business to them. Thanks!

  10. Nicole Curry says

    Coupons.com also had coupons for board games, so I was able to stack them with the Target coupons. My final tally was: 2 Connect 4 @ $4 each; Sorry for $8; Life for $8; Monopoly Crazy Cash (or something like that) for $7; and Simon Flash for $12 (regularly $27!) That’s almost $100 in games and I paid roughly $45! I’m a teacher, so these deals came in really handy! Even got some Christmas presents, too!