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DailyFeats.com: Earn free gift cards for completing challenges

My friend Lisa (I can say that now because I met her in person last week!) from FatChickFedUp.com told me about a new site she is using to earn free gift cards called DailyFeats.com. Here’s what she emailed me about it:

A couple of weeks ago I found a new rewards site called DailyFeats.com. The mission of Daily Feats is to help people live better and to celebrate small, but significant feats that help you to improve your life. There are several categories of feats you can choose from, including: health, eating, money, productivity, learning, balance, family, and community.

Sign-up is easy and free. You earn points for each feat you complete. It can be just a couple of points for something as simple as flossing your teeth or using a coupon, to many more points for something like running a marathon.

You can also earn bonus points for completing various challenges. You can then redeem your points for local rewards or premium rewards, including gift cards to Amazon.com, Starbucks, itunes and many more.

Have any of you used DailyFeats.com? I’d love to hear about your experiences. I’m thinking of signing up myself and using it to track some goals I have in my own life.

Update: Get 50 free points when you use code moneysavdf50 when signing up.

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    • says

      The gift cards to amazon and the like are $10 and worth 5000 points. I can earn 200-300 points in a day, so I can get at least one a month. You can ony earn one type of the premium rewards a month. So if you rack up 10,000 points you can get one amazon and one starbucks (or whatever you prefer). I don’t think there are limits on the local rewards like that though.

      • says

        Ok, just read a little further-so sorry. I think you can only earn one of the premium gift cards a month but they are super simple to earn. And that’s $10 extra dollars which for us, having experienced recent job-loss, is such a blessing. Then you can accumulate points and use for local rewards or save them for the next month. It is growing and they are adding rewards and feats all the time.

        • Anna says

          Unfortunately the only local reward available in my area is for a party supply store which I would have no use whatsoever for.

      • says

        How much time do you spend on the site a day? It took a while to set up; it seems like it would take 10 minutes or more each day just to type in a descritption of what you’ve done. To that end, it seemed counterproductive to me. Perhaps it takes less time once you’ve picked all of your regular challenges? As I was setting it up I thought of all of the things I wasn’t getting done during that time.

  1. says

    Crystal – thanks for your support of DailyFeats. We really appreciate it. I’d like to offer you and your readers an extra 50 free bonus points when they register. Just use the code moneysavdf50 when signing up. cheers! – Monique

  2. Amanda says

    It is really easy to earn points. I have been a member about 10 days and already earned enough for a $10 Amazon gift card. They are 5000 points. When I joined though they were only 2000 points so it is a little frustrating that they raised the “price” so much in such a short time. They also added a rule that you can only redeem one starred reward per month. So really one gift card per month. Still its easy and a $10 gift card per month is not too bad. I haven’t received my first gift card yet but there didn’t seem to be any problems ordering it.

      • Amanda says

        Yes I do a lot of challenges. When you finish a challenge you can leave it and then after you do other activities in the challenge it will ask you if you want to join it again and you can win more points. I have been thinking about this a lot trying to figure out if it is okay with them or if it cheating the system and I defiantly don’t want to be dishonest. I haven’t decided yet. I also look for double points and I log everything I do. As a stay at home mom it can add up to a lot! Good luck!!

  3. Angel says

    I love this site. Its pretty easy to earn a gift card too. I have been using it for a little over a week now and I already have earned almost enough to get my first gift card. It’s such an original idea and it helps me keep track of my weekly goals and motivates me to get new ones too!

  4. Jen says

    What a great concept! I already signed up and am excited to have a little more motivaton and daily accountability in reaching my goals! Wondering if my kids would be able to do this too? It would be great to get them setting goals for themselves at a young age and receiving rewards for accomplishing them.

  5. Julie says

    This is such a great idea! It also helps me keep in touch with my family and know where they are at on their goals so i can give more encouragement!! It also makes me more accountable. If I am the only that knows what I want to accomplish or do, then most of the time, I let myself slack or I fall short of my goal. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. says

    Thank you so much for sharing this site!! It sounds like a great way to track personal goals which is very important for so many of us right now! I am so excited to try it out and I will be sharing on my blog as well. :)

  7. Karrie says

    Yes the site is on the slow side, but just buy implementing some of the things I’ve learned from this blog I already have a head start on earning points.

  8. Lindsay says

    I’ve been using the site for about 6 weeks and have earned 3 rewards. I was VERY sad when they raised the price of the rewards and put the limit on how many rewards you could earn in a month. I’m thankful for the $10, though, and will probably stick with it. It’s easy and a nice way to fund my daughter’s birthday presents from Toys R Us. I also have trouble with the site being slow, which can make checking in your daily feats take longer than it should.

  9. stefanie says

    So, I checked it out and I’m already addicted to this site, lol. Can you only trade in points for one reward total, or one of each reward?

  10. Cathy says

    Thanks! I’m excited to use this to keep me accountable for some of my daily goals. Site is running just fine for me.

  11. Lori says

    I have been doing this for 2 weeks now, and I actually really like. For me its motivating to do things that I know I can check in and get points for. It has definately helped with housework, which I always need help with. My only problem with it is they raised the price of the gift card twice within the first week I signed up. And you can only get $10 a month. So its only $120 per year, which is still free money!

  12. says

    I just signed up. This is the first I’d heard of it. It does seem like a really nice concept. However, the website is unbelievably slow. I wanted to sign up for some challenges, but it was taking way too long to load the page. Is it always like that or is it just today?

  13. melissa says

    Is anyone else confused navigating around this website? I signed up for (and completed) a few challenges already but I’m not sure if I got the bonus points for them (some of them are short and easy). And I can’t seem to find a “home” page where you just click on various things that you’ve done. I got stuck somewhere and ended up having to type in keywords in the search box at the top.

    • says

      If you click on “feats” at the top of the page it has all the different categories. Click on whatever category you want and it will pop up all the available feats for that category. Click on the feat you have done, click “check it in” and then go on to the next one.

  14. Mommy Me says

    Thanks for the suggestion! I love my to-do lists and this will make it so much fun to check them off. And really, who can complain about earing a gift card for doing my dishes and hugging my kids! :)

  15. Kimber says

    I just signed up. What a great idea!! Does anyone know – can you just do the feats once (for points), or can you get daily points if you do them every day?

  16. Anna says

    I’ve looked over the eating one so far and I already do most of them (eat fruit, veggies, whole grain and drink green tea every day. That sort of thing) so that shouldn’t be difficult to keep doing every day. I won’t eat tofu though, I simply can’t stand the stuff no matter what’s done with or to it.
    The productivity might be more of a challenge (not going to make the bed, can’t see the point).

  17. says

    Joined today and SO excited! Since you can only redeem points for one gift card per month, I looked around at the other rewards and was excited to see coupons for some of our favorite local restaurants (and some we have been wanting to try). A lot of the coupons are buy 1 entree get 1 free, and they don’t cost very many points. I think this will be a great way to reward myself for things I already do, as well as encourage me to do things I sometimes forget. Thanks for the post!

  18. Joan says

    This looks like fun. I do a lot of these things on a daily basis so it shouldn’t be too difficult. I am going to use this to get myself going and improve my health and fitness.

  19. says

    I really like this site. I’m a new mom, and I work outside the home. My DH and I are both exhausted, and this site a real motivator for me to keep up with what I’m doing. I record my feats each night after the kids go to bed. I’ve made it part of our daily routine, and it creates some nice “downtime” for a new mom!

  20. says

    I wan’t sure this would be much of a motivator for me. However, by dinnertime yesterday, I was surprised! Seeing that I had accomplished 37 things by dinnertime was a pleasant surprise. I hadn’t thought as much about the little things, like how many times I say, “I love you” to someone during the day, but this made me realize it! It also made me think about where I could be more effective with my time!

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