Reusing Baby Wipe Containers

A Simple Heart for Home shows you how to turn your baby wipe containers into plastic grocery sack storage containers. I love this idea!

You can find 50 more ideas for re-using baby wipe containers here.

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  1. says

    I was wondering if you or if you know of a post finding uses for baby food containers, both the plastic and the glass ones??

  2. says

    We reuse wipes containers for everything! Small toys, markers/crayons, art supplies, hair bows … I hadn’t thought of this one though. Will def use it. We are beyond the wipes stage now, but sometimes I buy them for the box ;) and they are good to have on hand for sticky hands and feet! The Cottonelle wipes containers work great too we use those for pop tabs (collect for our Children’s Hospital) and box tops. The decorative ones don’t look too bad sitting on the kitchen counter.

  3. charity crawford says

    I love this idea! I think next time I have a wipes container i will do this..Great tip to keep down under cabinet clutter.

  4. says

    We love reusing those containers! They are the perfect size for all the little crayons, hot wheels, legos, and other small items (and in small quantities)! And no huge loss if one of they gets messed up or thrown away! :)

  5. says

    We use tissue boxes for plastic bags in the same manner. So if you don’t have too many wipes containers around, a tissue box works, too.

    • Ruth says

      Yes, using empty tissue boxes works great, especially if you don’t have a need to buy baby wipes containers.

  6. emily says

    I love this idea. I hate having wads of bags lying in my pantry or in a cabinet. They drive me insane…but they are a dead useful. lol

  7. Sharan says

    I reuse my wipes containers all the time too! We use them to store plastic bags, the kids’ art supplies, kids’ hair accessories, candy, our stockpile of travel sized personal care items and so much more!

  8. karen says

    we keep a supply of plastic bags in the car–all contained in a old wipes container!

    • Lynn says

      Great idea to put them in the car in the wipes container! I am going to use that idea!!

  9. Anitra says

    I mostly use wipe boxes for…. cloth wipes ;)

    But now that we have a few of the boxes floating around, I also use them to corral hairbows, crayons, and other small child-related things.

  10. august says

    For the people that had “too many” you can always donate them back at your local grocery store. WalMart has a green recycle box right next to the pop machines. Kind of hard to see though, just ask a worker.

  11. Aberline says

    I buy wipes in bulk. They come in a cardboard box and each container-sized bundle is in a bag.

  12. says

    I just buy a couple of containers and then refill them by buying in bulk. But the plastic bag dispenser is a good idea and I definitely need to corral my grocery sacks. We use old wipes containers for crayons, markers, and art supplies.

  13. says

    We use empty wipe containers to hold crayons, and other art supplies. We have another container with hair bows, barrettes etc in the bathroom. Perfect size for just about anything!

  14. Rochelle says

    wowza! This is brilliant! Also a huge thanks to the person who suggested the car idea, thank you!!! Now my car can stay half way clean!

  15. Naomi says

    I was literally just thinking there had to be a better way to store those. Thanks for this!!!

  16. Sandy says

    This got me to thinking….you could put your GPS or kids video games in them when they need to stay in the car. Who would think of something important being in a wet wipe container? Just me! :)