31 Weeks to a Better Grocery Budget Video Series: How to Get Started Playing the Drugstore Game

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  1. says

    My favorite drug store to shop is CVS. I did want to pass on a Wags store coupon policy that I just found out about. If the Wags store coupon says a certain amount off when you buy a certain quantity of items (if over 1), you can actually buy less than the quantity listed on the coupon and still get a % off. For example, if you have a Wags store coupon that is $2 off $2 items, you can only buy 1 item and get $1 off that item or 50% off.

  2. Lindsay says

    Here, I only have a Rite Aid– the only drugstore within 25 miles. They do have great deals and are coupon friendly. HOWEVER, they run out of stock almost immediately. This has been even more evident lately as more people seem to be couponing. For example, I arrived at the store opening on the first day of the sale to buy 2 bags of pistachios– and they only had 2 in stock. Terrible! Lately I have gone there on the evenings when they restock. However, they often did not get the on sale product delivered on the truck. This happens at my store A LOT. That is wasted time for me. To me, this is poor planning and poor customer service. It really leads you on. If they happen to have what you want, you do walk away with good deals. Lately, though, I am really lucky if they have what I want, even when I go first thing at the beginning of the sale.

    Even so, would have to say that my Rite Aid is USUALLY really nice about giving rain checks that include discount for the Up Rewards. Always ask for a rain check.

  3. smileeys says

    I tried to post this earlier but not showing up so if similar comment shows up later, that is what happened. This is condensed version :-) Basically, I said I like cvs the best overall also. I try to shop for other items not just the best sales/ecb’s b/c I want them to be successful. One reason but not only is so they will keep offering good deals. If something I need anyway is similar in price or possibly slight higher (depends), then I will buy there.

  4. Rosie says

    Rite Aid is my favorite. Reasonable limits (its rare to have a +UP deal limited to only 1… 2-4 is much more common) so that you can get a small stock of things going, a very clear and coupon-friendly corporate coupon policy, money off purchase coupons to use (you now get them for doing customer satifcation surveys), and +UP rewards roll onto themselves. Its all very easy and straight forward… Love it.

  5. Christy says

    I definitely like CVS the best. While they have posted limits on their sale items with ECBs, I don’t have to use filler items. I also like that they send out extra coupons. And overall, their cashiers have been the nicest about coupons. Can’t say the same about Walgreens…

  6. Rae says

    My favorite…. CVS (though I don’t live near a Rite Aid and haven’t since they added those UP rewards so can’t compare it to that).

    My tip to newbies…. Walgreens stinks so avoid unless it’s your only option!

  7. Renee says

    My favorite is Rite Aid because I like to get free products with Up rewards and use those Up rewards to get more free products and this cycle continues. :)

  8. says

    There are no Walgreens anywhere nearby, so I stick to CVS and Rite Aid. Of those two, I really want to shop more at CVS – it’s closer to my grocery store and in general the cashiers are friendlier. However, a lot of the time RA ends up offering better deals because not only do they have their +Ups (similar to ECBs), but also the video value stackable coupons, and the $3/$15 survey coupons, and the Single Check Rebates. So I always check both stores and hope to find a good CVS deal, but often I end up at RA.

  9. Amanda says

    We live near multiple locations of all three drugstores, but my favorite is definitely CVS. IMO, Walgreens has a ridiculous coupon policy of one item to one coupon and Rite Aid is usually out of every good sale item by 10am on Sunday morning. The stores are not restocked around here during the week for some reason. I also find that when compared with CVS, deals at Rite Aid are much more complicated (scr or upr? Video values? MQ? Survey?). I have never needed to get a raincheck at CVS and I shop there weekly.