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Pick-Me-Up Smoothie Recipe

The ingredient combination might sound odd, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. If you love smoothies like we do, I think you’ll think it’s delicious. At least we all have agreed it’s one of the best smoothie recipes I’ve come up with to date.

It’s perfect when you need an extra shot of energy and oomph on “one of those days”. And it’s quite healthful, too.

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  1. Emily says

    I’ve used frozen grapes in my blender (low-powered and old) and it’s just fine, they puree just like ice. Yum! Sometimes I put some vodka and wine in instead of the milk to make naughty smoothies. Yum!

  2. brittan says

    funny, I just used frozen grapes (for the first time) and banana in our smoothies tonight! Very good! And my cheapy oster blender worked just fine. Would LOVE a vita-mix though…! :)

  3. Dawn says

    Now I’ve not done grapes, but it sounds good. I do like frozen grapes, though.

    I make my smoothies with just banana and fruit, no yogurt, and they are amazingly good and thick. Tonight we had green smoothies — fresh spinach, frozen peaches, and banana. With green smoothies peach or blueberry works the best. Peach will make it green, and blueberry makes it blue so the kids don’t know they are having spinach. I almost always use frozen fruit because then it’s nice and cold. You can always throw in some ice, though, too.

  4. Lauren says

    I am so happy you shared this recipe. Just this past Sunday I mentioned to my hubby that I thought a grape smoothie might be really good. He looked at me like I was crazy. I’m heading to the store today to buy some more grapes so I can make this one :) .

  5. Jen says

    Last summer I discovered saving the leftovers in the bottom of the fruit salad bowl, instead of throwing them away. It was my first time with grapes and watermelon (I was nervous it would flop) and they came out great! I throw it in a baggie in the freezer and it goes into a smoothie in the Vita-Mix. Now I feel silly for throwing out leftover fruit salad all those years before.

    • says

      Great idea-I do the same with leftover ends and pieces of veggies when I chop them for salads or soups or whatever and make veggie broth from it. Come to think of it, that may have been a tip I got from Crystal, but I can’t remember for sure!

  6. Heather says

    Well, you might have just convinced me to save for a Vitamix. I’ve tried frozen grapes in my smoothie once before, and my blender would not fully blend the grape skins. Every sip was a mouthful of grape skin, definitely not appetizing!

    • Mai says

      This happens to me too. We just inherited a Jack LaLane (sp?) juicer, and I’m wondering if we could run the grapes through that to puree them before putting them in the smoothie?

  7. Shirley says

    I was just wondering about using frozen grapes in smoothies. Through the summer months I keep grapes frozen as a snack for the kids and they love them. I love all the new ideas for smoothies you have been posting!

  8. says

    That sounds good! In the summer, I like eating plain frozen grapes (red ones, anyway, I don’t like the frozen green ones as much) for a frozen treat. Helps me avoid eating ice cream! Anyway, I bet they would be great in a smoothie!

  9. says

    I just picked up 18lbs of grapes last night – on managers special for .70/lb!
    We normally eat them frozen as snacks {with this many I am going to attempt putting some of skewers and freezing that way so the kids have “Popsicles”} but adding them to our green smoothies is also on our list of things to do with them!
    I love the idea of just banana and grapes for the fruit – I’ll have to try that out!!

    If you have any more ideas for frozen grapes do share!! :)

  10. Carin says

    I literally just tried this smoothie recipe.

    DELICIOUS! Even the husband approved. I’m the vegetarian of the family, and I can barely get my husband to eat fruits/vegetables. HE even approved and is greedily drinking it down!

    Thanks Crystal! :)

  11. casey says

    I LOVE smoothies. My most recent creation includes frozen strawberries and bananas (which I bought on sale, $1/lb strawberries at Meijer and 39c/lb bananas at Aldi) and froze myself, light vanilla yogurt, milk, Designer Whey chocolate protein, and truvia sweetener. YUM!

    2/3 cup (150 g) Fit & Active Vanilla Yogurt (Aldi)
    2/3 cup (150 g) 1 % milk
    100 g frozen strawberries
    55 g (about 1/2) frozen banana slices
    13 g (1/2 scoop) Designer Whey chocolate protein powder
    2 packets Truvia sweetner
    This makes 2 servings, each about 150 calories with 10 g protein.

    Haven’t seen a good deal on grapes recently, but when I do, plan to buy and freeze them for smoothies! Already LOVE frozen grapes.

    Thanks for the idea Crystal! Love this site. So many good ideas. :)

  12. Kim says

    I’ll definitely be trying this recipe. Sounds delicious! And refreshing! Good to see that others have had success with blending the ingredients in a regular blender. I’ll be using a regular blender, too.

    Took a peek at the Vita-Mix website. The Vita-Mix Blender is quite expensive. Are there deals available that you know of? Maybe through another retailer?

    Please keep the recipes coming! ( I tried the Lasagna Casserole recipe that you posted not too long ago. It was really good! And simple!)

    • says

      The Vita-Mix is very expensive, unless you find one at a garage sale or something. You can purchase them refurbished, though, and they occasionally run sales.

      Mine was a gift from my dad for Christmas. He knows me well!

  13. melissa says

    frozen grapes were awsome! i just made this smoothie

    handful frozen grapes
    bunch of frozen banana slices
    1 1/2 florida orange slices (these werent frozen, i would have put 2 in but…i ate the other half:) )
    and some skim milk to get it enough for 3 people.


  14. Agnes says

    i love smoothies…i use this recipe plus i freeze coffee and add 4 cubes and spinach :) you don’t taste the spinach but it does turn green :) sometimes i add whip cream as a treat but on occassion. :)

  15. Sydni Bamberg says

    I used to be able to buy a frozen fruit mix at Walmart that had grapes in it. The company redid the mix and now it has mango instead of grapes in it. I loved it with the grapes! Strawberries, pineapple, peaches, and grapes–that was the mix. I would add a little vanilla yogurt and white grape peach juice for a delicious smoothie.

  16. says

    Glad you found that out! I make the best smoothies out of my overripe fruit and frozen ones.
    I figure the cost of my vita mixer was well worth being able to make my own at home!

  17. Coco Cavendish says

    I freeze yogurt when I find it on sale and we can’t eat it all. It does WONDERFULLY in smoothies!!

  18. says

    This sounds great! I love when Aldi has grapes on sale. I started freezing my bananas (why I never thought of doing it before is beyond me!) after reading about your chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie recipe when you were doing P90X. It’s one of my favorites, I have one several times a week. I’ve never owned a Vita-Mix but for Christmas I did receive a Ninja and I don’t know how I ever made it without one! It’s 100 times better than any of my other blenders. I think they run about $49 or so. Maybe a cheaper option for those thinking of upgrading but don’t want the pricetag of a Vita-Mix?

  19. Casey says

    I have never put grape in before, and it turned out great! Everyone loved it yesterday:-) Thanks Crystal for sharing this receipe!

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