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P90X on a Budget: 1/10th of the way through!

So I made it to the beginning of Day 10 of 90 in the P90X Fitness and Nutritional Plan and it feels really wonderful to be a tenth of the way through.

The first four days were really hard. I had trouble adjusting to the 60-90 minute workouts when I’m only used to doing 20-30 minute workouts. And I struggled a great deal with the low-carb diet.

After four days, I was weak, crabby, lethargic and unable to focus — and my husband wisely suggested that I should probably consider moving up to Phase 2 of the diet. Upon further research, I found that since I’m already at the low end of a healthy weight, it was likely the low carb diet that was causing these issues and my body was showing clear signs I needed to move to Phase 2.

Within 24 hours of being on the Phase 2 diet, the change was remarkable. I felt great — more energetic than I have in months! And the feeling hasn’t left!

Suffice it to say, I’m loving this program (especially now that I can eat carbs again!) and am finding the workouts and nutritional plan exhilarating. They are challenging me to push myself out of my comfort zone and I’m seeing marked improvement in my strength levels.

It’s also quite exciting to realize I have not eaten one bite of non-nutritive food for the last nine days. I’ve passed up cheesecake and ice cream sundaes and coffee and chocolate — and lots of other junk food — for nine whole days. And instead of feeling deprived, I feel empowered!

After one grocery shopping trip, I’m pretty confident we’re going to have to raise our grocery budget to continue to eat so many whole foods and fresh produce. It won’t be anything too crazy, but I’m toying with a $60 per week figure right now. I want to continue to challenge myself to be creative and frugal, but I also don’t want to skimp on the grocery budget so much that I’m unable to buy lots of good protein, whole foods and fresh produce.

I’m having fun experimenting in the kitchen and rethinking the way I grocery shop. In addition, I’m brain-storming new ways we can lower our grocery budget while eating whole foods and digging up new recipes and ideas to try. I’ll be blogging more about these over the course of the next three months.

We’re committed to sticking this out for 90 days. After that, we’ll see what habits we want to make permanent. But for now, I’m excited and thankful to be feeling so incredible after months of feeling worn-down and exhausted.

Later on this week, I’ll be sharing my p90X-Style Freezer Cooking Day Plan. Stay tuned!

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  1. Jennifer says

    Thanks so much for posting about this. We are very much into healthy eating and using produce and veggies and not carb-loading. However, we are on a very tight budget as well. I enjoy a lot of what you post, but I was having a hard time with figuring out how to eat healthy on your tight of a budget. I’m excited to see how you manage to do this. Thanks for being so open with your life for all of us to learn!

  2. Jamie says

    I am really interested to see the ways you come up with to eat whole foods and produce on a budget. My family is trying to eat minimal processed foods and mostly organic and I am struggling with a $120 a week budget! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  3. Lynn says

    Crystal, my daughter got me hooked on your website and I love it. It’s been a great place for me to come to and read about the hard work and effort that you put into really sticking to a budget in your family. It’s always good to find out ways that my husband and I can cut costs. Sometimes a person can’t see the unneeded things that we spend it on until another points it out. Thank you for sharing all your efforts with all of us.
    I am also so very impressed with you participating in the P90x workout. For the past year I have contemplated purchasing it but still have not. We already get up at 4:00 a.m. just for our jobs and don’t get to bed until 9:30 p.m., if we’re lucky. I am hoping to find a used P90 workout set since the workouts are shorter and I think that might work out better for us. Thank you so much for sharing the menu that you came up and I look forward to seeing more of the ideas that you come up with to eat healthy on a budget.

    • says

      Have you seen The 30-Day Shred? I really enjoyed that workout — and it’s not so intense or time-consuming (the workout can be done in less than 25 minutes per day).

      Thanks for your kind encouragement!

  4. Lynn says

    I actually do own the 30-day shred and like it because it is nice and short but does work you. I do in home childcare and I get the kids involved with this one also, we only do level one though :)
    Were you doing the level three of 30-day shred and is P90x quite extreme compared to it? I really would like to try the P90x, not that I would look forward to the hard workout that I’ve seen on the infomercial but would love to see results like some people show. But I guess it doesn’t magically happen unless you do the work to get it. Sure do wish the workouts were shorter though, that’s why I’m thinking the P90 if I can find a used one. Good luck with the program and I look forward to reading about your success.

    • says

      I’ve actually been less sore with P90X than I was when I first started The Shred. I think it’s how they space things out and also — hopefully — because I’m in better shape. :)

    • says

      Yes — hopefully in the next week or two. I’m still figuring out the best caloric intake and level which works for me, so I’ve not finished a final menu plan yet.

  5. Aileen says

    So glad that you are finding strategies for saving money and eating healthier. My husband started P90x 3 weeks ago and we are both trying to follow the diet. Eating healthy protein and keeping lots of fresh produce on hand definitely impacted our grocery budget. Can’t wait to hear your freezer cooking advice!

  6. Mary says

    Concerning fresh, affordable produce: Lots of people where I live garden (my husband and I included) and are VERY happy to share-especially this time of year! My husband takes our excess produce into work once or twice a week, and there are always extra veggies waiting by the door of our church on Sunday. If you know any gardeners, just ask! We love to share!

  7. sarab says

    I’m on day 25 and it is so expensive to buy healthy food! My husband and I are doing this workout together and I’m doing brazilian butt lift with it too. I highly recommend it to everyone :) Keep up the good work! All of the hard work pays off! My 30 day pictures soon will be taken and I’m very excited!!! Can’t wait to see your freezer meals :) I will definetly use them!

  8. Denise says

    Hi, I’m just curious…with this program, what to you get your kids to eat? It’s so difficult for my kids to eat everything healthy and it’s very difficult to stay in a program when you have to serve two different dishes.

    • says

      They are pretty much eating what we’re eating, with a few exceptions — like no protein bars or shakes for them. And they usually have veggies instead of salad plus some Annie’s mac and cheese or cereal on occasion.

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