“Give, and it shall be given unto you…”

Last week, I was excited to get a great deal on an item we needed. After I bought it, God strongly prompted me to give the item to a friend who is going through a difficult financial situation.

I struggled to follow the prompting as I knew this was an item we needed and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to find a good deal on it again for awhile. But I gave it to my friend, because I just knew in my heart that was what I was supposed to do.

There was so much joy in giving this item to my friend and I realized that I could always pay full-price if I had to because following what God called me to do was more important than saving money, anyway.

In the mean time, I knew we could live a little while without the item, so I figured I’d hold off as long as I could and see if another great deal came along.

Well, not two days later, someone emailed me out-of-the-blue and said they had a package they wanted to send to me and could I please email them my new address?

Can you guess what arrived in that package yesterday? The exact same item I’d given to my friend — only this was a bigger and better version.

Truly, you can’t out-give God!

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  1. says

    I’ve had your site on my favorties for a while, but it wasn’t until today that became my favorite! I’m not a church goer, but I have a lot of faith and love for God. I believe he had truly blessed our family, but it takes sacrifices to see that God is with you. Our son was diagnosed with Autism in 2004, my husband lost his job, I got hours cut and we were struggling pretty bad to make ends meet while living in NY. My husband and I got a very strong feeling that we needed to move away – and out of the blue Colorado came to mind… I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and he in NY, so this was a surprise to everyone – they called us crazy, where betting that we were going to be back in a year and gave us no support.
    We moved here, with no jobs, no friends or family, just our 3 y/o and our car. A month later, I got a very good government job and realized I was pregnant, 8 months later, had my baby got a promotion and we are doing great. I’m starting a small business, our now 2 y/o boy is developing normally and we plan to buy a house in the next year! We have grown so much as a family, we have matured and we feel happy! Now family wants to visit and move here – and we are welcoming them!

    God is amazing!

    • S says

      @Yailis, Thanks for sharing! I am happy to hear things are going so well for you now! How awesome that you heard and obeyed the Lord. My husband & I are about to move across the country with our 3 children, van & a few boxes. (We feel prompted by the Lord to do so.)

      We are not “church goers” either. We truly desire to follow God in everything, though. I don’t believe the first is a requirement for the second. :)

      • says

        I just wanted to mention that I do believe Scripture is clear we are not to “forsake the assembling of ourselves with other believers”. I also believe that it is very clear from the New Testament that God intended for Christians to live in a Body. We need the accountability, edification and encouragement of other believers. So if you’re not currently a part of a body of believers, I’d very much encourage you to find one to be apart of. There is so much blessing, rich fellowship and “sharpening” which comes from it!

  2. says

    Our God is so BIG…thanks for sharing…I got goose bumps reading the post. Such an encouragement to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit when prompted. I think it’s amazing how you can bless a person in need, but somehow your the one who ends up being blessed even more..PTL!

  3. Christine Lauren Walker says

    This is so encouraging. I love when you post things like this and I’ve loved reading the comments too.

  4. says

    This truly is the best thing I’ve read all week! It is an awesome testimony to how good God is to us! People don’t take time to realize the small blessings receive for the small things we do! Crystal… beautiful!

  5. karen says

    I cannot even tell you how many times the lord has put the people in my path whom I absolutely need at that particular point to help me in my journey! Thank you so much for reaffirming my faith with your posting, you are a gift to all of us!

  6. says


    This is such a great story, and I am so glad you shared it!!

    I was just talking to a friend of mine last night who had a very similar thing happen to them, except they gave a large sum of money (and they live paycheck to paycheck, but felt God was telling them to do it and trusted He would provide). Within 3 days they received a check for the exact amount they had given from someone who no idea what they had done. God is so amazing!!

    At the beginning of this week I wrote a post on my blog on wanting to have a genuine faith and be able to share without a shadow of doubt with others why I believe what I do (I hate to do a plug, but if you’re interested you can read it here: http://bit.ly/be5YXc ). In the few short days since that post, God has revealed so many amazing things he’s done that I look around and think “How could I not believe?”.

    I guess I say all of that to say, thank you for sharing. God is so much bigger than the box we try to fit him into. As Philip told Nathaniel, we just have to come and see for ourselves. :)

  7. says

    I am a single mom working two jobs and money is tight. I know I need to have more faith and that I need to turn it over to God, but I admit that it’s hard when there are more bills than money. Anyhow, I got paid today, and realized that I have not made a contribution to my local animal shelter in months. I wrote them out a check for $50 today, knowing that I could really use that money towards bills. I decided to give the money anyhow. A little while ago I logged onto my bank account and was shocked to see a deposit for $80 for a reimbursement for some medical expenses. God is good, and God does provide. I needed that reminder today.

  8. S says

    Thank you for sharing! God used both your post and someone my husband talked to yesterday to confirm to us we are doing what he wants.

    My husband and I live by 100% tithe in a way. Not that we give everything away but that we see whatever we have as His and give when He leads us to.

    Right now we are significantly in debt and my husband brings in less than we need. He is about to give notice at his job, too! In 3 weeks we are moving halfway across the country and will not be bringing pretty much any of our possessions… at the Lord’s prompting! We are going to ship a few boxes ahead and take what will fit in our minivan with our 3 kids. To top it off we have no job or home lined up to go to! Sounds crazy, eh? We really feel the Lord leading us to do this. We have asked him a billion times if we are being foolish, but he keeps reassuring us to walk by faith, not by sight.

    As for all of our stuff – he told us to sell none of it and give it all away! Both my husband and I felt led to give our (fairly new) high efficiency washer & dryer to our elderly neighbor. I have to admit it was hard for me to choke it out when I offered it to her because I was thinking how we could sell them and get some money, but I followed what the Lord was leading me to do. She was so incredibly blessed! I am so glad I was obedient. :) I have never seen her so happy!

    God is faithful. We can’t out give him! My husband & I are going through a wonderful and difficult time right now. The Lord has promised us He will provide abundantly and certainly nothing is too hard for Him! The really hard part for us is waiting and trusting Him. We so appreciate what He is having us go through & learn, though!

  9. Libby says

    Now if our government could just learn that it’s much more fun to give than receive!!! It’s always so much fun to obey the Lord and see what He is going to do next.

  10. AmyR says

    That’s so great Crystal! We always need reminders that you can’t outgive God. You just can’t. I’ve had many things like this happen to me as well, but I have to admit, I had forgotten. Thank you for the reminder!! :)

  11. says

    God is good…all the time! I love it when He does this. We act in obedience and He is a Father who provides for His children!

    Amen, and Amen!

  12. says

    One of my favorite things about couponing is being able to give so freely. After almost every trip, I drop by someone’s house and give them part of what I just “bought.” It is the best feeling! Or when you overhear someone say they are out of something and you have a ton of it, you can just give them a few. Or when you are out and see someone about to pay $10 for a package of diapers and you have a $3 coupon for those same diapers. I could go on and on, but the thrill of being able to give is better than the thrill of getting the deal.

  13. Jana says

    Aren’t you glad you obeyed God’s prompting? You were blessed when you gave and blessed again when someone gave to you. Our God is great and always knows what is best for us…too bad we don’t always have the faith to step out and do what He calls us to do. Thank you for your wonderful reminder that God’s ways are ALWAYS best!

  14. By His grace and for His glory says


    Thank you for sharing your story. A while back I had found a beautiful skirt at a thrift store. It was absoutely gorgeous! I loved it. It was very feminine and originally quite expensive. However the Lord told me to give it to my Pastor’s wife. I too protested in my heart. (I am sooooo thankful our God is so longsuffering with us).

    I struggled for nearly a week. It layed across the chair in my bedroom and it became a thorn in my side every time I saw it. Finally I gave in and confessed to the Lord my sin. I was able to willingly and graciously give her the skirt with God’s grace. She loved the skirt and was very grateful for it.

    About 2 weeks later a friend of mine called (I believe I would have received the blessing much sooner but God was waiting on me!) and said
    “I have a surprise for you and you are going to think it is Christmas” She delivered 3 garbage bags full of very high end clothing and jewelryto me. There were many labels in there that I could never afford!

    That was about 2 years ago and I am still wearing many of the beautiful things I was given. My Pastors wife is still wearing the beautiful skirt. I am so thankful to be serivng a God who can bless us above anything we ask or think!!


  15. says

    I realize my story is a small one. We’ve recently experienced another set back in that it’s likely that my husband won’t be getting financial aid this school year, setting us back $1100 a month we needed just to get by. We’ve (I’ve) really wanted a confirmation that we should still continue to send my daughter to parochial school, even though it would be less than the costs of transportation, day care etc., when she wasn’t in kindergarten in the public school. Well today, we visited the school, and someone had had it on their heart to drop off four uniforms and a school sweatshirt – which I was given at the “school spirit” stand! I couldn’t believe it!

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