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A few more reader-recommended survey sites

After posting about iPoll yesterday, a number of you asked for other recommended survey companies. So here are a few others I’d encourage you to consider joining as either I’ve used them myself or they come highly recommended by readers here:

Synovate — This site gives you 100 points for survey screeners —  even if you don’t qualify for a survey! I personally haven’t used this site, but it comes highly recommended by a reader.

MySurvey — I signed up with MySurvey around a year ago and have been paid by them multiple times. Unlike many survey companies, you earn points for every survey and screener you take and these points can add up quickly!

LightSpeed Research — This survey site pays in points and they are fairly generous in their points given. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can cash them in for cash, online gift certificates, music downloads, and hundreds of other prizes. Or, build up your points for bigger prizes in your Lightspeed Points Account.

MyPoints — This is a site which rewards you points for online activity such as reading emails, taking surveys, signing up for offers and so forth. When I was doing this, I mostly just read the emails and clicked on the links and slowly accumulated points. You won’t get rich quickly doing this, but you can earn enough points by reading emails to get a few free gift cards each year.

20/20 Research — A reader commented and said, “You won’t get a ton of surveys from 20/20 Research but when you qualify for a prescreen subject they compensate you really, really well. I got $150 Amazon gift card last year and $100 this year for a follow up. The forum was a week long in both cases and great fun. Because the forums are smaller groups you get alot of interaction and really get to contribute.”

Edit: And don’t forget about Swagbucks! Two readers commented to remind me that they now have a survey section on their site. Take the surveys and you can rack up more points towards gift cards and other items. Just another great way to earn Swagbucks.

Please realize that you’re likely not going to make hundreds of dollars each money filling out surveys. But if you stick with it and learn which survey companies work best for you, you can likely make at least $8-$10 per week filling out surveys — and sometimes more than that if you qualify for some of the higher-paying opportunities.

What are your favorite survey sites? I’d love to hear!

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  1. says

    Are you familiar with Buzz Back? I’ve been getting emails from them, it looks like I signed up with them (might have been years ago), and they look legit….I just can’t remember actually signing up. Is it spam or is this company legit?


  2. Katie says

    Don’t forget Swagbucks! They now have a section of “Trusted Surveys” on their toolbar. They “pay” well!

  3. Debbie says

    Swagbucks has a surveys sections now. Sometimes you may not qualified to participate, but I’ve been able to rack up quite of bit swagbucks. Thank you mentioning Swagbucks on your site. As soon as I read about it, I joined and I’ve earned about 25 $5 amazon cards and I now have $160 in my amazon.com account. I also use an amazon Visa (never carry a balance) in which I earn gift cards from amazon. I plan to use the money to buy a few items that I really, really want without putting the budget in jeopardy.

  4. Melissa P. says

    I’ve been really disappointed with Swagbucks lately. I had earned two $5 Amazon codes after using them to search the Web, but it’s been quite a while since I’ve even earned any points at all.

    • Mary says

      @Melissa P.,

      My husband and I have found your bucks add up much quicker if you recruits someone else, for every buck my husband earns I get them too! I haven’t done this yet but I think the key is to get several family and friends as referrals.

  5. says

    I also love ACOP – American Consumer Opinion Panel. I don’t get very many surveys from them, but each one is higher paying than the ones I get from Ipsos, Synovate, Opinion Outpost, ect. I have gotten some product test from them as well.

  6. says

    I love Pine Cone Research. You automatically get $3 for each survey you complete. I used to only get one or two a month, but the last month I received 4-5 AND got a few samples to try in my home too!

  7. khaki says

    I also love American Consumer Opinion Panel. I’ve sporadically tried the others you listed, but now just stick with ACOP. They do pay actual cash (check by mail), and I find it adds up quickly. Some involve trying out samples and posting a review, those usually pay $5-$10, and are fun too!

  8. Joy says

    Can anyone give me the pros and cons of doing survey sites? Mainly what kind of privacy you have to give up for doing them.

  9. says

    Synovate is great, and they now give 100 points for those that you don’t qualify for – which is pretty good. I also like Kidzeyes and PanelPolls for my daughter. She loves doing surveys for them and making money, and sometimes they ask moms questions, too.

  10. says

    DollarSurveys.com is pretty good. They pay $1 for each survey completed. Unfortunately they don’t pay for screeners and oftentimes the screeners take more time than they’re worth, but I can earn $3 or so per week from them. (They pay weekly, straight to your PayPal account.) Ipsos Surveys is also pretty good and they do give points for their screeners.

  11. Kim says

    I have used both MyPoints and Memolink for years. I mostly get points on those for email click-thru links and for purchases rather than surveys, but there are a variety of ways to earn points on each site which is a plus.
    SwagBucks is a new find for me and I love it – can usually earn a $5 Amazon GC in just a couple of weeks by doing random searches throughout the day. They also offer codes through the toolbar, blog, etc but those can be hit or miss – i.e. you might not be home when they are offered. They do have a daily poll for $1SB, $1 SB earned each day for using their toolbar, and you can earn on purchases as well, but just doing an internet search has earned the best results for me. Haven’t even tried their trusted surveys because I have been happy with what I have earned otherwise.
    Lightspeed isn’t my favorite because you get nothing if you don’t qualify for the survey, and the screening questions can take 5-10 minutes.
    HarrisPoll is pretty good. Don’t use it a ton but have gotten good stuff from them.
    MySurvey is good too. Love that you always get a little something, and you can cash out at just 1000 points for a $10 check.
    OpinionSquare is another favorite because you get a token if you don’t qualify for the survey. The token is used on their monthly/quarterly game (i.e. spin and win or a scratch-off) and you always earn at least a small point amount but can win larger point amounts or prizes from time to time as well.
    GlobalTestMarket is another that I have earned a lot with in the past but not so much in the last year or so. They used to give you at least 5 points for every survey you attempted (and 1000 points cashes out to $50!) but they rarely do that anymore. If you do qualify though you can earn pretty quickly with them.
    As far as privacy I haven’t had many concerns, and as you can see I have used a LOT of survey sites. Usually the surveys themselves don’t ask you for much personal info, although you will have to give out your address to redeem prizes for some sites obviously. I do use an alternate email address which is specifically for non-personal email (newsletters from stores, survey sites, any contest I enter, etc) so that helps as well.

  12. Michael says

    I’ve been doing Harris Poll for a couple of years now. In the past I’ve cashed in points there for Christmas gifts, but this year I’ve been using them for gift cards from igiftcards. I’ve cashed in for two Papa John’s gift cards and an Old Navy one-so dinner for free twice and a new top for my wife, not too bad.

    After reading a post here earlier in the year(around the first part of May I think) I signed up for a few other survey websites: Inbox Dollars, Zoom Panel, MyView, MySurvey, Opinion Outpost, Survey Spot, and Pinecone Research. Since then I’ve received a check from Inbox Dollars for $35, a $25 virtual Visa card from MyView, a $12 check from Opinion Outpost, and $24 from Pinecone Research. I did an at home beverage survey through a partner of MyView that paid me a $10 Visa gift card upfront to record beverage intake for 2 weeks on a PDA they mailed me and then I received a $50 Visa gift card as final payment for completing it.

    It’s not alot of money, a little under $200 in the last 3 months, but it’s been nice to use for little treats like dinner from a fast food restaurant when neither of us want to cook or to catch a good deal online for clothes for our daughter. It doesn’t take up too much time, even on days when I get surveys from every site I try to take them when my daughter is napping or after she and my wife have gone to bed.

  13. Jennifer T. says

    I can tell you one website I don’t recommend- Surveyhead. I’ve been doing surveys for them for about a year. I went to go cashout $20.00 on 3/14/10 and I still haven’t received anything yet. I’ve e-mailed them several times, and they never respond to me. I’m very frustrated with them.

  14. says

    Is anyone else having trouble registering with MySurvey? I tried this one the other day, and I’m still having the same problem. When I click on the link in your post that takes me to their site, I click the link that says “Click here to continue registration.” When I click there, it takes me back to the same page.

    Also, I have submitted my info at least three times over the past year or so when I’ve gotten word that Pinecone Research is accepting new members. I have never heard a thing back from them. Any thoughts?

  15. says

    Global Test Market is another good one. They pay $0.05 per point, once you have 1,000 points, you can request a check for $50!

  16. Therese says

    I would not trust Global Test Market.
    I contacted customer service regarding a problem with a survey. The reply I received did not address my issue or demonstrate understanding of the problem. I tried twice to communicate the problem without success. I clicked on the link provided in the customer service response to rate the result and I marked it unsatisfied and marked neutral in recommending GTM to others. That same day I stopped receiving any surveys from them and haven’t received any since even though I previously received several surveys each day and they don’t respond to any of my emails. What really gets me is that I was so close to reaching the 1000 points to cash out. Beware of this company.

    I also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Also, the BBB logo that Global Test Market has posted on their website appears to be illegitimate. They are also rated “F” by the BBB.

    There are also plenty of complaints regarding this company posted here:

  17. JULIE says

    I use Lightspeed Survey Panel, Opinion Outpost, and Survey Spot.
    for Lightspeed consumer panel, I get the Paypal credits and have earned about $65. It only takes a few surveys to get the $5 ones. They also have other prizes. In April and May I had earned $40 within a month’s time.
    Opinion outpost I prefer the check they send.
    Survey Spot pays you with Paypal credit(I have made $ 55),which is fine with me because I do a lot of online shopping plus you can send it to your checking account from Paypal.

    All three are great! I have been using Lightspeed and Survey Spot for about 7 months. I think that is pretty good considering I take breaks on doing surveys because sometimes they can get tiring. I plan on getting into it a lot more especially since I have been Christmas shopping already. We use this money for Christmas and birthday presents/gift cards mostly.

    I love Mypoints and Swagbucks as well. I have earned $125 in Mypoints gift cards since September and $90 in amazon.com certicficates and $30 in Paypal money from Swagbucks.

    I don’t think these are for getting rich but I like getting a little bit of extra money.

    • JULIE says

      @JULIE, forgot to mention about Opinion outpost, I have been a member for several months but never really got into it until recently. I have made $14.50 so far.

  18. Chelsea says

    Am I the only one who does not understand MyPoints ? I seem to get just one e-mail from them a day that nets me 5 points. At that rate, it’ll be next year before I earn anything.

    • Kim says

      @Chelsea, Make sure you check lots of interests on the profile sections. You will get emails for stuff you don’t care about but most will still yield you the 5 clickthru points. Check the website every day or every few days too and you should have a few quick surveys that might net 5 points each (on the main page they show up in a box on the right sometimes). There are also sometimes points for filling out profile info, or points for quick offers (like signing up for a newsletter for 10 pts, which you can then unsubscribe from a day or two later if you’re not really interested in it – I’d also recommend setting up an email address that you use only for sites like this as opposed to your normal personal email, since you might get added to other mailing lists without knowing it). Sometimes I see a lull where I don’t get very many emails per day but recently it has been at least 3-4 per day for me. Sometimes sites like this program a lot of their emails months ahead of time so if you are a new member it may take you a while to get added to some of the email circulation too. Hope this helps! Even if it does take a while to get the points you still end up with a free gift card for only a minute or two of your time per day! :)

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