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Free Pack of 11 Different Printable Menu Planning Forms

I don’t know about you, but menu-planning is a whole lot more enjoyable when you have a pretty and organized page to write on. So I asked Joy from FiveJs if she could whip up a few downloadable pages I could offer on my blog.

Well, after it was all said and done, she ended up doing 11 different menu-planning forms! There’s a one-week, two-week, and four-week form and different variations of each.

Download the free Menu Planning Forms Pack here and choose which form works best for you–or try them all!

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  1. says

    Hey, this works even better than hand-writing my menu on the back of a Money Saving Mom blog page printout – LOL!! Seriously though, great idea, thanks for these!

  2. says

    Thank you! I think my favorites are going to be the Seven-Day Meal Planner and the One Week Menu Planner. I am going to give my children a copy of the Meal Planner tomorrow and have them jot down ideas. I will be posting very soon my complete meal plan overhaul. I am so excited. These form are really going to help me! Thank you again.

  3. Katherine says

    Would your friend mind sharing which software program she uses to create forms like these? I love this sort of thing but have not figured out how to do them – especially parts like dots around boxes. If this is her business and the software is proprietary, that’s ok. I was just curious.

  4. Ellen says

    How fun & useful. Thanks. I’ll have to print them out & decide which might work best. I agree with Katherine – what program is she using? Illustrator?

  5. Casey says

    Thanks so much for taking the time to do this!! I always appreciate things that are done nicely…and that make my life easier! Thanks again!

  6. Jennifer says

    Joy officially ROCKS (and so do you), but you both probably already knew that. And yes, everything is more fun on a pretty template!!!

  7. Ana Maria says

    THANKS sooo much! I love these! I will definitely be using the weekly menu planner with attached shopping list from now on! :)

  8. says

    Thank you so much. I’m doing a series about ways to cut costs in the kitchen and this week I’m talking about meal planning. I will link back to these great forms. Thanks again.

  9. Lorrel says

    WOW!! Thank you so so SO much! I’ve been wanting to plan something out but I tend to put things off till I can do them “perfectly” and now with these it’ll look so good I won’t be able to stop myself!! You have been such a great help to me in planning and caring for my family! Thanks again!

  10. Gina says

    Forms are fun :)

    So, am I strange that I ONLY plan dinner? Breakfast and lunch don’t seem like they require more than 30 seconds of foresight and <10 minutes of prep around here… mostly because I don't like frozen pancakes so I stubbornly make 1 batch at a time 😉

  11. Jodi W says

    These are really helpful, thanks. BTW, I get a lot of calendars in the mail from charities or from food companies, and I use these to do my dinner menus. It’s nice to look back through the months for inspiration. Also, AC Moore and Michael’s sell pads for $2 (really pretty) that have lines for each day that you could also use for this purpose (good for Weight Watchers, too). I think squares for each day are also available for the same price.

  12. Melanie W says

    Having a pretty form does help! Thanks. I like page 8 with the boxes for lists of dinner options. But I may try some of the others too! Whoooo HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great idea.

  13. A says

    These are nice but I agree with Gina and was wondering myself if y’all seriously plan breakfasts and lunches. My kids are 10 and 12 and can get out a box of cereal (which thanks to King Soopers we have gobs of) and can serve themselves. Sometimes they cook breakfast burritos but I can’t see planning it in advance b/c I let them decide what they want to eat. (I’m not even here, I’m at the gym). And for lunch they all take the same thing everyday to school and work. So I just need a good deal on lunch meat, cheese, and fruit every week and I’m good to go. I would have liked to see a planning page with just dinners and a shopping list.

  14. Mickie says

    Thank you so much!! What a blessing! These are great and much better than my handscribbled version :) I can’t wait to use them since I am planning on doing some freezer cooking next week!

  15. says

    One comment that I have about menu planning– when I finish a two-week cycle and get ready to plan the next one, I use the back of my old menu to list everything I currently have in my cupboards, fridge, and freezer. I also have a master list of meals and the ingredients (not amounts, just the ingredients) so that I don’t have to go through cookbooks to make sure I have the ingredients. I just look through my master list and make my shopping list from that.

  16. jennifer says

    These are so pretty! I usually jot down a menu plan on one side of scrap paper (left over from printable coupons-lol!) and the grocery list on the other- that way if I am at the store, I can make adjustments to my menu plan/grocery list if I need to

  17. says

    This is great! Thanks so much for sharing – I’ve posted a link on my site to send folks over to check it out. It’s the perfect motivator to make sure my GBaby is getting a good variety of foods :)

  18. Lubna says

    Thank you! Thank You! Thank you!!!!!
    I have been wanting to do this and as usual have been procrastinating it. This is going to make my life so much easier.
    God bless everybody who helped with this.

  19. Alea says

    These are great and I’ll have to try one. I usually do menu planning, but like to be spontaneous at the same time – so I write down a bunch of meal ideas, make sure I have the groceries and then pick what I want off the list each day. It’s my bit of freedom!

  20. Claire says

    These are great Thank you! I have actually just started doing menu planning and it rocks! I learned a great monthly menu plan that has worked great for me from fistfulofcoupons.com. Go here to check it out: http://www.fistfulofcoupons.com/?p=2929 I love to have all the different options to choose from so thank you! I am loving this.

  21. katie says

    thank you so much!!
    have you considered making other planning forms? what do you use to plan your week?
    thank you!

  22. says

    I’ve created a website for my wife to use to manage our menu. It allows her to plan which recipes she plans to make each day. It’s free to use at http://www.myfamilydayplanner.com It can also create a shopping list for you based on the recipies on the menu, and be used to track your daily family calendar and shopping and to do lists.

  23. Felicity says

    I cant seem to download them. When I click on the link it takes me to a new page but does nothing. What am I doing wrong?

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