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We spent $125 on groceries the past two weeks

Want to see what we bought for this week’s $70 grocery budget? I’m currently challenging myself to stick with a $70 budget for our family of seven. This includes almost all of our breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners + most household products (toiletries, laundry soap, etc.).

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I didn’t get a chance to post our groceries and menu plan last week, so I’m posting both weeks this week. We were well under budget both weeks. I’m hoping there’s a great sale on something in the next week or two and I’ll use the extra to stock up on that. I’ll keep you posted!

Kroger Shopping Trip #1

  • 3 dozen eggs — marked down to $0.20 each
  • 2 boxes Yoplait Dunkers — marked down to $1 each
  • 4 bags of peppers — marked down to $0.99 each
  • 3 2-lb tubs of strawberries — $1.88 each
  • 2 boxes Instant Potatoes — marked down to $0.35 each
  • Milk — $2.59
  • Total with tax: $16.46

Kaitlynn turned 13 this past week and she had a birthday party with friends that she planned and pulled off entirely by herself.

She put together a plan and worked within a budget and made all of the food herself. We used some of our kids’ activities budget for her party since she had specific decor and food she wanted to make/buy so all of the food costs for it came out of that.

(I’ll share more details on her birthday party and how she did it on a budget in a blog post soon!)

Kroger Shopping Trip #2:

  • Sugar — $2.69
  • Honey — $8.69
  • Formula — $29.96
  • Total with tax: $45.06

Creative Meal Planning

I love coming up with creative meals based upon what we have on hand, what’s on sale, and what’s marked down. Pictured above was one of our dinners recently — banana bread (using marked down bananas), strawberries (on sale), sweet potatoes/sausage/peppers in the crockpot (I had the sweet potatoes in the pantry from a number of weeks ago, the turkey sausage was in the freezer from a deal a few months ago, and the peppers were marked down).

Here’s another meal I’ve eaten for breakfast many mornings the past two weeks: fried eggs (since I got SO many marked down recently), avocados (that I got 7 for $1 two weeks ago), and strawberries (on sale).

One more example: We had some chicken wings in the freezer from a Kroger deal a few months ago so we baked with some barbecue sauce I had gotten marked down. We served it with a side of brown rice, roasted broccoli, and English Muffin Bread.

Kroger Shopping Trip #3:

  • 3 jars peanut butter — on sale for $0.99
  • Toilet paper — $9.99
  • 2 bags chicken — $6.99 each
  • Tikka Masala — marked down to $0.69
  • Water — $0.79
  • Milk — $2.59
  • 2 boxes cereal — $1.49 each
  • 4 boxes Simple Truth Organic Apple Cinnamon Bars — on closeout for $0.57 each
  • 4 boxes Annie’s Toaster Pastries — on closeout for $0.87 each
  • 2 bags red peppers — marked down to $0.99
  • Bananas — marked down — $0.50
  • 3 bagged salads — marked down to $0.99 each
  • 2 tubs lettuce — marked down to $0.79 each
  • 4 boxes Kashi granola bars — on closeout for $0.75/box
  • 2 snack trays — marked down to $0.99 each
  • 2 snack trays — marked down to $0.59 each
  • 4 cans energy drinks — marked down to $0.59 each
  • Total with tax: $63.81

There haven’t been many great deals on toilet paper recently, so I just got the best deal I could find at Kroger — and hopefully I’ll find a great deal before we need to stock up again!

There also haven’t been almost any markdowns or sales on meat recently and we’re getting down to the last few pounds I’ve gotten on sale and marked down in our freezer, so I bought the best deals I could find at Kroger this week — 2 pounds of sausage for $2.50 each and 6 pounds of chicken for $6.99 per bag.

Total spent the past two weeks: $125.33

What We Ate The Past Two Weeks

Note: When you see the meals below, please remember this: I buy ahead often. Which means that when I find a great deal on something I know we’ll use, I buy as much as I can afford in our budget to have on hand.

This means that you aren’t going to see all of the groceries my shopping trip that I used to make all of the meals we ate.

Please also remember that I’m putting this out there and it’s not a perfectly balanced menu. This is just really what we ate — and I hope that it encourages you to see the real-ness and lack of perfection here.

Breakfasts — Cereal, Oatmeal, Eggs/Avocados/Strawberries, Baked Oatmeal, Eggs/Toast, Toaster Pastries, Apple Cinnamon Bars, Energy Bites

Lunches — PB & Honey Sandwiches, Eggs, Salad, Leftovers, Snack Boxes, Cereal, Peppers, Strawberries, Bananas

Snacks — Peppers, Strawberries, Energy Bites, Oatmeal/Chocolate Chip Cookies, Banana Bread


  • Sunday — McDonald’s on our drive home from visiting my sister — we bought from the dollar menu and spent $17 + ate some snacks we had brought we us
  • Monday — French toast, marked down yogurt, turkey sausage, strawberries
  • Tuesday — Beef hot dogs, twice baked potatoes, strawberries, peppers
  • Wednesday — Sausage/Potatoes/Peppers in the crockpot, fruit
  • Thursday — Leftovers
  • Friday — Homemade Mac & Cheese, Strawberries, Peppers
  • Saturday — Scrambled Eggs, Toast
  • Sunday — Dinner out
  • Monday — Sweet Potatoes/Sausage/Peppers in the Crockpot, Banana Bread, Strawberries
  • Tuesday — Barbecued Chicken Wings, Brown Rice, Roasted Broccoli, English Muffin Bread
  • Wednesday — Chicken Rice Casserole, Peas, Red Peppers, Chocolate Cake
  • Thursday — French Toast, Sausage, Fruit Salad
  • Friday — Friends sent dinner to us from a local restaurant (how kind was this for them to do so two months after Kierstyn was born??
  • Saturday — Oven Fried Chicken, Sweet Potato Fries, Veggies
  • Sunday — Scrambled Eggs, Sausage, Toast

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  • Sarah says:

    Do you feel that Ibotta is still worth it? Even pre-March it seemed to have not been worth it for us anymore and I cancelled out account. I would get maybe 50 cents a month and it was too much effort to search for each rebate.

    • The only thing I usually do is just check it when I’m scanning my receipts on Fetch. Two weeks ago, I earned $3.70 — and that was for cereal that was already on a good sale! So yes, I think it’s still worth it to take 30 seconds to check after I’ve purchased to see if I bought anything I can get a rebate on.

    • Tosha says:

      I earned over $40 last month with ibotta deals, mostly cereal, popsicles, and granola bars. Some months are better than others, but last month was great!

      • Sarah says:

        We eat a lot of produce, meat, fresh/perishable things so this could be why. But even if I were to buy cereal or yogurt or whatever it just never got high for the past several months. They used to give rebates for milk and produce but not in years. 🙁

    • Roberta says:

      I’ve earned $57 from Ibotta in June. Today with the Kroger sale, digital coupons and Ibotta I was able to get 5 Suave shampoo/conditioners for FREE even paid for the sales tax. I was able to get 10 boxes of Kellogg cereal the other week for free with Kroger cash back and Ibotta PLUS they were the free book boxes so 10 free Scholastic books for our youngest and the grands.

  • Christa says:

    What sort of drink did the girls have at the birthday party? It looks so yummy.

  • Steph says:

    What is your crockpot recipe using the sausage, sweet potatoes and peppers?

  • heather byrd says:

    I have a question about scanning my receipts. What if your receipt is very long and you can not fit it in one picture. How do you handle this?

    • Jordan says:

      The apps usually will allow you to take multiple pictures for upload! I hope that helps! -Jordan, MSM Team

    • Roberta says:

      You just keep adding pictures until you get to the end of the receipt. Sometimes I have to take 5 pictures.

  • diane says:

    I love meals a few months out! I try to give them later too. It is always so helpful.

  • Jennifer Frank says:

    I have also been buying the bags of frozen chicken breasts because they are much cheaper than fresh chicken. Do you thaw the chicken before you use it? Or do you just cook it from frozen…I have the hardest time remembering to get chicken out the night before to thaw, so that has been my main deterrent from buying frozen chicken…

  • Priscilla says:

    For a $70 budget you stick to it very well…
    Those marked are the truth! I’m have to try some of the recipes. Thanks for sharing.

  • melissa says:

    Please share how you cook sausage, pepper, potatoes in the crockpot. I always do my in a skillet which means I have to tend to it.

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