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We love freebies!

I think this was national Fast Food Freebie week this week–or at least it sure felt like it around here.

Since we’re always sticklers for free ice cream, we couldn’t miss out on free Haagen-Dazs. The new flavor they were giving out was really good and, surprisingly, there was almost no one at the Haagen-Dazs shop at the mall. And they even had this big sign right smack dab out in front:

I guess we’re just weird because we’d never walk by a sign like that and turn down an opportunity for free ice cream, especially when there was no wait. But I guess we’re not your typical shoppers or something because almost everyone else was walking straight by without even so much as a second glance.

The portions that Haagen-Dazs gave out were very generous–the size of a small cup or cone, which regularly costs $3.15. The girls loved it (Kaitlynn even got to taste her first few bites of ice cream) and I think Jesse and I enjoyed it even more! What a fun outing–all for free!

Last night, we all had sweet teas and free Southern-Style chicken sandwiches from McDonald’s. Yum! And since Taco Bell is right by McDonald’s, we also stopped in for a free Frutista with a $0.79 soft taco purchase. Altogether, the whole dinner cost us less than $4!

If only we had a Dunkin’ Donuts nearby, we could have also gotten some free iced coffees!

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  •  Suzy says:

    I had the iced coffee – no one in the store either! and also the chicken sandwich at McD’s (or as my 3-yo says, “Old McDonald’s”. Of course I had to buy some donuts with the coffee, and several other things with the sandwich, so I didn’t get as good a deal, but still it was dinner for less than $6 for me and a 3-year old!

  •  Anonymous says:

    My husband and I each enjoyed our free combo meal at pick up stix and then headed to the mall for our free scoop of ice cream at Haagen-Dazs. There was no one in line, and they let us choose any flavor. The kids had a blast. I wanted to tell everyone in the mall that they could get free ice-cream, but people are oblivious! Thanks so much for all your hard work!

  •  Carol says:

    Dinner at McD’s and then over to Dunkin Donuts for dessert and Iced Coffee! Love the freebies.

  •  topaztook says:

    I ended up doing the McDonald’s deal for both lunch and supper yesterday — cost me about $3 total. 🙂 (I added a dollar menu fries to one meal.) There was no line at lunchtime, but dinnertime was incredibly crowded. Not sure if that was because of the freebies, though, or just the time of night.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have any Haagen-Daaz shops around here. Glad you were able to take advantage of it, though!

  •  cindi says:

    we went to mcdonalds for the chicken and drinks and then to baskin robbins for my son’s free bday scoop, my dtr got a scoop off of their $1 flavor of the day and my husb and i got bogo cones for a grand total of $11 for a family of four to have dinner, drinks and dessert out! it was a great outing! thanks for the tips!

    (we also did the coldstone bday club a week or so ago–my dtr, son & husb all have bdays w/i 10 days)and got 3 AWESOME & HUGE sundaes for free!)

  •  Anonymous says:

    We had our free chicken sandwiches for dinner Thursday night, followed by free bowling (the Kids Bowl Free program). Only cost us $4 for the McDonalds’ drinks, and $3.75 for the kids’ bowling shoe rental. A fun, inexpensive evening.

    No name-brand ice cream stores around here – so no free ice-cream deals. Although our McDonalds’ had free “crazy sundaes” a couple weeks ago. Their sign advertised it all week, but when we went on Friday evening to get them, there were only a few people there for it.

  •  Carol says:

    I only was able to head to Mc D’s for the free breakfast sandwich, and I expected a long line at the drive-thru, but there wasn’t! It was actually slower than on an average day.

  •  Kathy says:

    It was my birthday so I thought it was all in honor of me, lol. I got the chicken biscuit in the morning and then had to go out in the late afternoon again so I swung by the Dunkin Donuts shop for iced coffee. It was a good day for me!

  •  Pam says:

    I would have gone for the ice cream, but we don’t have one nearby! I thought about the McDonald’s, but I just couldn’t justify the calories since we are trying hard to eat healthy (somehow I wouldn’t have had that problem with the ice cream!). I would have done the DD, but it was too far to justify the drive at $3.95/gallon here! So, no fast food freebies for us! We will hit Taco Bell next week while we are on vacation – a few bean burritos and the drinks will be a great travel dinner!

  •  Anonymous says:

    I missed Hagen Daz this year but last year our store was so crowded you coudln’t see the free ice cream sign. Additionally Ben and Jerry’s was crazy on free cone day, although this may have a lot to do with the fact that the only 2 Ben and Jerry’s near me also happen to be right accross from large college campuses.

  •  Anonymous says:

    We don’t have a Hagen Daz and our McDonald’s did not have free sandwiches. I tried to get my free Frutista from Taco Bell but they said their machine was not working.

  •  Anonymous says:

    Thanks Mom….I took advantage of the freebies and even shared with the girls at work. We all went on our break! But we all spend so much time going from one grocery store to another trying to find the best deal on the grocery items we need every week. But…what about the amount of gas we are spending going from one place to another? In Cleveland, OH gas is 3.91 a gallon. Are we really saving money by shopping around?


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