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Supermarket Savings Tip #14: Price-match at Walmart

If you’re short on time and energy, but you want to cut your grocery bill, take advantage of price-matching at Walmart.

Instead of running around to three different stores to get the best deals at each of those stores, just circle the best deals in the sale ads at each of those stores and take the ads to Walmart and they’ll match the price.

It’s simple and easy to do–and can save you a lot of time and money. According to Walmart’s price-matching policy, you don’t even need to bring in the competitor’s ad. However, I usually do, just in case there’s any question as to the advertised deal.

One word of caution: if you’re tempted to buy things you don’t need when you run into Walmart for groceries you might find that price-matching doesn’t save you money since you fill your cart with other things you weren’t planning to buy. If that is a weakness of yours, you might be better off just sticking with shopping at your local grocery stores.

For more information on how to price-match at Walmart, check out my video blog.

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Supermarket Savings Tip #11: Set a target per-person price for the meals you make

One of the things that has helped me over the years in keeping our grocery budget low is to not only calculate the costs of meals, but to also set a target per-person price for all meals I make.

For instance, I try to have our breakfast and lunches cost no more than $0.50 per person and dinners cost no more than $1 per person. I don’t always follow these to the penny, but they are my ballpark figures for every meal I make.

Not only does it help us save money to stick with the target per-person price, but it’s also just fun to calculate things like this. Or, maybe I’m the only weird one who likes to tally up exactly how much dinner costs while I’m in the middle of making it. 🙂

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Supermarket Savings Tip #10: Make it from scratch, provided it’s worth the time & effort

You can save so much money off your grocery bill by cooking from scratch. However, if you’re cooking from scratch solely for the purpose of saving money (not for the health benefits or because you enjoy it), make sure it’s worth the return on your investment of time.

Consider How Much You’re Saving Per Hour to Cook From Scratch

If you spend hours in the kitchen and it’s only saving you a $1 or so per hour to make things from scratch, it’s likely not worth your time. That’s why I don’t make homemade tortillas.

I have a personal policy that I must be saving at least $20 per hour to invest my time in any money-saving tactic. This helps me to focus my energy and effort on those things that are really going to make a difference in our budget, instead of exerting half a day on something that really doesn’t change our bottom line.

{Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Burritos}

Don’t Knock Something Until You’ve Tried It

It’s easy to think that cooking from scratch has to be a huge time investment, but that’s often not the case. In fact, in 10 minutes, you can easily throw a big batch of beans in the crockpot to cook and a loaf of bread in the bread machine.

You’ll never know how much time something will take you or how much you’ll enjoy making it until you’ve actually experimented with it. So go ahead, try making homemade refried beans, homemade go-gurts, freezer-friendly breakfast burritos, homemade baking mix, or homemade pizza.

Become Adept at Multi-Tasking

Constantly be looking for ways to make the best use of your time in the kitchen. If you love frozen waffles and you’re already going to be working on another project in the kitchen, go ahead and whip up a triple batch of homemade frozen waffles to be cooking while you’re working on your other project(s). When your other projects are done, you’ll also have a few bags of waffles to pop in the freezer for quick and easy breakfasts in the next few weeks.

What are your favorite time-saving tips and tricks for cooking from scratch?

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Supermarket Savings Tip #9: Calculate the cost of recipes

One thing that has saved us a lot of money over the years is for me to calculate the cost of recipes when planning menus. If I know that there’s a $5 difference in price between one dinner and another dinner, I can save our family a quick $5 just by choosing the less expensive meal.

To easily calculate the cost of recipes, you can download this free downloadable Recipe Cost Calculator Spreadsheet. This spreadsheet allows you to plug in ingredient costs and recipe measurements and instantly have a final cost or a cost per serving.

If you really want to make things cost-effective and streamlined, make a list of recipes your family loves sorted by price. That way, if you are really strapped for wiggle room in your budget, you can stick with those recipes that are your least expensive and save the more expensive recipes for when you have a little more breathing room.

By the way, if your grocery budget is really tight right now, you might find the Hillbilly Housewife’s Emergency $45 Menu Plan helpful and inspiring.

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Supermarket Savings Tip #8: Focus on lowering your grocery bill by 1-3% each month

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When you discover the world of couponing and frugal blogs, there’s a tendency to want to go overboard and try to cut your grocery bill by 95% next week. While the savings and great deals can be thrilling, please pace yourself.

If you go all out and spend hours and hours of time, at the expense of other priorities, you’ll invariably burn out and land yourself back in a worse position financially than you started in. Instead, take it slowly.

Focus on lowering your grocery budget by 1-3% every month. While this might not seem like much, over time, this gradual change in a good direction will really start to add up to significant change.

Best of all, you’ll enjoy the process–instead of ending up exhausted from pushing too hard, too quickly.

Want some step-by-step help to lower your grocery bill? Be sure to check out my 31 Days to a Better Grocery Budget series. Or get a copy of my book, The Money Saving Mom®’s Budget.

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Supermarket Savings Tip #7: Check the Coupon Database & Store Deal Match-ups before heading to the grocery store

Once you’ve made your shopping list based upon the weekly sales fliers, make sure to check the Coupon Database and Store Deal Match-ups on our site to see if there are any printable coupons available for products you’re planning to buy.

How to Use the Coupon Database

Just search for the product name and the Coupon Database will automatically generate a list of all coupons available for that product. It does all the legwork for you–all you have to do is type in the products you want to buy and print the coupons!

How to Use the Store Deal Match-ups

Did you know that we have a listing of the best weekly sales and coupon match-ups at over 100 grocery store chains nationwide on the Store Deals Section of our site? Find and click on your store(s) logo here and it will take you to this week’s best deals list for your local store(s).

Quickly scan the list to see if there are any deals you’re interested in doing and print any coupons you’ll need for those deals. You can also click through the link at the bottom of each list to see an extensive sale and deal list put together by a blogger who lives in your area.

If you don’t want to mess with checking the Store Deal Section every week, you can sign up to have the list of the best deals for your local stores emailed to you each week when the sale ads come up. We’re all about saving you time–and money!

Taking five minutes of your time to check the Coupon Database and Store Deal Match-ups when planning your shopping trip could easily save you $5 or $10–or more!

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