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Good Reads: Rekindling the Romance

If you have a great marriage or a difficult marriage, you’ll find much encouragement, inspiration, and practical words of advice in Rekindling the Romance. My husband and I have a great marriage, but we’ve had our ups and downs and rocky patches over the years. We’ve struggled, we’ve both been selfish and self-centered, and we’ve both had to ask forgiveness more times than I can count.

This book challenged me to step back and reconsider what I can do to make my husband and our marriage more of a priority. In the busyness of life, businesses, children, homeschooling, and other things, it’s easy to let our marriage take a backseat. But in 25 years from now, very few of these seemingly “pressing” day-to-day things will matter more than our marriage.

I’d highly recommend Rekindling the Romance to all married couples who are longing to deepen and strengthen their marriage–for the long haul!

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Have you read any good books recently?

Good Reads: Blue Like Play Dough, Try Giving Yourself Away, Against All Odds

Blue Like Play Dough — I loved Tricia’s candor in this book on motherhood. She doesn’t pretend to have it altogether or to have it all figured out, but just shares encouragement from her own journey from her years as a young single mom to now being a mom of three teens. You’ll be blessed, inspired, challenged, and encouraged through her stories and insights.
Try Giving Yourself Away
— My mom picked up this book at a thrift store a number of months ago and loaned it to me awhile back. I finally had a chance to read it yesterday as I was flying back from VA and was so motivated to look for and take advantage of opportunities to bless others in simple, practical ways. Just taking a few minutes to drop an email or pick up the phone or say an encouraging word to someone can often mean a great deal–and you’ll likely find that you’re blessed in seeking to be a blessing!

Against All Odds — While I thought the play-by-plays of martial arts competitions got a little monotonous, overall, this book was an interesting and encouraging read. Chuck has experienced many, many setbacks in life and, instead of being discouraged and disheartened, he’s turned them into comebacks.

Have you read any good books recently?

Good Reads: Loving the Little Years

I really enjoyed Loving the Little Years. It’s not a book with lots of practical, hands-on advice, but it’s a book the deals with the heart issues we moms face.

I didn’t agree with the author on all points (I’m not really sure that I ever do, though!) and think we have to be careful when reading parenting books because what works for one family or one child isn’t necessarily what will or should work for another family or child. That said, I was convicted, and inspired by Loving the Little Years.

It made me really step back and re-examine my own heart and how I am responding to and discipling my children on a daily basis. Sometimes, it’s easier (in the moment) to just slap band-aids and quick fixes onto behavior and attitude issues, instead of really taking the time to deal with the heart issues and struggles our children are facing.

Loving the Little Years challenges moms to really delve down to the heart of the matter. As the author says, “The state of your heart is the state of your home.”

Have you read any good books recently?

Good Reads: Plan It Don’t Panic, How to Write a Book Proposal, How Do You Kill 11 Million People?

Plan It, Don’t Panic — This ebook on menu-planing is a fantastic resource for anyone who really wants to menu-plan but is struggling with how to do it. Written by my friend, Stephanie, it provides the tools, step-by-step help, and practical inspiration you need to successfully plan and follow menus.

Even though I’ve been menu planning for years, this ebook breathed new life into my resolve to menu plan and gave me lots of helpful suggestions and fresh advice. I found some new tips and websites to try out that I’d not heard of before and also found it very helpful to step back and examine if my current method of menu-planning is working well for our family or not.

This ebook covers menu-planning on a budget, eating from the pantry, how to create rotating menu plans, how to incorporate freezer cooking into your menu-planning to make life simpler, and how to serve your family healthful meals without spending hours in the kitchen every day.

The wide range of topics it covers includes:

  • Find the method of meal planning that will suit you and your family best
  • Tweak and perfect your meal planning style with unique tips and strategies
  • Make it easier to work around special/restrictive dietary needs
  • Become a grocery-shopping ninja and never go to the store without a genius plan in place for maximizing your money
  • Learn how leftovers can become your best friends in the kitchen
  • As well as how to store your recipes, easily find your favorites, plan for hectic times, and even what to do when you mess up…

You want to know one of my favorite parts of the ebook? She included full four weeks of meal plans at the back of the ebook. Reading through fully-laid-out menu plans that others have put together always gives me new ideas and suggestions to try at our house. I also loved all of the helpful printable forms and worksheets at the back of the ebook.

If you’re considering purchasing a copy of Plan It Don’t Panic, Stephanie is offering a 20% discount on PDF copies purchased through her site. Just use coupon code MSM20 and you’ll get 20% off, making it just $3.99. This offer is good through January 27, 2012.

Other Good Reads:

How to Write a Book Proposal — I’m getting ready to write a proposal for my next book and found this book invaluable. It’s packed with helpful information on how to approach writing a book proposal as well as practical help for writing a proposal, securing a book deal, and how to approach the whole book-writing process with a standard of excellence. I learned a lot from it and would recommend it to anyone who is considering writing a book.

How Do You Kill 11 Million People? — This book was a quick and thought-provoking read. I wasn’t sure that I liked the format that almost half of the book was a Q&A with the author, but it really made me think–which is always a good thing!

Have you read any good books recently?

Good Reads: A Deeper Kind of Calm & Secret of the Prince’s Tomb

I’d read and loved Linda Dillow’s book, Calm My Anxious Heart, last year. So I decided to add two of her other books to this year’s reading list.

This week I finished reading A Deeper Kind of Calm. It’s a short book packed with much to consider and apply in my own life. While it’s a short book (there are only 5 chapters!), I wouldn’t recommend trying to digest it all in one session. In fact, I read one chapter per day and I felt like that was almost too much to chew on.

Linda has a great way of drawing readers in, sharing personal stories of her own struggles and difficulties and sharing testimonies from others who have walked difficult paths, too. While I liked Calm My Anxious Heart more than this book, it was a good read.

We were so excited that Focus on the Family released another book in The Imagination Station series. And, as usual, it didn’t disappoint.

Secret of the Prince’s Tomb is about the Hebrews in Egypt. Jesse read this aloud in the evenings and we all enjoyed it–even if it did end before we were ready for it to be over with.

Have you read any good books recently?

Good Reads: One Bite At a Time: 52 Projects for Making Life Simpler

I love, love, love Tsh and her Simple Mom blog. She’s a huge inspiration to me in so many areas.

I’ve seen her ebook, One Bite at a Time: 52 Projects for Making Life Simpler, many times and had really wanted to read it–someday. Well, over Christmas break, I decided it was someday (maybe the fact that I found out there was a coupon code for the ebook had something to do with that?!) and so I bought it and dove right in.

This book, as expected, is fabulous. I read it over the course of the past week and a half–in little bits in the morning as I was doing my warm-up and cool down on the treadmill before my morning run. I enjoyed the book so much that I had trouble getting off the treadmill every day because I just wanted to keep reading. As I emailed Tsh earlier this week, I guess that’s not a bad problem. 🙂

As you probably well know by now, I love the concept of breaking things down into bite-sized manageable pieces. And Tsh’s ebook does just that. It gives you 52 bite-sized steps you can take to become more efficient, streamlined, and organized.

You know those things you always say you want to do someday? Like planting a garden, switching to natural cleaners, composting, setting up a system for paper clutter, organize your photo collection, learning to cook from scratch, setting up menu plans, planning regular date nights, or regularly turning off technology? Tsh gives you the tools, motivation, and encouragement you need to slowly make those positive changes you’ve hoped to make. And she makes it simple and doable.

Now I have to tell you: Tsh suggests that you pick one project per week for a year–thus the 52 projects. However, I’d suggest to maybe slow the pace down a bit and just pick one project every other week or once a month. That way, you can really take your time and let the changes really sink in before moving onto something else.

One Bite At a Time is available as a PDF, for Nook, or Kindle for $5. If you order the PDF version you can use coupon code HAPPYNEWYEAR and get it for $4. You can download a sample from the book or see the full list of projects covered.

And be sure to check out all the fantastic content from Tsh on her blog, Simple Mom. I promise you’ll be inspired!

Have you read any good books recently?