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Good Reads: Every Writer Needs a Tribe by Jeff Goins

I downloaded Every Writer Needs a Tribe when it was free last week. I’m so glad I did because I was very inspired by it. In fact, after reading it, I wanted to get on a plane, track down Jeff Goins, and see if I could get five minutes of his time to pick his brain more on some of the things I read!

While I’ve read many books on writing and marketing, Jeff’s way of presenting things in Every Writer Needs a Tribe made so much of the material seem new and fresh. He challenged me to step back and examine long and hard why I’m writing, what kind of writer I am, and who I should be writing to.

As blogger, it’s easy to become so focused on content production. Don’t get me wrong: Content production is a good thing. Without it, a blog would be kind of dead! But we need to take time to examine the kind of content we’re producing and what it’s accomplishing.

Being a good writer is about so much more than just producing content. You want to produce the kind of content that is going to get people’s attention and keep people’s attention. Ultimately, you want your words to make a difference in people’s lives — whether that be by challenging their viewpoints, inspiring them to take action, or just providing a story that people can enjoy reading.

The words we wield with a pen or keyboard can have a life-changing effect. For this to happen, though, we must invest the time to hone our craft and build our tribe. Without taking the effort to develop yourself as a writer, your words won’t have as much meaning. Without a tribe, you’ll spend years of your life speaking into a black abyss — with no one getting to benefit from your words of wisdom.

This short ebook will inspire you to invest in both improving your writing skills and building a loyal readership. It’s a quick read, and worth your time if you are a blogger or writer of any kind.

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Good Reads: Satisfy My Thirsty Soul by Linda Dillow

I loved Calm My Anxious Heart and A Deeper Kind of Calm by Linda Dillow, so I was excited to read another book of hers this year. As I expected, Satisfy My Thirsty Soul did not disappoint.

This book is a call to worship. It’s a challenge to become more like the Biblical account of Mary, a woman who sat at Jesus’ feet and soaked up His words.

Linda has a gift for communicating Biblical truths in a way that is engaging, convicting, and uplifting all at the same time. Reading Satisfy My Thirsty Soul inspired me to spend more time just worshiping and adoring Christ, instead of just coming to Him with my problems and struggles. I want to love Jesus deeply and wholeheartedly. And I want my love for Him to permeate everything I do.

If you long for a richer relationship with Christ, read Satisfy My Thirsty Soul. It’s powerful, deep, packed with encouragement, and well worth your time.

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Have you read any good books recently?

Good Reads: Love Does by Bob Goff

I’m not even sure where I first saw Love Does mentioned. I think it may have been one that Amazon recommended I’d be interested in, based upon other books I’d purchased from them in the past.

Wherever it was, the first time I saw the book, the title and description immediately drew me in. And so, in an uncharacteristic move, I bought the book.

I’m so glad I did.

Bob Goff is a unique, one-of-a-kind man. You’ll pick up on that just by reading the introduction.

He loves life, he loves people, and he’s not afraid of outlandishness or extravagance when it comes to showing love to others. His big heart is contagious.

I often plow through books at a very rapid pace. But I slowly worked my way through Love Does, often reading just a few pages or less at a time. I was touched, inspired, challenged, convicted, and blessed.

Loving others isn’t just words we say; it’s the life we live. It’s giving of ourselves, it’s bringing joy to others, it’s being available to others, it’s dropping everything to be involved in others’ lives. It’s caring, it’s giving, and it’s sometimes doing crazy stuff, all because we love someone else.

If you have a chance to read Love Does, I’d highly recommend it. You might not agree with all of the finer points of Bob’s theology and you might think he’s a bit over-the-top, but I can almost guarantee you can’t help but be challenged to examine how you love others.

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Good Reads: The One-Minute Entrepreneur

If you’re a business owner or are considering starting your own business, I’d recommend reading The One-Minute Entrepreneur — or listening to the audiobook like I did. Written in a story form, it’s a quick read that’s packed with a wealth of wisdom regarding foundational principles that should guide business owners.

It’s easy to sometimes forget the big picture and what really matters in the midst of the busyness of business demands and life. This story portrays how you can find blessing in making wise decisions and how losing your focus can ruin your family, health, marriage, and business in the process.

I especially appreciated the emphasis on having your priorities in order and not neglecting your family in order to climb the corporate ladder or advance your business. This is a message that is often overlooked in business books. In addition, I appreciated the words of advice on treating your employees well, not losing sight of the big picture, being a giver, using your position of leadership for good, and leaving a legacy.

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Have you read any good books recently?

Good Reads: Leadership As An Identity by Crawford Loritts

I bought Leadership As An Identity after hearing its author, Crawford Loritts, speak at an event last year. It has sat on the shelf for a number of months untouched. I finally picked it up again at the end of last year and decided to add it to the list of 24 Books I Plan to Read in 2012. I’m so glad I added it to the list because I found it to be very beneficial.

This book focuses on the heart issues of what constitutes a strong leader, while also giving practical suggestions and examples. I appreciated the emphasis on humility and was especially challenged by his words on brokenness.

I’d highly recommend this book if you are in any kind of leadership position–or hope to be someday!

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Have you read any good books recently?

Good Reads: Corrie ten Boom

Corrie ten Book by Janet & Geoff Benge is a tad above my girls’ level and I wasn’t sure whether they’d be ready to enjoy it yet. However, I went ahead and decided to try–and I’m so glad I did. It took us a few chapters to really get into it, but once we did, the girls were begging for me to keep reading!

This book chronicles the life of Corrie ten Boom, a woman who was imprisoned in a concentration camp by the Nazis because of her involvement in the underground network helping Jews during World War II. The story of her capture, the horrific things she endured, and then her incredible release and life post-war is fascinating and inspiring.

It’s perfect for younger children since it’s not too graphic, but it also opens the door to many great discussions on a variety of topics and historical events. If your children are a little older (or you are looking for great reading material), I’d highly recommend reading Corrie’s own retelling of her story in The Hiding Place.

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Did you read any good books this week?