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Enter to win a $5,000 home renovation from Lowe’s!

Save 3% on the purchase of your next home + enter to win a $5,000 home renovation from Lowe's!

Are you thinking about buying or selling a home in the near future? If so, GoldenKey might be a great option for you!

GoldenKey is a commission free real estate company backed by Lowe’s Home Improvement. They allow home buyers to get a 3% commission rebate on the purchase of a home after the sale — the amount they would have traditionally paid the realtor. Customers can also sell a home commission-free.

GoldenKey recognized the value that a realtor brings to the complex home buying and selling process, but they felt that the industry’s commission-based model was outdated and in need of an updated approach that helped consumers.

GoldenKey’s mission is to turn agents into allies and flip the traditional commission-based realtor model on its head. They seek to help home buyers avoid going into debt to pay closing costs and commission fees, preserve & increase their home equity, and help them build greater personal wealth.

GoldenKey is a unique solution that provides access to comprehensive and tailored realtor services without paying the high commission. Here’s how it works:

  • Home buyers and sellers can choose from one of three tailored packaged realtor services — all for a clear upfront one-time fee that is paid upon closing.
  • If a customer doesn’t need an entire package, they can select the individual jobs they need as one-off services — such as arranging a house viewing or negotiating an offer.
  • The most comprehensive package that GoldenKey offers costs a maximum of $3,199, which is an attractive alternative to paying the 3% commission fee that is normal when hiring a realtor.
  • With a straight forward and clear fee structure, prospective buyers and sellers can get all the assistance they need and receive at least a 3% reimbursement of their home’s value upon completion.

GoldenKey’s average customer saves over $12,000 when they buy or sell a home using their service!

All of its agents are fully qualified and most are contracted workers, which means they are also able to work for other real estate companies. By joining GoldenKey’s network an agent can choose to accept a job if they have the time, safe in the knowledge that they will be paid for the services they provide.

GoldenKey’s website and mobile application works like a digital marketplace, connecting home buyers and sellers to local certified realtors in return for an affordable upfront fee.

Would you like to win a $5,000 home renovation from Lowe’s?

To celebrate their recent million dollar funding from Lowe’s, GoldenKey is running a contest for one person to win a $5,000 home renovation from Lowe’s!

Just use the form below to enter for your chance to win.

GoldenKey Lowe’s Giveaway

(Note: This post was underwritten by GoldenKey. Read our disclosure policy here.)

Enter to win an exclusive mystery deal from Gwynnie Bee!

I’m super excited that Gwynnie Bee is running an exclusive mystery deal giveaway for my readers right now!!

Gwynnie Bee is a clothing rental subscription service for women sizes 10-32. They are similar to Stitch Fix in many ways, but different than Stitch Fix because instead of having items sent to you to try on and possibly consider buying, they are a “lending service” where they lend you clothes to wear for as long as you’d like and then you ship them back and they’ll send you more. It’s almost like what Netflix used to be, only for clothes!

I recently did a completely honest review of Gwynnie Bee, and overall, I was very impressed! I love that you know exactly how much you are going to spend each month, and that it’s a way to have an ever-rotating closet without ever needing to leave the house to go shopping.

Yes, it’s pricey and not for everyone (especially those who are regularly thrift store shoppers!), but this might be a great way to be able to find lots of cute clothes that are in your size at a set price every single month.

Want to try Gwynnie Bee for yourself?

Head over to their Deal of the Season page to enter a fun mystery deal giveaway! Everyone is a winner, and will win one of these three offers:

  • Free one-month trial to try their service for free
  • Free one-month trial + free additional outfit
  • Free one-month trial + free additional outfit + holiday clutch

Go here to enter the Gwynnie Bee Deal of the Season Giveaway and see which mystery deal you win!

Giveaway ends on December 20, 2016.

{This post was underwritten by Gwynnie Bee. Read my disclosure policy here.}

Rocky Mountain Oils: Christmas gift ideas + enter to win a $100, $150, or $250 RMO shopping spree!

I’m SO excited that I get to give away three shopping sprees to Rocky Mountain Oils — a company that we’ve been getting our essential oils from over the past 6 months.

I love that Rocky Mountain Oils offers high-quality oils, that they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and that they price their oils significantly lower than many other essential oil companies.

You can go here to see my full review of Rocky Mountain Essential Oils, but it’s safe to say that I feel like I can wholeheartedly endorse them. {For those of you who know me well, you know this is a big deal.}

If you are thinking of trying out essential oils and you’re not sure which company to start with, I definitely recommend checking out Rocky Mountain Oils. I think you’ll be really impressed with them, too! (Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post for an AMAZING giveaway! I can’t wait to see who wins!)

Also, if you’re looking for unique gift ideas this Christmas, Rocky Mountain Oils has an essential oils gift guide to help you out! Here are LOTS of ideas:


Want a chance to try Rocky Mountain Oils for yourself?

Rocky Mountain Oils is running an amazing giveaway this week for my readers!

They are offering the grand prize of a $250 shopping spree to Rocky Mountain Oils, a secondary prize of a $150 shopping spree, and a third prize of a $100 shopping spree.

Use the box below to enter the giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway will end at 11:59 pm MDT on Sunday, December 4, 2016.

(Note: This post and giveaway was sponsored by Rocky Mountain Oils. Read our disclosure policy here.)

Enter to win a Girls’ or Guys’ Life Application Study Bible (10 winners!)

Enter to win a FREE Life Application Bible!

As parents we want to connect with our kids on all levels. We want to help them grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

But this can be difficult when sometimes seemingly easy conservations such as, “How was your day?” end in one-word road blocks, “Fine.” Finding a catalyst, that conversation starter or way to relate is vital.

If “How was school?” results in a dead end conversation, how can we go deeper or even begin to approach something as life-altering as relationships, faith or God?

Enter to win a FREE Life Application Bible!


Enter to win a FREE Life Application Bible!

Enter to win a FREE Life Application Bible!

Enter the Life Application Study Bibles for tweens. This isn’t just a “grown-up” Bible made simpler for kids.

The Guys and Girls Life Application Study Bibles were created to address the everyday challenges tween guys and tween girls face. Though there are similar touch-points in the two different Bibles, they actually were created separately with specific focuses.

The Guys and Girls Life Application Study Bibles are jam-packed with notes and stories that bring the Bible into the tween’s world. The Bibles are great for personal study, providing a guide for how tweens can not only approach, but understand and live out the truths on its pages. And, they are filled with questions that are perfect conversations starters to facilitate parents and tweens diving deeper in the the Scriptures together.

The covers come in trendy styles using appealing colors like purple with teal-stitched flowers for girls and iridium and superhero green for guys. There are even covers that glow in the dark. How cool is that??


Win a Tween Life Application Study Bible!!

Tyndale is giving away a Tween Life Application Study Bible to 10 of my readers — 5 for guys and 5 for girls.

Go here to enter the giveaway for a Life Application Study Bible.

Giveaway runs through November 25, 2016.

(Note: This post was sponsored by Tyndale. Read our disclosure policy here.)

48-Hour Giveaway: Thirty-One Gifts Wallet and Zip Top Utility Tote (3 Winners!)


You all are going to be happy because I’ve got another Thirty-One Gifts giveaway for you today! The last few giveaways I’ve done from Thirty-One Gifts have been some of my most popular giveaways ever, so I’m excited to bring you yet another one, this time courtesy of Kirstin Tracy.

If you’re not familiar with Thirty-One Gifts, they are a company that offers durable and adorable bags and totes in a variety of styles and kinds. They can all be personalized, too.

Thirty-One Gifts Giveaway

Thirty-One Gifts Giveaway

Thirty-One Gifts Giveaway

We’ve loved so many of the Thirty-One gifts products over the years. In fact, a few of them are ones I use every single day!

I was excited because Kirstin sent me the two products this month that she’s giving away to three readers: the Thirty-One Gifts Wallet and Zip Top Utility Tote! Both of these are so practical — and would make great Christmas gifts!

TheThirty-One Gifts Wallet seems very high-quality and durable and I love how it’s laid out. It makes me feel all organized just looking at it!

And I’m really thrilled with the Zip Top Utility Tote. I pack a lunch every single day, including a gallon of water (yes, for real!), and snacks, so this is the perfect size for that. It will also come in handy for when we bring a picnic or food to other events as a family.


Thirty-One Gifts is offering a November customer special! For every $35 you spend, you can get either their best selling Zip Top Organizing Utility Tote for only $10 or their Zipper Pouch for only $5. You can watch a video here that highlights the products included in the November special.

In addition to that, Kirstin with Thirty-One Gifts is offering a special 10% discount on your entire purchase — exclusively just for readers! Here’s how to get the discount:

  1. Click here to shop through this link.
  2. Click on “My Parties” in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Then click on “Shop Now” next to the MSM giveaway event.
  4. The 10% discount will be taken off after the order goes through.


Want to Keep in the Loop About Specials or Get a Free Catalog?

Be sure to join Kirstin’s Facebook Group to find out about monthly products specials and more from Thirty-One Gifts.

Plus, you’ll want to fill out Kirstin’s 2-question survey in order to join her monthly newsletter or receive a catalog.

Also, if you are interested, fill out this form to find out more information about hosting your own online party or joining Kirstin’s team so you can earn money selling Thirty-One products.


Would you like to win a Thirty-One Gifts Wallet and Zip Top Utility Tote? Just click on the graphic below and type in your name and email address for your chance to win.

The Zip Top Totes are great for organizing anything and everything! And the Benjamin’s wallet is their #1 best selling wallet. It has room for all your cards, checkbook, & phone.

This giveaway ends Friday, November 18, at 11:59 PM, CST.

Enter the Giveaway


48-Hour Giveaway: $50 Gift Certificate from Gabriel’s Good Tidings (5 Winners)


Looking for unique stocking stuffer ideas this year? Check out Gabriel’s Good Tidings!

The mission at Gabriel’s Good Tidings is to create high-quality, boutique style products that help women find essential items and brighten their space. However, the most important thing is not the items they make; it is the jobs the business creates.

Purchasing from Gabriel’s Good Tidings not only guarantees a beautiful, handmade, boutique-style item in your mailbox, but it provides work for women. Purchasing with purpose blesses families, and they are grateful for each customer.


The dream of Gabriel’s Good Tidings began decades ago as Amy sat with her mom and grandmothers learning to sew.  As she spent many of her younger years in the sewing rooms of these women, she began to develop a love for fabrics and creating products.

She imagined the day when she would create products that people wanted to purchase. Little did she know that her aspirations would one day provide for her family, support other women working from home, and grow into a thriving business.

Amy’s business started small and slow in 2013 with a $50 “loan” from her joint banking account with her husband. As Amy began to sell items, she continued to invest in materials for new products and “bank rolled” all of her earnings. The business grew steadily and Amy was able to be the sole breadwinner for her home while her husband completed graduate school in 2014.

In 2015, the business grew beyond what Amy could manage alone and she knew she had a choice to make.  Either keep things small and do it all on her own, or find help.

She made the very intentional decision to grow the business with the purpose of providing work for as many women as possible. These are women who, for the most part, are otherwise unable to work outside their home. Without these sweet ladies, this business would likely have closed its doors years ago.


Gabriel’s Good Tidings most popular product is the LippyClip™, a lip balm holder designed to perfectly hold Chapstick, Blistex, or Burt’s Bees. Earlier this year, Amy also released the LippyLoop™, which is a unique design for EOS sphere lip balms. Other complementary products are the keychain wristlets, nail file sleeves, lanyards and hair tie packs.

Read more about the Gabriel’s Good Tidings story here.  Amy’s story has also been published in Crystal’s recent book, Money-Making Mom, as well as on the Brilliant Business Moms website and podcast.

Get 40% off your purchase at Gabriel’s Good Tidings!

Amy is offering a generous 40% off any purchase to all readers who subscribe to emails via this link.


Want to win a gift certificate to Gabriel’s Good Tidings?!

I have five $50 gift certificates to give away to readers! Just click on the banner below to enter the giveaway.

Giveaway ends Friday, November 18, at 11:59 PM, CST.

Enter the Giveaway