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A Simple Outfit Idea for Fall (+ have you tried the new Dry Spray deodorants?)

My Favorite Fall Tunic

Sponsored post by Mirum Shopper.

I LOVE Fall — not only because of the beautiful leaves on the trees, the cooler weather, and all things pumpkin, but also because it means it’s leggings, boots, and scarves weather!

After making the move from Kansas to Tennessee two years ago, I have to say that I’m still not used to it being so warm in October and November (hello, it was a high of 83 degrees today!)

Part of me loves that I don’t have to get all bundled up in a coat and gloves and ear muffs to go outside, but I’ve struggled to figure out how to pull off cute fall-like looks that I don’t end up sweating in because I’m too warm in the middle of the day!

My Favorite Fall Tunic
I bought this tunic recently and absolutely love it. It comes in five different colors and is a perfect fall transition top.

I love how it fits me. It’s flow-y and figure flattering without being all baggy or drape-y.

(Though Silas did proceed to tell me the first time I wore it, “You look like you’ve gained some weight, Mom!” Oh the joys of living with little people who say whatever they think!! :))

My Favorite Fall Tunic
I can wear it dressed up with the boots I got last weekend, black leggings, and a statement necklace. I think this is a more sophisticated look.

(Pardon the pony tail that doesn’t really exude sophistication! I was running short on time the day I took these photos, so a pony tail just had to do!)

My Favorite Fall Tunic

I can easily change up the look of the tunic by wearing a knit infinity scarf and riding boots. This is a bit more of a casual look and it’s very comfortable while also still being cute!

My Favorite Fall Tunic

You could also change things up with a belt or a vest, too. What would YOU pair this tunic with? I’d love to hear!

My Favorite Fall Tunic

I especially love this tunic, because it’s lightweight enough that it keeps you warm on chilly mornings and evenings, but isn’t too thick so that you end up hot and sweaty halfway through the day.

If you struggle with sometimes finding that you’ve worn the wrong outfit on an unseasonably warm fall day, CVS wants to help you keep the sweat away when you dress in one too many layers. They offer several different brands of Dry Spray Deodorants, which are known for going on instantly dry and keeping you fresh all day long.

My Favorite Fall Tunic

I have to say, I’ve never tried Dry Spray deodorants before, but I was really impressed with these. I especially love the Degree DrySpray Sheer Powder. It’s so easy to put on, you don’t have to worry about getting deodorant stains on your clothes, it smells great, and it keeps you feeling fresh all day long!

Plus, through November 5th, CVS is running a buy one, get one 50% off sale on select Dove, Degree, and AXE Dry Spray Deodorants! You’ll just need your Extra Care Card to get this deal.


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My 3 Favorite Everyday Hair Styles (in 10 minutes or less!)

Sponsored post by Mirum Shopper.

So, you all know that I’ve said for a long time that I’m not much of a fashionista at all. However, this year, in an effort to not let myself live stifled by long-held mantras like, “I’m not a fashionista”, I’ve been challenging myself to try a lot of new things — like new clothes and styles and hair styles.

You know how I love quick and easy and simple. So when it comes to new hair styles, my biggest criteria is that it has to be something I can do in 10 minutes or less.

And I’m so excited to report that I’ve found a number of looks that I love that meet that “Must Take 10 Minutes or Less” criteria!


Today, I wanted to share three of these looks with you, in case you’re looking for some new hair inspiration:

1. A Side Braid

This is a simple way to dress up any hair style. You can do a regular braid or a Dutch Braid.

I like to wear my hair like this when I have some waves or curls leftover from the day before (if I curled my hair). I just pin it back with two bobby pins on the side.

You can also pull it back into a pony tail or back into a messy bun like I have it here and here.


2. A Classic Bun

I have fallen in love with this style. It’s so, so easy to do.

This works best on Day 3 or Day 4 hair. I use some dry shampoo to help give a little more texture and help it stay better (this is my favorite dry shampoo).

You can pull it straight back and up into a bun or do a side part and then a bun. I have both looks shown above.

I recommend using lots of bobby pins and hair spray (this is my favorite hair spray).

Want to see a video on how to do this look or want some great Messy Bun ideas? Watch this video here (I did Messy Bun #5 in the photos above).

My 3 Go-To Everyday Hair Looks

3. Straight & Sleek

I’m so excited that I’ve finally figured out how to get my hair really straight and sleek. And I love wearing my hair this way — and this is one of Jesse’s favorite ways for me to wear my hair! If you’re interested, I wrote a step-by-step tutorial on how I get my hair to look like this here.

Once I’ve straightened my hair, it only takes me a few minutes of running the straightener through my hair again every day over the next few days and it looks straight and sleek and stays all day long.


A Textured Look Hair Tutorial

Walgreens asked me if I’d try out a textured look with their tutorial and recommended products. I actually can’t remember the last time I’ve tried to do a textured look, so it was fun to experiment and try this out.

Here’s what I did to get the textured look above (with thanks to Walgreens for the tutorial):

  1. First, I washed and conditioned my hair with the TRESemmé® Moisture Rich Shampoo and Conditioner. I especially loved the shampoo — it left my hair feeling so soft and silky.
  2. Then, I towel-dried my hair and prepped my hair for styling by applying Nexxus® Diametress Lavish Body Gel Spray.My 3 Go-To Everyday Hair Looks
  3. I blow-dried my hair a little and then put it in a few loose braids and let it air dry overnight.
  4. In the morning, I took out the braids and tousled my hair with my hands and put some Dove Refresh+Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo on my roots to give it a little bit more texture. This was so easy to use and I really liked how this dry shampoo worked.
  5. Then, I sprayed Nexxus® Comb Thru Touchable Hold Finishing Mist, added a side braid and pinned it back, and then used the Nume Curling Wand to add some wave.

I was happy with the finished look. It’s definitely very different than how I usually wear my hair, but it was fun to try something new. Jesse wasn’t so sure when he first saw it, but he decided that it was growing on him. 🙂

When I went to record my Facebook Live this morning, people kept commenting on how amazing my hair looked. So even though I’m not sure that I love the look, a LOT of other people seemed to really, really like it.

Want some more hair inspiration? Walgreens put together the Get Your Style Fix tutorial page. There are five different hair styles to choose from: Curls, Volume, Texture, Smooth, and Shine. Each style has easy to follow step-by-step instructions, plus a video tutorial!

Wondering what products to use? Walgreens also has product recommendations for each look on that page.

Plus, right now Walgreens is helping you save on these hair styling products! Through October 29th, you’ll get 3,000 Balance Reward Points when you purchase 3 Nexxus®, TRESemmé®, Dove or Suave® products.


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{This post is sponsored by Mirum Shopper Opinions. The giveaway portion is sponsored and provided by Read my disclosure policy here.}

When you feel like you’re not good enough & you don’t measure up

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 11.23.19 AM

You look at her and wish you had what she has. You wish you had her life, her marriage, her kids, her figure, her house, her skills, her ability to make life look effortless… or whatever it is of hers that you wish you had.

You can waste hours of time and enormous amounts of energy wishing you had someone else’s life. But guess what? You won’t find happiness trying to chase after someone else’s life and success.

Contentment is the key to true joy. It’s also the foundation of financial stewardship.

It’s hard to enjoy living on a budget if you aren’t willing to be grateful for exactly where you are. It’s hard to stick with a financial plan if all you can think about is wanting more than you currently have.

As I told you recently, I’ve wasted much of my life pining away for a different time, a different season, a different set of circumstances. I also wasted a lot of time chasing after more.

In fact, looking back, I realized that I bought into the lie that more is always better. More money. More influence. More impact. More fame. More stuff. More friends. More. More. More. More.

When you feel like you're not enough

While there can be good things with some of those “more’s”, it’s time we stop spending our life chasing after more and really stop and ask ourselves, “When is enough, enough?”

I’ve been asking myself the following questions: 

  • Am I only feeling contentment when I’m doing a lot?
  • Is my joy and fulfillment coming from when I am having the biggest impact?
  • What does enough look like for me?
  • Would I be settled right where I’m at with what I have?
  • Would I be content if I knew that where I am right now will never change?

I’m committing to love my actual life. The one I’m really living. Right here. Right now. Today.

It’s sometimes messy. It’s sometimes disorganized. And I rarely get everything done that I hope to in a day, but that doesn’t mean I can’t embrace it, savor it, and fall in love with it.

It’s a gift. All of it. And the more I choose to see it as such, the more I notice the gifts and the beauty all around me.

When you feel like you're not enough

We can’t change who we are, but we can make the most of our situation. We can’t choose the personality we are born with, but we can choose to be thankful–even in the midst of difficulty.

And we can choose to be intentional and purposeful in how we live our lives so that we make the most of all that we’ve been given instead of wishing we were someone else.

Get The Comparison Trap Devotional App for FREE!

If you struggle with discontentment, feeling like you’re not good enough, and feeling like you don’t measure up, I encourage you to check out The Comparison Trap devotional app. This is a 4-week FREE devotional app for women.

When you download the FREE Comparison Trap Devotional App, you’ll get:

  • Four 20-minute videos featuring Sandra & Andy Stanley–Watch & be inspired during the 4-week study.
  • 28 mini-devotions by Sandra Stanley — Read one each day and be encouraged in your journey!
  • 28 social media images — View and/or post these as extra reminders!
  • 5 Worship Songs by North Point Music — Listen to these during the month to uplift you!

The free Comparison Trap Devotional app is available for iPhone or Android devices. Go here to download it FREE.

If you struggle with discontentment or feeling like you’re not enough in comparison to other women, The Comparison Trap is for you. There is SO much joy that comes from realizing your own worth, adopting a grateful attitude, and being content right where you’re at in life.

When you feel like you're not enough

Want to go through The Comparison Trap devotional book with a friend?

I’m thrilled to be offering a special giveaway to go along with the FREE The Comparison Trap devotional app. The Comparison Trap devotional book is a companion guide to the app and can be used individually for personal study/quiet time, or you can utilize the discussion questions to go through it with a friend or in a small group setting.

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4 Ways to Market Your Business for Free

Great Tips & Takeaways here! 4 Ways to Market your Business for Free. I knew vaguely about all of these but learned so many new tricks to really maximize my efforts.

Guest post from Beth Anne Schwamberger of The Brilliant Business Moms podcast

In Crystal’s book, Money-Making Mom, she gives incredible advice on how to find a great business idea and how to grow that business wisely.

I agree with Crystal’s advice: You shouldn’t have to go into debt to start a business. There are so many opportunities to market your products or services, and grow your income without taking a hit to your bank account. While these methods will require hard work and an investment of time, the benefit is that once you know how to use them effectively, you can train a dependable team member to perform these tasks while you continue to grow. Catch Crystal’s Periscope replay on how to find and manage great help right here.

Below are four ways my sister and I have marketed our business for free.

1.) Pinterest. Pinterest isn’t just a great place for bloggers. Product-based businesses can do well here, too. Our current storefront is getting over 50% of its traffic from Pinterest. And did you know that pins that originated on Etsy make up some of the most re-pinned content on the entire site?

Quick Tips for Pinterest Marketing:

  • Create and curate boards that reflect the ideal lifestyle of your customers. For example, if you sell baby products, pins about parenting, activities you can do with your baby, and nursery inspiration will all help to draw in your ideal customer.
  • Pin original content. Since the majority of pins on Pinterest are re-pins (meaning they were found right on the platform), pinning items direct from a website can make them stand out — particularly if you pin newly published content.
  • Use killer keywords. Many people use the search bar on Pinterest to find content. If you use the right keywords in your pin descriptions and in your board titles, categories, and descriptions, your content can be found over and over again.

2.) Instagram. Instagram combines the visual appeal of Pinterest with relationship-building. Once we reached about 700 followers on the platform, we were able to make consistent sales. We’ve sold our products with flash sales, a Black Friday deal, lifestyle shots of our products, and photos and quotes from happy customers.

Quick Tips for Instagram Marketing:

  • Use a consistent photo editing style so that your feed feels cohesive. For example, you may choose to slightly over-expose your photos and add cool tones to them. Or you may choose to sharpen your photos and add warm tones. Whatever editing style you choose, pick a recipe and stick with it.
  • Use hashtags that will attract your ideal customer with each post. You can put up to 30 hashtags in the first comment of your photo. How do you find these hashtags? Use the search bar. As you discover posts with great hashtags, inevitably, they’ll lead you to other great hashtags you can try.
  • Like, comment, and interact on the posts of users who fit your target market. Build relationships, and you will build followers and brand enthusiasts in the process.

3.) Email Marketing. One of the best things you can do for your business is to build an email list. Despite all of the work we do on social media and the sales we earn there, email performs even better. You can build a relationship with your potential customers over time, and as you provide value in the form of great content and helpful information, they decide to make a purchase. Many email service providers are free until your first 2,000 subscribers. Crystal shared tons of practical tips on building your email list on Periscope. You can catch her replay here.

Quick Tips for Email Marketing:

  • Create a great freebie to encourage people to join your list. Simply stating “sign up to receive the latest posts” is not going to get you far. Your freebie could be a checklist, printable, coupon to your shop, e-book, free video training, access to a private Facebook group, or any number of other items.
  • Make sure your freebie attracts the right audience. If you sell knitted items, for example, you want to entice people who enjoy buying high-end, handmade items, not other knitters. Consider a style guide for winter knits, for example, instead of a free knitting pattern.
  • Set up an auto-responder sequence for new subscribers. This will make the process of building a relationship much easier. Introduce them to you, your business, and your best content. Provide helpful tips, then pitch your products or services after you’ve provided a lot of value. We just recently set up an auto-responder sequence, and it has been wonderful for our business! It’s not nearly as complicated as you might think. In MailChimp, for example, simply click Automation at the top, and the process is straightforward from there.

4.) Guest Posting. One of the most effective ways to reach a new audience, establish authority, and build relationships with influencers in your niche is to guest post.

Quick Tips for Guest Posting:

  • Read the Guest Post Guidelines on the site first. Every blogger will have different preferences and requirements, and you need to follow these exactly to make a great impression.
  • Get to know the blog’s content well. Pitch a topic that relates closely to content on the site but also fills a gap. Link to other posts on the blog to give their content a boost. And on that note: don’t link to your own content unless you’re given explicit permission to do so.
  • Offer a great freebie to the blogger’s audience so that you can continue to build a relationship with them.

I wouldn’t be following my own advice if I didn’t offer you something fun for reading this post! Go here to grab a free download of guest post planners and Pinterest marketing sheets.Money Making Mom Giveaway: The Brilliant Business Planner, Be Brilliant Mug, and Time Management Mama Book

These sheets are also included in our Brilliant Business Planner. If you decide to visit our shop, use the coupon code MONEYMAKINGMOM at checkout to get an exclusive $5 off all orders of $10 or more for the month of December!


Beth Anne Schwamberger is the younger, quirkier half of the Brilliant Business Moms Podcast which she co-hosts with her sister Sarah. They’re passionate about providing the encouragement, support, and resources moms need to grow businesses on the side while also spending time with their families.

48-Hour Giveaway: Two (16 Ounce) Containers of Artisan Granola (6 Winners)

granola spoon

Do you love homemade granola? If so, you’ll definitely want to enter this giveaway!

Gathering Grains is a company that offers delicious homemade granola. And I don’t say that lightly!

I’ve tried multiple varieties they offer and they are so delicious! My favorite, of course, is the Chocolate Peanut Butter kind.

Mixed in with some coconut milk, almond milk, yogurt, or milk, it’s the perfect start to your morning!

Gathering Grains Granola is made by Andrea — a mom who was concerned with the chemicals her children were eating for breakfast and went on a mission to do something about it.

Andrea started making things from scratch, reading really old recipes, creating great friendships with an Amish family, and doing some research. Eventually, she started a business fueled by her passion to bring natural food back into her home.

Her motto became: “If my great-grandmother can’t identify it, it’s not coming into our house!”

She says that her granola has been “approved by the neighbor children, encouraged by great friends, and supported by a (very) understanding husband.”

seven grain close up

Gathering Grains Granola is handmade, with 100% non-gmo ingredients, including heart healthy coconut oil and non-pasturized Amish raised honey. It is 100% sodium and preservative free.

All orders are packed in packed in BPA-free and 100% recyclable deli containers; as good for the environment as it is for you. Special orders are available, including gluten-free and nut-free. Contact Andrea directly to place special orders (gatheringgrains @

For more information, check out the Gathering Grains website or follow Gathering Grains on Facebook.

Would you like to win some Gathering Grains Granola? Andrea is providing six two 16 oz. containers of granola. She’ll be surprising you with what kinds she’ll be sending you!

Click on the link below to type in your name and email address. Six winners will be chosen and posted next week. This giveaway ends Wednesday, October 28, at 11:59 pm, CST.

Enter the Giveaway

Save on EcoTools & Real Techniques Cosmetics Brushes at Walmart + enter to win a $50 Walmart gift card (2 winners)

EcoTools Walmart Deal

Are you in need of some fresh, new cosmetics brushes? Right now Walmart is helping you find your new brush crush with some savings on EcoTools and Real Techniques brands.

Hurry and print these rare printable coupons to help you save on these brand-name cosmetics brushes:

Both of these brands offer great benefits, depending on what you’re specifically looking for:


  • Combines beauty with eco-innovation to offer a comprehensive line that looks beautiful, performs beautifully, and acts responsibly.
  • Cosmetic brushes feature incredibly soft bristles, sleek bamboo handles, recycled aluminum ferrules and are 100% cruelty free.
  • Each brush head is hand-cut to the perfect shape, allowing for precise application from dense coverage to a soft, delicate finish.
  • For more product information, check out the EcoTools website or the EcoTools Facebook page.

Real Techniques

  • A line of high-tech cosmetic brushes developed by sisters & makeup pros, Sam & Nic Chapman.
  • The Chapman sisters develop step-by-step tutorials on one of the top YouTube beauty vlogs in the world:
  • 3 step color-coded system makes getting the perfect look easy every time
  • For more product information, check out the Real Techniques website or the Real Techniques Facebook page.

Once you’ve printed your coupons and found your new favorite cosmetics brush, be sure to share it with your friends on social media with the hashtag #MyNewBrushCrush.

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{This post was underwritten by Lunchbox. Read my disclosure policy here.}