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Save money and simplify things by setting a limit on Christmas gifts

Ashley emailed in the following tip:

We give each of our children three, and only three, Christmas gifts. Jesus also received three gifts from the wise men (gold, frankincense, and myrrh), so we figure if it was good enough for Him, then it is good enough for our children! We share with our children that they are receiving three gifts, just as Jesus did, and it makes the holiday more meaningful as well.

We also have set up a “genre” for each of the three gifts our children receive. One gift is always something useful like pajamas; one gift is money for their savings; and one gift is something they want or a “fun gift”. By limiting the number of “fun gifts” to just one per child, we are able to say “no” when we see something they would “just love,” but not love enough to be their “fun gift.” -Ashley

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Get a Jump-Start on Holiday Shopping

Guest post by Jessica Miller at The Shoestring Budget

I do not like shopping when the stores are packed. I also don’t like paying twice as much as normal because of the current season. So I started shopping for my Christmas gifts earlier in the year. Like really early in the year.

Thanks to deal-posting sites like and others, I’m able to have good deals delivered directly to my inbox. I can quickly scan the list and if something pops out at me, I take a minute to decide if it would make a good Christmas gift or not, and if so, I buy it!

My husband and I have a tradition of giving a gift to each of our immediate family members on Christmas. Since we don’t have any children yet, we can still afford to do this. But that’s still eight gifts to buy in addition to the ones we give each other.

In order to save as much as possible, and still be able to bless our family members, we set a budget for our Christmas gifts. We have an allotted amount to spend on each person and after we’ve spent that amount, we’re done!

Throughout the year, I keep my eyes open for good deals on things that would make great gifts. Many times stores will run sales on items throughout the year that will also be available at Christmas for more money. By buying these early, I can save money and actually give a bigger gift.

I make a list with each person’s name on it and once I’ve bought something for their gift, I write down the item and the price and how much I have left to spend. This keeps me organized and enables me to stick to the budget we set.

So far I’ve already bought something for both my sister and my sister-in-law that took about half of their allotted amounts, so as soon as I find something for the other half, I can mark two people off the list! The best part is that I can avoid crowded shopping malls and overpriced gifts, not to mention I can experience the joy of shopping for someone else all year long.

Jessica and her husband Curtis have been married for 10 months, and are currently renting a duplex and saving as much money as possible to be able to buy a house and raise a family before long. One of the things she loves to do most is search for the best deals and coupons. Saving money has become a fun thing for her and her husband to do together. Jessica  writes about the deals she finds and tips she’s learned at The Shoestring Budget.

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