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Tag Archive: Busy Bag Ideas

Busy Bag Idea: Felt Snowflakes

The Snowflake Builder Busy Bag has been a hit–even though it’s not exactly winter around here yet. 🙂


It’s a simple idea to put together, only requires a small amount of felt, and the snowflake building possibilities are almost endless.

You can print off snowflake patterns here for your child to follow, or you can encourage them to create their own patterns.

Kaitlynn asked if she could glue her felt pieces to the board to make a permanent snowflake to display. While I told her that I didn’t want her to do that just yet, it gave me the idea that I’m going to cut more shapes out of white paper and then give them to her with a glue stick and a dark sheet of paper and let her design and glue the pieces on the dark paper to create her own paper snowflake.

See more details on how to create a Felt Snowflake Busy Bag here (you might consider laminating the patterns, if you want them to last longer). Find more Busy Bag ideas here.

Busy Bag Idea: Alphabet Tracing Sheets

The Alphabet Tracing Sheets Busy Bag from our Busy Bag Swap has been one of the children’s favorites. It’s perfect for Kaitlynn (4) as she loves to practice drawing her letters. Silas has also enjoyed trying to write the letters, too.

Secretly, though, I think one reason it’s their favorite is because it involves markers–something usually off-limits at our house. 🙂

This Busy Bag just involves a laminated page or two of some type of numbers or letters (you could also do shapes or cursive) and a dry erase marker or crayon. You could also include some sort of eraser. Ours didn’t have an eraser, so we just use a cloth or baby wipe.

The beauty of this is that you can use it again and again and again! If you don’t have a laminator or don’t want to mess with laminating the sheets, you could just put them in page protectors and it would work almost as well. If you wanted to do more than a few pages, you could stick them in a three-ring binder for hours of tracing practice!

Download the Alphabet Tracing Sheets here. There are also free alphabet and number tracing pages here and here. If you want tracing pages for individual letters, you can find some of those here. Find more Busy Bag ideas here.

Busy Bag Idea: Number Wheel

Many of you have asked for Busy Bag Ideas for preschoolers, so here’s one that Kaitlynn (4) has enjoyed (this was one of the Busy Bags in the Busy Bag Swap Box):

The Number Wheel is just a simple laminated circle, divided into ten “slices” plus ten clothespins with numbers 1-10 written on them. Each slice on the Number Wheel has a different number of dots in it that correspond with the numbers on the clothespins.

The object of this activity is for the child to match up the dots in each slices with the numbers on the clothespins. It not only teaches basic math and matching skills, but also has some fine motor skills practice thrown in, too.

Download a free printable Number Wheel here. There are also some variations on the Clothespin Number Wheel idea here. Find more Busy Bag ideas here.

Busy Bag Idea: Egg Carton + Colored Plastic Eggs

Okay, so I have to admit that I wasn’t too enthused about this Busy Bag from our Busy Bag Swap. It seemed so simple that I figured no one would find it too exciting. Well, was I ever wrong! This is, by far, Silas’ favorite Busy Bag Activity to date.

He has taken the plastic colored eggs in and out of the egg carton more times than I can care to count. And he’s enjoyed every minute of it!

We were also thrilled to discover that Silas could match all of the colors of the eggs to the colors colored on the bottom of the egg carton. The girls and I had so much fun cheering him on as he did it right and then we couldn’t wait until Jesse got home so we could show him, too!

See more details on creating an Egg Carton Busy Bag here. Find more Busy Bag Ideas here.

Busy Bag Idea: “Pom Pom Stuff It In”

Another fun Busy Bag we received in our Busy Bag Swap box was a “Pom Pom Stuff It In” activity, as Brenda called it. I’m quite sure what to call it, but let’s just say that Silas loved this activity.

It’s basically a small plastic tub of some sort (you could use a yogurt or sour cream container) with a hole cut in it to push pom poms through (you can find pom poms really inexpensively at the dollar store or at Hobby Lobby).

Silas had so much fun stuffing these in. When he was done, he dumped them all out and started over again. And he’s done it again and again like that!

This simple activity kept him happily occupied for quite a long while during our homeschooling time this past week and he hasn’t seemed to lose any interest or excitement about it yet!

See more details on creating a Pom Pom Stuff It In (or whatever you want to call it!) here. Find more Busy Bag Ideas here.

Busy Bag Idea: Button Snake

Another fun Busy Bag we received in our Busy Bag Swap box was a button snake.

This simple activity just uses a ribbon with a button sewn on one end and a piece of felt sewn on the other. Cut out squares of felt and cut buttonhole-like slits in them.

This is a perfect thing to keep in your purse or diaper bag to pull out and hand to your child when you’re waiting in a waiting room or at an event where they need to be sitting quietly for any length of time.

Variations: Encourage your child to string the felt in pattern using a few different colors. You could also cut out the felt pieces in different shapes.

See this post for more detailed instructions on how to make a Button Snake.