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Pasta Pictures Busy Bag

This Busy Bag idea is so simple, but my kids loved it this week. It’s not exactly reusable — but it’s very, very inexpensive to put together, especially if you find a great deal on pasta!

Just put a bottle of glue, some pieces of cardstock, and some uncooked pasta (shapes and colors work best) into a ziptop bag. Or, feel free to skip the step of actually assembling the bag — but sometimes it’s easier to just go ahead and make up a bunch of Busy Bags so that you aren’t having to remember online ideas and assemble things on the fly.

Basically, just give your children the bag contents: some cardstock, glue, and uncooked pasta and let them have fun creating pictures. I’d recommend being close by if you have younger children, since glue and toddlers doesn’t always mix well. 😉

You can also do the same thing with uncooked beans. Or, if you want to jazz things up a bit and you only have plain pasta, you can dye your own pasta.

Note: As children can potentially choke on hard pasta, make sure to supervise them with this activity.

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Clothespin Number Match-Up Busy Bag

We’re working with Silas on learning to recognize his numbers right now. So this Clothespin Number Match-up Busy Bag from Confessions of a Homeschooler has been perfect for practicing!

All it requires is a pack of clothespins (check the dollar store for these), this printable, and a plastic bag.

Laminate or print the Clothes Pin Number Match-up on thick cardstock, write the numbers on clothespins, and stick it all in a plastic bag to have handy for when you want to keep your youngster busy while you’re working on something else.

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Busy Bag Idea: Pinchers & Pom-Poms

The Pinchers & Pom-Poms from our Busy Bag Swap has been a fun way to practice fine motor skills.

The Busy Bag that came in our swap had pom-poms, colored paper clips, and tongs. You should be able to get all of these items at the dollar store, if you don’t already have them on hand. Or, you can improvise using things you have.

The object of the Busy Bag is to use the pinchers to pick up the pom-poms and paper clips. I had Kaitlynn put them in a bowl. You could have a child sort them in piles by color. Or count out a certain number of objects.

Kaitlynn also enjoyed trying to pick up the pom-poms with the paper clips.

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Twist Tie Busy Bag

Guest post by Willa from Armstrong Family Fare

Recently there have been a lot of wonderful busy bag ideas shared here. A lot of them look like they would be something my two-year old son would enjoy, however I did not have many of the items needed to make them on hand.

I am very supportive of spending a little money on fun education activities, but we’re currently working on our very own BHAG and trying to cut as many corners as possible. I thought about an activity my son might enjoy and came up with my own, the Twist Tie Busy Bag!

You’ll need the following items:

  • A handful of twist ties (20 or so)
  • A small bottle

Have your child straighten the twist ties and then put them into the bottle one by one. My son loved it and thought it was a lot of fun!

He always wants to play with twist ties, so this activity allows him just that all while improving his finger dexterity and hand eye coordination! All of this fun was capable with items already available in my home.

Willa lives in Ohio with her husband, Eric and son, Graham (2 years) and daughter, Ellie (5 months). Willa shares her favorite recipes and passion for spending time in the kitchen on her new blog, Armstrong Family Fare.