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Simply Tuesday Review (Part 1)

Simply Tuesday Review

After reading the first section of Simply Tuesday (pages 1-67), I feel like my soul just took a big gulp of fresh air.

Life has been full recently. Maybe more than full? Crammed might be a better word.

I didn’t realize how out-of-breath my soul felt. Squeezed. Pressed. Bordering on hyperventilating.

So I savored that fresh air. And I savored the words that spoke life into my heart and soul.

The words that challenged me to slow down. To embrace small. To let go of hurry.

I read a section on my Morning Motivation Show this morning that really challenged me. You can watch it here.

Of that entire section, this line was probably my favorite: “If the light of a Tuesday morning candle isn’t bright enough to light the room, a spotlight won’t be either.”

We tend to think the spotlight is where it’s at. That spotlights equal success.

But success comes in many shapes and forms. It might be serving your neighbor. Or putting a healthy meal on the table. Or rocking your baby. Or reading to a child. Or helping a co-worker. Or working in the garden. Or writing that blog post.

“When I want to climb the ladder, what if instead, I tore the ladder apart and used the wood to build a bench?

Don’t chase after the spotlights and the success ladders. Invest in the work right in front of you. Invest in the people right next to you — in your home, in your child’s class, at your community center, at your church, at the office, on your block.

“But people don’t need fancy and flashy, they probably just want regular. They don’t need a fixer, they need a journeyer. They just need to sit on a bench with someone else so they know they’re not alone. I know this, because it’s what I need, too.”

This challenged me. Because I tend to want to be a fixer. I’m a person who loves to practically help. I like to trouble-shoot and problem-solve. But I’m learning that often people don’t need solutions; they just need a listening ear.

“What if we stopped asking God for big ways to serve Him and started walking with our friend Jesus into the next simple moment in front of us.”

Did you read the first section of Simply Tuesday? If so, I’d love to hear what sections impacted you or challenged you. Tomorrow, we’ll read section 2 (pages 67-116).

Homemaking Challenge, Final #KonMari Post, + Next Week’s Book “Club” Selection

Next Week's Book Club Selection

I’m skipping out on the Homemaking Challenge again today. I have had some post-surgery pain the past two days that I didn’t feel was right. I called my doctor about it this morning and she wanted me to come in to get it checked out.

Turns out, I have a small infection. So, they’re treating that and I’m supposed to take it really easy this weekend. It seems that’s the story of my life right now, but it’s good for me to slow down, give myself grace, and learn so much compassion for people who chronically struggle with health issues.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

I finished reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up today. Honestly, I think that I loved the first 2 or 3 sections the most. The final section was a little on the weird side again (greeting your home, feng shui, and more).

The sections on why you should declutter and how decluttering can impact other areas of your life was good and thought-provoking.

I especially loved this quote: “The question of what you own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.”

I Guess We’re Starting a Book Club? Or Something!

So I didn’t intend to start a “Book Club” here and I don’t really know that I am. But I really and truly enjoyed reading through The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and blogging through it here, so I thought it would be fun to pick another book to blog through next week.

I picked three books and then asked on Periscope yesterday for the viewers to vote on which book they’d like for me to blog through next week and talk about on my daily Morning Motivation show on Periscope (I’m MoneySavingMom on there, if you’re not already following me!).

The votes are in and I’ll be going through Emily Freeman’s book, Simply Tuesday. I can’t wait to dive into this book — it looks so good!

If you’d like to join me, you can pick up a copy this weekend or borrow one from a friend. We’ll be reading one section per weekday next week.

Chime In!

I’d love to hear from you: would you be interested in me blogging through more books like I did this week? If so, which types of books would you most enjoy me going through?