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Simplify & Say No (December’s 12 Months to a Healthier You Challenge)


I am so grateful that December’s challenge is to Simplify & Say No. I’ve had a LOT on my plate the past two months.

There are some seasons where life is just full like that. But I always want them to be seasons, not lifestyles. So this month, I’m really going to focus on cutting back on the non-important in order to allow more breathing room.

One change I’m making is working on getting back to normal bed times and wake up times. I’m ready to jump back into going to bed early and getting up early again now that I’m no longer on my crazy book-writing schedule. And I’ve set aside focused blocks of time each day for me to be offline so that I can be fully present for my family.

I’m also going to be doing an impromptu Clear Out the Clutter & Clean the Whole House Challenge next week. My house needs a thorough cleaning from top to bottom and I figured I could use the accountability of getting it done. I’ll be posting challenges/my to-do list each morning and then an update on my progress each evening. I’d love for you to join me, if you’re interested. Look for more details on Saturday!

Who’s joining me and focusing on Simplifying & Saying No this month? What are you planning to do specifically to make that happen?

12 Months to a Healthier You: November’s Challenge

Expressing gratitude doesn’t require money. It doesn’t require much thought or effort. But it can change our whole outlook on life.

I started keeping a gratitude journal two years ago. It helped me to keep a positive, thankful attitude in the midst of some health problems I was experiencing.

But once those health problems were resolved, I saw such benefit in recording my blessings every day, that I continued doing it. To keep it simple, I’ve just been using the one-line-a-day journal my mom gave me for Christmas.

Every morning, when I first wake up, I read my Bible, pray, and write down at least one line of blessings from the past day. Some days it’s easier to come up with blessings than others, but I can always come up with at least a few good things from the day before — even if it was a hard day.

I’ve found that starting my day by recounting the blessings from the previous day puts me in a different state of mind. And it gets the day started on a great foot! Plus, it reminds me to live with a grateful, thankful spirit.

Will You Join Me?

During the month of November, I’d like to encourage you to join me in this practice. Get creative in how you record your blessings each day: Buy a journal at the dollar store, use a notebook you already have, share your list on Facebook or Instagram, post it on your blog, or write it on a white board or chalkboard on your wall each day. Whatever works for you! The important thing is to take time to recount and write down your blessings!

Gratitude Journal

Psst! Coming later this month, I’m releasing a brand-new Gratitude Journal. We’ll have it available in our online store and it will be available in some bookstores nationwide, as well. If you’d like to go ahead and purchase a copy, it’s available to order from Amazon already.

Are you joining us for the November Challenge to write a list of a few things you’re thankful for everyday? Let us know if you’re joining us by leaving a comment on this post. I’ll be blogging my list of blessings every Monday and would love for you to join me and share your blessings on that post each week, too!

Cutting Back on Caffeine… or maybe not?

Save Over $100 Per Week By Making Your Own Coffee at Home

I had fully planned to stick it out through the end of the month with my Cutting Back on Caffeine commitment for October (cutting back from two cups of coffee per day to one cup per day), but it’s kind of really starting to stink. As in, it’s messing with my sleep patterns and habits.

You see, ever since I went down to just 1 1/4 cups, I have fallen asleep at least an hour or two before I was planning to and then have had trouble getting up in the morning when I planned to do so.

So, you might not think this is a big problem. Except it is, because I keep falling asleep before taking my contacts out, washing my face, or taking my pills before bed (I am currently on a few different medications because of some health issues + my usual vitamins)… and well, I keep waking up at 3 a.m. or so realizing that I accidentally fell asleep before doing my nightly routine. So then I have to get up and do my before bed routine and then that wakes me up so much that I have trouble falling back to sleep. Which, in turn, means I sleep in later than I was planning to and wake up feeling like I still need more sleep.

Yes, I know these seem like such trivial problems to have, but I feel like cutting back on that one cup of coffee is kind of wreaking havoc on my life. And it’s just not worth it… especially while I’m in the middle of mothering, developing relationships in a new community, running a business, and writing a book.

So, even though I’m not usually a quitter, I’m going to give myself grace and just say that this experiment has gone on long enough and I’m going back to my two cups of coffee per day.

Stay tuned for November’s 12 Months to a Healthier You Challenge. 🙂

Cutting Down on Caffeine (I survived another week!)

Bulletproof CoffeeBulletproof Coffee

So, I’m working on cutting back on caffeine this month, as part of the 12 Months to a Healthier You Challenge. And while last week was harder, I was excited that this week wasn’t as hard. Yay!

This week, I cut back from 1 and 3/4 cups per day to 1 and 1/2 cups per day. And I didn’t really even notice that I’d cut back a little. I am drinking a few cups of herbal tea, too, and I think that helps.

I’ve already decided this may not be a habit I decide to stick with, but I’m committed to following through with cutting back for this month.

How are YOU doing on cutting back on caffeine?

Cutting Back on Caffeine (whose idea was this anyway??)

Cutting back on Caffeine

So, I’m working on cutting back on caffeine this month, as part of the 12 Months to a Healthier You Challenge. And yikes, this is harder than I thought.

I switched to only using cream or half and half in my coffee a few months ago (I know, no sugar, people! Can you believe it??), but I do love me my coffee.

However, I’m determined to follow through with this challenge, so I’ve cut back to 1 and 3/4 cups per day instead of my usual two cups. I plan to slowly keep cutting back until I’m at 1 cup per day by the end of the month.

I’ve already decided this may not be a habit I decide to stick with. Because coffee is one of life’s little pleasures to me and something I savor every day! 🙂

How are YOU doing on cutting back on caffeine?

P.S. Pictured above was my lunch today. I “Trim Healthy Mama-fied” the Blueberry Crisp from Bread & Wine and it is SO good! I cannot believe how much I love this way of eating… I never thought that sweet-tooth, carb-loving me would survive without sugar and lots of carbs. But I’m not just surviving; I’m thriving — and it’s been five months now, so I think we might be able to officially declare it a lifestyle change??

12 Months to a Healthier You: October’s Challenge


For September’s 12 Months to a Healthier You Challenge, we focused on clearing out clutter. I committed to spend 30 minutes to an hour every week de-cluttering at my house. Here’s an update from my last 30-minute decluttering session:

30 Minutes of Decluttering

I cleaned clutter/trash/things that didn’t belong out of the car. Um, I’m sort of embarrassed to show you the sack I brought in from the car.

Yes, that whole entire thing was stuff in the car that was either trash or didn’t belong in the car. Yikes!

October’s Challenge is to cut back on caffeine. And I kind of groaned when I saw that’s what it was. Because I love my two cups of coffee each day!

But I’m going to try to slowly cut back to one cup of coffee per day just to see if it changes how I feel or my sleeping patterns or anything. And also just because I think it’s good to challenge myself to things like this on occasion (yes, you can call me crazy!)

Did you do any de-cluttering this past week? If so, how’d it go for you? Are you planning to join us for October’s challenge?