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1 Jun 2011   ·   144
Money Saving Mom

How to Have a Successful Road Trip With Young Children: Be Organized When Packing

A few years ago, I stumbled upon the Ziploc bag method of packing for a vacation and it’s revolutionized our organization on trips. It’s so simple that a picture is probably all you need to get how it works, but for those who like specific step-by-step details, here’s how it works for us:

1. Do all the laundry.

Since we only have 6-10 outfits total for each member of our family, if we’re going on a trip longer than a few days, we have to do all the laundry in order to have enough clothes to pack.

2. Lay out an outfit for each child for each day.

As I’m folding the laundry, I make piles of matching outfits for each child for every day that we’ll be gone. I also lay out an extra outfit for each child and a few extra shirts for our child who tends to be messy. 🙂 In addition, I set aside socks and underwear, as well as pajamas.

3. Roll the clothes for each day and put into a labeled bag.

I label a bag for each day of the week we’ll be gone, plus an extras bag, a socks & underwear bag and a PJ bag. If you have more than three children or your children are older, you may need to have individual bags for each child. Since we just have three young children, we can still fit their outfits into one ziptop bag per day.

4. When traveling, set out the bag of clothes for the next day the night before, along with shoes.

Instead of having to rummage through a suitcase for clothes each morning, just set out the appropriate bag, along with socks, shoes and underwear the night before. It makes getting everyone ready a snap in the mornings!

5. Stick the extras bag in the car or diaper bag to have on hand in case it’s needed.

If there’s a diaper blowout or a spill or other accident, you’re prepared with extra outfits for everyone!

6. Save your bags to re-use for the next trip.

We label the ziptop bags with tape so we can re-use them again and again. We store them in our suitcases to be at-the-ready for our next trip.

Coming tomorrow: How to Have a Successful Road Trip With Young Children: Pack an Emergency Box

How do you stay organized when packing for a trip? I’d love to hear your ideas!

1 Jun 2011   ·  
Money Saving Mom

Reader Tip: Misspell Your Searches to Save on Ebay Purchases

Annie at The Bargain Junkie emailed in the following tip:

When I shop for things on eBay, I often deliberately misspell the item I’m searching for. There is always a seller who has inadvertently posted a typo. I wanted a Mexican silver bracelet, so I searched for “Mexican SLIVER bracelet.” I was the only bidder, so I got a $200 Taxco bracelet for 7 bucks.

31 May 2011   ·   26
Money Saving Mom

Yesterday’s Dillon’s Shopping Trip

I went to Dillon’s yesterday and picked up some great bargains:

3 packages of Sister Schubert’s rolls — $1.79 each when you buy 10 participating items, used $0.50/1 coupons (doubled) from the 4/17 SmartSource insert — $0.79 after coupons

4 jars of Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade — $1.25 each, used 4 $0.75/1 coupons (“doubled” to $1 off — there is a limit of one coupon per registration, but you can register multiple family members) — $0.25 per jar after coupons

5 boxes of Green Giant vegetables — $0.99 each when you buy 10 participating items

5 packages of Milano cookies — $1.99 each, used 5 $0.50/1 coupons — $0.99 each

2 Butterfinger bars — $0.50 each — used $1/2 coupon — free after coupon

StoveTop Stuffing — free with a coupon they sent me

Cottonelle — used free coupon

Suave Professionals — used free coupon

Two boxes of Tony’s pizza — used two free coupons they sent me

Total after coupons: $15.42

31 May 2011   ·   84
Money Saving Mom

How We Saved $900 By Fixing Our Washing Machine Instead of Replacing It

Guest post by Shannon from Mrs. Moneysaver

My washing machine hasn’t been working so well lately. When it runs through the spin cycle, it doesn’t spin fast enough and the clothes are still pretty wet when I take them out. This is especially true for loads of towels and jeans. It’s a good thing the weather here has been decent enough for me to use my clothesline or I would have worn out my dryer as well!

So, I contemplated buying a new washer. I’ve seen the front load washers and they look really nice. Plus, they can hold a larger load than what I can put in the machine I have now, which means less laundry time.

And then I found this deal at Surviving the Stores and would have made the purchase but the price was $450 each when I checked. And, when you buy a new washer, you’ve got to get a new dryer too if you’re getting a great deal, right? But, I missed out on the sale.

So, I started checking Craigslist. There were lots of front load washers in Denver which is about a 4-hour drive from here. But, driving all that way to pick it up? Nope, don’t want to do that.

Then there’s the dilemma of what to do with our old set when we buy the new set. The dryer still works fine and the washer does work — it’s just that spin cycle. It’s still worth something, isn’t it?

That got me wondering: If the washer is good enough to sell at a garage sale, isn’t it still good enough for me? We haven’t had any credit card debt for awhile, did I really want to start that again?

I started doing a little research online. I found out that the spin cycle problem could be one of a few things:

1. The pump isn’t working
2. The motor coupling is worn out (which is common because it works just like a belt)
3. The basket drive/clutch assembly has worn out

I knew the pump was working because it was draining the water out. The spin cycle just wasn’t spinning fast enough. I read that the basket drive/clutch assembly was expensive to replace and I would be better off buying a new washer. But since the motor coupling was only a $10 part, I decided to start with that.

I ordered the part online and it arrived yesterday. My husband (the great DIY’er that he is) replaced the motor coupling last night. It worked!

Just like new. Only $900 less.

Shannon is a wife and mother of six kids. She is also “Mrs Moneysaver” and has a blog sharing coupons, coupon match-ups, freebies, daily deals and money saving strategies.

30 May 2011   ·   32
Money Saving Mom

This Week’s Menu

Green Smoothies

I’ve finally got everything unpacked, the house and van back in order and the laundry almost done after our road trip last week. It was fun to be away as a family but it’s good to be home!

We have another full week with lots of fun things in store — like spending all day tomorrow at Amy’s house with Laura from Heavenly Homemakers (they say we’re doing a joint video blog; that should be interesting!) and then our two-day homeschool convention this Friday and Saturday (any readers going to be there? I’d love meet up, if so!).

Here’s our planned menu:

Cereal, Pick-Me-Up Smoothies
French Toast Casserole (from the freezer), Fruit
Steel Cut Oats with raw sugar and milk
Breakfast Burritos, Fruit
Strawberry-Banana Smoothies, toast
Chocolate Chip Banana Bread (recipe coming Thursday), scrambled eggs
Whole-Wheat Chocolate Pancakes (recipe coming Thursday), scrambled eggs

Lunch at Amy’s house (she’s kindly providing lunch for us!)
Apple Peanut Butter sandwiches, carrot sticks
Beans & Rice with cheese, peas, fruit
Lunch at Spangles with Stacie (using our Groupons!)
Cheese Quesadillas, fruit

Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Barbecue at extended family’s house
Meatballs, corn on the cob, fruit salad
Burritos, brown rice, steamed veggies, fruit salad
Steak on the grill, frozen veggies, toast
Tilapia, rice, steamed broccoli, fruit salad
Dinner out
Marinated chicken, frozen veggies, fruit, Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Freezer-Cooking-In-An-Hour Plan (I’ll share pictures/details on how this goes on Thursday!)
Whole-Wheat Chocolate Pancakes
Chocolate Chip Banana Bread
Brown Rice/Wild Rice

What’s on your menu this week?

30 May 2011   ·   57
Money Saving Mom

How To Pay Cash for a Vacation

1. Set A Goal and Break It Down Into Bite-Sized Pieces

A lot of people want to go on paid-for vacations, but few actually sit down and make a plan to make it happen without debt. Do you want to go on a three-day road trip in six months from now or a week-long cruise in three years from now?

Either way, you need to sit down and figure out how much it is approximately going to cost (I recommend rounding up the amount you think it will cost in order to give you some wiggle room in case it ends up costing more than you’ve planned on.). Once you have a set figure for how much you plan to spend on your vacation, break that down into monthly and weekly savings goals.

Let’s say you want to go on a three-day road trip as a family in December. If you calculate that it will cost you $500 ($250 for hotel, $100 for gas, $150 for food + attractions) and you have around six months to save, than you’ll need to come up with an extra $84 each month or $21 each week.

2. Make a Plan of Action

Once you’ve figured out where you want to go, how much it is going to cost and how much you need to save each week, you can devise a plan of action. What specific actions are you going to take to save the money for your vacation?

If you don’t have extra money in your budget to divert to a special vacation savings, think of things you could cut from your budget to free up the necessary money. To take our previous example, if you have a goal to save $21 each week for your three-day December road trip, that could mean giving up dinner out each week or shaving that money off your grocery budget by using coupons or playing the Drugstore Game.

3. Put On Your Thinking Cap

If you feel like there’s no way you can squeeze any extra out of your budget or lower an of your expenses, there are still ways to save money for a vacation, if it’s something that’s really important to you. You could have a garage sale, sell some items you no longer need on Craigslist or eBay, mow lawns, babysit, take on a small cleaning job, start a side freelance business, teach classes… the possibilities are endless. Think about things you are good at or love to do and consider how you could earn extra income by investing a few hours each week into them.

When you set a goal, work hard and finally reach it, it’s very rewarding and fulfilling. And you can enjoy your vacation without having to feel guilty or worry about how you are going to afford to pay for it later!

30 May 2011   ·   127
Money Saving Mom

What Do I Do With This Stockpile?

Guest post by Alison

As much as I love getting free to cheap products, there comes a point when I’ve just simply got too much stuff. When I open my cabinets and closets, and toothpaste falls on my head or a shampoo bottle hits my foot, it’s probably a good sign that I might be going overboard.

Sure, I can give my mom the tenth bottle of laundry detergent I’ve given her in a month or give a friend the seventh bar of soap I’ve passed onto her in a week, but at some point, they start to question my sanity. So the question is, what do I do with some of this stuff?

Donate to a local organization.

More than ever, local charities are hurting and in desperate need of a myriad of items, many of which we’ve been able to stockpile. Check out their websites or give them a call to see what items they’re most in need of. Homeless shelters, rescue missions, women and children’s shelters and pet rescues are all great places to check.

While it takes a little more time, I like to thoroughly sort out which organizations need which items. I could throw everything in a box and bring it to the nearest charity or shelter, but I prefer to sort through the items. The homeless shelter probably doesn’t have a high demand for Pediasure, but the local Shade Tree definitely does. The rescue mission isn’t in dire need of cat food, but the cat rescue can definitely benefit.

Set aside items to pack shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.

Last year was the first year I participated in Operation Christmas Child, and I bought items right before Christmas. This meant not only did I pay full price for most items, I wasn’t able to pack as many boxes as I would have liked.

This year, I’ve learned to plan ahead and stock up during Target clearance and other coupon deals. It’s not even the middle of the year and I’ve got an entire box full of toys, school supplies and hygiene items set aside just for this purpose.

Reach out to those in your church, neighborhood or community.

You might be surprised of the needs that go unmet even in our own communities. You can either donate these items to individuals and families or even arrange a swap.

I may not need any more baby wipes, but there might be someone who does that has some extra Excedrin that I need. I would always rather items go to someone who can use them than have them sitting in my closet collecting dust.

Keep a supply of hygiene kits in your car to pass out.

This may not be the right route for everyone, but it’s one that I personally love. Get together hygiene kits with the basics and keep a case of bottled water in your car. Pass them out when you see individuals in need.

It’s amazing how much of a blessing such a small gesture can be. The things we often take for granted are some of the basic necessities in life that not everyone has access to.

Those are just a few ideas of what I do to clear some space in my house, as well as help fulfill the needs of others. I’d love to hear your ideas, too!

Alison Rutledge is a work-at-home wife, student and mother to two crazy cats. She loves the Lord, serving others, volunteering, reading, staying active and, of course, shopping for the best deals she can find.

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30 May 2011   ·   5
Money Saving Mom

Reader Testimonial: Teaching Others Helps Me Stay Accountable

Testimonial by Heather from Family Friendly Frugality:

I started using coupons and living a frugal lifestyle out of necessity. I was sick of going over budget and knew I needed to drastically change the way that I looked at our finances.

With the support of my husband, I learned how to stretch our budget by picking up tips and techniques from blogs Once I finally got the hang of shopping strategically, it was absolutely thrilling to see how much money we were able to save every week. I was determined to keep up this frugal lifestyle for the rest of my life, how could I not?

The best comparison I can think of is starting a new diet. You begin losing weight and investing in your health and you feel great! You know that you will maintain this lifestyle for the rest of your life. Until you stumble upon a brownie and you quickly backslide back into your old ways.

Next time you try to hop back onto the healthy eating train, you know it will be harder. You will already have that negative self talk going on in your brain saying, “Well you failed last time, what makes you think this time is going to be any different?”. This same cycle can repeat itself over and over again, and each time you end up with a few extra pounds more then you started off with.

The same goes for living a frugal lifestyle. It was too easy to get complacent. After awhile I began to realize that I was leaving my coupons at home more often then I was taking them with me. I began to realize that I hadn’t been to the drugstore in months and I was starting to shell out full price for the items I knew I could easily get for free.

I was backsliding.

I knew that’s not what I wanted for myself, and it definitely wasn’t what I wanted for my family. At the moment I realized where we were headed, I made the choice that not only was I not going to allow us to become complacent, but that I also needed accountability.

Have you ever noticed that people who have lost a lot of weight and kept it off often end up in some kind of support role? The act of teaching others to lose weight is what helps them stay accountable.

So, I decided to teach — to share what I had learned about saving money and living within my means! I knew that by sharing my enthusiasm for saving money, it would ignite the passion in others to go for their goals!

I also knew that I could never be a hypocrite. I knew I needed to practice what I preached.

Teaching others to save money and to live frugally holds me accountable. I can’t backslide. There are too many who need to learn that there is a more fulfilling way to live then hopping from paycheck to paycheck, and I’m ready to teach.

Heather Shaw is a wife and mom of two living in the great state of Texas! She teachers others to live a frugal lifestyle on her newly redesigned blog, Family Friendly Frugality.

28 May 2011   ·   20
Money Saving Mom

More Ways to Help the Joplin Tornado Victims

So many of you continue to ask for specific ways you can help those devastated by the tornado in Joplin. Here are some more needs I found out about today:

Supplies Urgently Needed

If you will be heading to Joplin in the next 24 hours, The Bridge is urgently needing: Neosporin, hydrogen peroxide, pillows, cleaning supplies, bandages, pain medicine, sunscreen, razors and tarp. They will be opening up tomorrow afternoon at 1 p.m. They are located at 3405 S. Hammons Blvd (right off of I-44), Joplin, MO 64804. Their phone number is: 417-206-6886. They also would gladly accept any volunteer help.

Homeschooling/Educational Materials Needed

There were a number of homeschooling families who lost everything (including all their homeschool curriculum and supplies) in the tornado. Light of Faith (a book company based in Joplin, MO whose owners are personal friends of our family) is working with a local homeschool mom to collect homeschool donations for these families. If you have homeschool or educational materials (new or used) that you would like to donate, please contact homeschooltornadorelief @ (remove spaces) for details on where to send your items.

Other Donations Needed

Convoy of Hope is working in conjunction with a team from Central Bible College to go door-to-door to help supply residents in Joplin with whatever they need.

I talked with Denise today, who is working on the ground with Convoy of Hope in Joplin, and she said they would welcome mailed material donations and are especially needing:

::Box tape
::Plastic totes
::Knee pads and work gloves
::New socks and underwear
::Tylenol and pain medication
::Canned foods
::Things for children: sidewalk chalk, bubbles, bouncy balls, crayons and coloring books, etc.

You can send donations to:

Convoy of Hope
330 South Patterson
Springfield, Missouri 65802

To read more about Convoy of Hope and how they are helping those in Joplin, visit their Facebook Page.

Thank you for all you are doing to help these needy folks. They continue to express their humble and overwhelming gratitude for how complete strangers are reaching out and helping them get back up on their feet.

28 May 2011   ·   48
Money Saving Mom

Super Savings Saturday: The Road Trip edition

I didn’t go shopping this week. Instead, we took a family road trip to Oklahoma City and Tulsa. We had a specific budget we’d set ahead of time for our trip and we had fun creatively sticking with it — while enjoying some fun and memorable experiences, too.

(I think my driving “skills” freaked the guy out who was manning the segway booth. He would not let go of it for the life of him!)

We had some fun firsts on the trip. We rode segways, fed turtles and touched a shrimp, sea cucumber, shark, starfish and sting ray.

Feeding turtles

And there were some not so fun firsts. Like our first time of being straight in the path of a tornado and thinking we were going to experience a direct hit.

We hid out in the hotel’s storm shelter and guess who was there with us? The executive producer for Discovery Channel’s Storm Chasers show.

Needless to say, the fact that he and his team believed we were also going to sustain a direct hit was not too comforting! Eight minutes before the tornado reached us, it changed directions and then petered out. We all breathed a huge collective sigh of relief, but were so sad for the many others who were in the path of the storm. 🙁

Next week, I’ll be sharing posts on how to pay cash for a vacation, how to get a great deal on a hotel and how to stay organized and save when traveling with young children — along with more pictures from our trip. Stay tuned!

Did you snag any great deals or bargains this week or save money in other ways? If so, be sure to post about them on your blog and leave your link below. Please remember that this weekly round-up is to share deals you personally got and/or money you were able to save this week. In order to keep this weekly round-up focused on helping and inspiring others in their efforts to save money, links which have little-to-no content other than promoting affiliate links, etc. will be deleted. Also, to make it easy for everyone to navigate quickly through the links, your link must link directly to your Super Savings Saturday post.

27 May 2011   ·   16
Money Saving Mom

Updated List of How You Can Help the Tornado Victims

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to all of you who have donated supplies to The Bridge. They are currently well supplied right now and ask that no additional material supplies be shipped while they work on setting up organizational systems for what is already coming in.

If you are heading to Joplin, you can check their Facebook Page for specific items they do still need. The needs are changing on a daily basis, so it’s best to check in on their page to see what specific items they need that day.

If you want to ship supplies, Frugal Fritzie (who lives in Joplin) is putting together an online donation drive:

Here’s a list of items that are currently needed:

* Non-Perishable Food
* First-Aid Supplies
* Trash-Bags
* Over-the-counter Medications (especially pain relievers)
* Baby Supplies such as Diapers, Wipes, Baby Food, etc.
* Dog Food
* Cat Food
* Toothpaste
* Toothbrushes
* Shampoo
* Conditioner
* Soap
* Body Wash
* Laundry Detergent
* Cleaning Supplies
* Sunscreen
* Insect Repellent
* Paper Plates
* Work Gloves
* Note: Clothing is not needed at this time.

Connie’s Antiques in Joplin has moved to a new location that has a nice big storage in the back and Blake with Connie’s was more than happy to help & has agreed to have all items mailed there:

Mail to:

Disaster Relief/Frugal Fritzie
c/o Connie’s Antiques
5171 N. Main St.
Joplin, MO 64801

You can also use your Swagbucks to purchase items on Amazon for the MOPs Group in Joplin. Check out this wishlist of needed items here.

If you would like to give money, there are a number of relief organizations you can donate to listed here.

If you live in the local area and want to volunteer, or are looking for a donation drop-off point in a nearby city or state, check out the Joplin, MO Tornado Relief Facebook Page. There are numerous opportunities being listed there for volunteer help, as well as physical and monetary donations.

If you have found other specific ways to help, please leave them in the comments.

26 May 2011   ·   154
Love frappuccinos but hate the cost at the coffee shop? Try this delicious homemade copycat recipe!

Homemade Frappuccino Recipe

Love frappuccinos but hate the cost at the coffee shop? Try this delicious homemade copycat recipe that will save you over $300 a year!

Guest post by Sabrina at Kitchen Cheat Sheet

I used to work at a coffee shop, and I not only witnessed people coming in several times a day for an almost $5 coffee, I often purchased that expensive blended coffee drink as well!

A few months ago I made the decision to leave my job and stay home with my two kids. Needless to say, I needed to cut my budget to make this possible. One of the first money saving ideas that most people will tell you is to cut out your daily fancy coffee drink. Although I don’t need a fancy coffee drink daily — or even weekly — I am a hard-working mom of an infant and a toddler and it’s nice to have a little bit of luxury in my day!

How Much I Save By Making My Own Frappuccinos

Using a Magic Bullet, I am able to save over $300 a year (assuming I replace two Grande Frappuccinos a week) and still enjoy my fancy blended coffee drinks. Here’s a cost breakdown:

The Yearly Cost of Purchasing Two Grande Starbucks Frappuccinos a Week (at $4.15 each): $431.16

The Yearly Cost of Making Two Homemade Frappuccinos Each Week ($52 for Magic Bullet + $0.50 each per drink): $104

Total Savings the first year: $327.16 (including the purchase of a Magic Bullet)!

Using the above directions, I usually get a very smooth, thick but drinkable-through-a-straw texture. With all the money you’ve saved, you can afford to splurge on a reusable Starbucks cold cup, if it feels a little more luxurious to drink out of an actual Starbucks cup!

Sabrina Hartman is a new stay at home mom to a 2 1/2 year old and a 9-month-old. She loves to find new ways to save money to compensate for leaving the workplace, and is finding her inner homemaker in the process. She tracks her homemaking life and tips at The Unlikely Homemaker and offers a kitchen tip/guide site at Kitchen Cheat Sheet.

Want more make-it-from-scratch ideas? I highly recommend Easy Homemade by Mandi Ehman. This ebook contains more than 60 recipes for homemade kitchen staples and it’s beautifully laid out, well-illustrated, and packed with great ideas and recipes.