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Have you gotten this Kroger coupon before?

Have you gotten this Kroger coupon at checkout? I just got it today. Just complete a survey and earn $5 off your next shopping order!

Have you gotten this offer at Kroger before?

I went to Kroger this morning (see the details on my shopping trip here). When I scanned my card at checkout, this Catalina printed offering me the opportunity to earn $5 off my next shopping trip.

To earn the $5, I had to visit a website and see if I qualified. The print-out said for me to take the survey within 48 hours.

Kroger coupon

$5 Off Your Next Purchase When You Qualify & Take a Survey!

Of course you know I checked this out almost immediately upon arriving back home! And I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I qualified for the survey.

It was a market research survey about Quaker Oat Beverage — something I had purchased recently because it was marked down to $0.99. The survey took me about

Kroger coupon

The Survey Only Took Me Around 2 Minutes to Complete

The survey was really simple to do. It just asked me a lot of questions about why I purchased the Quaker Oat Beverage and what I thought of it, etc.

So clearly, this is something that is connected to a Market Research company and I’m not sure why I got the offer. Do you think it was something I purchased or was it just random?

Kroger couponI’m posting about this for two reasons: 1) to notify you of this since I’d never seen it before and could have possibly overlooked it at checkout. 2) I wanted to see if anyone else has gotten this before?

I was mostly curious to know if this is something new that Kroger is rolling out and will be offering more of this. Or, maybe it was just a one-time thing?

Kroger coupon

By the way, the survey took me about 2 minutes to complete. When I was finished, I had to input my name and mailing address. It looks like they will be mailing me the coupon for $5 off my shopping order and that it will be coming sometime in the next 4-6 weeks.

Have you gotten one of these offers before? If so, any ideas why you got it?

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  • Mel says:

    I have gotten the offer before, it has been over a year and I cannot remember who the sponsor was at that time.

  • Rosann says:

    Hi Crystal,

    I haven’t gotten a Catalina like that before, but I do think you most likely got it since you purchased the Quaker beverage. Usually the Catalina’s print out due to your purchases. I must say, I am curious what an oat beverage is like!?!

    • Yes! I’m guessing they only give you these if you’ve actually purchased the product? Which means if you got one, then hopefully you qualify for the survey?

  • Jana P. says:

    Yes, Kroger is not even shy about reminding you that they are tracking your purchases. I am sure that you only received this survey since you had already purchased the Quaker product. I received an automated call from Tyson this week telling me about a recall of a product that I bought at Kroger a couple of weeks ago. I did appreciate the recall information, but it is still kind of weird that they actually contacted me about a specific purchase.

  • Jonna says:

    I’ve had Sabra call me when they had the recall of their hummus a few years back, since I purchased it from Kroger. It is a bit scary with all the tracking. I recommend Joseph Turow’s book, “The Aisles Have Eyes : How Retailers Track Your Shopping, Strip Your Privacy, and Define Your Power”. His book made me rethink all of the rewards programs. This is why I avoid all of those fitness trackers!! Some things the insurance companies should not know. ** I’m not trying to go conspiracy theory on anyone, I’m just stating the facts. **

    • I personally don’t have any problem with them tracking what I purchase, etc. But maybe that’s just me. I have a lot of privacy settings in place on my phone and we have all mail go to a PO box and I don’t give out my phone number, so I’ve not had any issues. But I do think we need to be aware and careful… especially with what we post on social media and also be aware of data collection that is happening on a daily basis.

  • Laurel Longoria says:

    I don’t know about this. I think it may be random.

  • Judy Floyd says:

    I received a coupon for $5.00 off my next shopping order if I enter the website on my computer and complete the survey using my customized pin as follows: 2-089-4444-31401. I followed the instructions to log on and your prompt told me that I did not launch the right information. I did, in fact, used your website correctly three times, getting the same info that I had not done it correctly. Yikes! What do I have to do now to participate in your offer since I cannot get into the survey???

    • Jordan says:

      Unfortunately this isn’t our offer. This is a Kroger offer so I can’t be of much help! You can try contacting their customer service to see if they can provide and answers! Sorry you are having trouble. -Jordan, MSM Team

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