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Green Rice Casserole Recipe

Whenever I say something about Green Rice Casserole, most people do a double take. “Green Rice Casserole? What’s that??” they’ll ask incredulously.

My mom has made this recipe for as long as I can remember and I’ve always loved it. Since I’ve been married, it’s been fun to introduce it to my own family, too. Everyone gobbles it up and usually asks for more!

It’s the perfect side dish for burritos. Or, you can do as I do, and just eat it as a stand alone.

Because it’s just that good!

By the way, this is in no way a low-fat recipe, so if you’re on a diet or counting calories or trying to lose weight, you just might want to skip over this post. 😉

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  • Kelly says:

    Wow! That sounds DELISH!! Can’t wait to try it!!

  • Micha says:

    I’m glad to see a rice casserole with something other than spinach or broccoli. We love the diced green chilies and I imagine they make this taste out of this world.

  • Hillery says:

    Hey, since this includes green chile and cheese, I think my husband will love it! Yum! And it is gluten free, which means I can eat it! A win win, now to convince the kids. Thanks!

  • lilysy says:

    The recipe is so simple! This looks amazing and will be a wonderful addition to our meals. Thank you!

  • Hannah says:

    So is it kinda like cheesy rice?? Is it spicy?

  • Yvonne says:

    Thanks for making it printable. I think we’ll have to give it a try in next months food menu!

  • Liz Stewart says:

    Question about the freezing part: Do you freeze before or after cooking? Does it change the baking time if you do freeze? Defrost before baking? Sorry I have so many questions! Thanks a bunch! Looks like I’ll be trying this sometime soon!

    • Crystal says:

      When I made it recently, I froze it uncooked in freezer bags and then just thawed and dumped it into the pan to cook. I think it’d probably taste a tad better this way than actually baking it first and then freezing.

  • Becky says:

    YUMM-O I’m gonna have to try that…

  • Gina says:

    I don’t eat cheese, but I am sure if I was to make it without cheese it would still taste great.

  • Becky says:

    wait, what temp does it cook at??

  • misty says:

    That is a really interesting dish that I think we will enjoy 🙂 thanks for posting it.

  • Becky says:

    This would have been perfect to make with the enchiladas I made the other night with my free container of cooking creme from Philly.
    I have to admit though, the name throws me off— rice isn’t supposed to be green lol

  • Yum! Thanks for posting. That looks delish!! I’m going to have to make it next time I make my layered quesadillas – it would be the perfect accompaniment! Here’s my recipe if you are interested:

  • Marci says:

    YUMMY!! That is going on my next weeks menu for sure!

  • Bean says:

    sounds yummy! Question though – cooked rice – will leftover cooked rice from the day before that’s been in the fridge overnight work, or should it be fresh cooked rice?

  • Ginny C says:

    Sounds Yummy! Can’t wait to make it! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Megan says:

    Oh my goodness Crystal, how do you stay so slim?!?

    Seriously, though, this looks delicious. I think I’ll make it for an upcoming potluck (otherwise my husband and I would polish it off ourselves!).

  • Naomi C says:

    Do you think you could through some beans or shredded beef or chicken in there with a yummy effect???
    Sounds good, but I am a one dish kindof cook, and my family usually does meat in our dishes.

    • KimH says:

      Absolutely.. I was thinking chicken myself for a one dish kinda yum! (But I gotta have my flesh protein! 😉 )

    • Tracy says:

      I say try it out. I’m the same way and have been tweeking recipes a bit lately. Everything turns out great and my family can’t get enough. You won’t know unless you try. 🙂

  • Kimberly says:

    Sweet. I’m always looking for easy meals that freeze well and can go meatless. Can’t wait to try this one. Thanks!

  • Eileen says:

    This looks great! Just curious, I have all of the ingredients on hand except for green chiles. But I have a surplus of Rotel tomatoes and green chiles. Yucky? Yummy?
    Thank you!

  • TatersMama says:

    I make this EXACT recipe, except with 2 C chopped chicken. It is SO good!

  • Bambi says:

    Will be bringing this to the church fellowship meal. We do Mexican the first Sunday each month–perfect! Thanks for the idea. Will probably throw some chicken in there too 🙂

  • Kimberly says:

    The mystery of the Green Rice Casserole is solved. You’ve mentioned sooooo many times in the past few months and I kept saying to myself….when will she ever tell us what this is? So last week when you said the recipe was coming this week I was so excited! Thank you for sharing. Sounds wonderful!

    • Crystal says:

      I’m so sorry it took me forever to get this posted. I should have a policy that I don’t mention a recipe until the week I’m actually planning to post it. 🙂

  • Lori says:

    Looks delicious! Just wondering …. do your kids like it? Is it too spicy for them?

  • Chandler says:

    We make this same dish except we use frozen tater tots instead of rice. It is really yummy (goes good with fish sticks. lol)

  • Jen says:

    Thanks for sharing! That’s not at all what I was picturing when you mentioned green rice before. This sounds waaaay yummy!

  • Catherine says:

    You said it stays green Bc of parsley but I don’t see that as an ingredient?

  • Reesa says:

    I just made this using pepper jack cheese ($0.50 recently at Publix) and 2 Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice pouches (brown) that were recently free. I had no idea how I was going to use those two items in my stockpile so when I saw this, I though the pepper jack cheese could substitute for the chilis (which I don’t have).

    Not bad for a meal that took less that five minutes from reading this post to putting it in the oven!

    My version is way too spicy for the two year old but the other kids are having this for dinner with some fresh fruit. I think I will try this again in a few weeks with the suggested cheese and without the green chilis (I don’t like them). I’ll add chicken and maybe black beans. It won’t be green rice casserole but might just be a new main course for us.

    Thanks Crystal!

  • Cindy says:

    Yum-O!! You just can’t go wrong with green chilis in my opinion….I needed something to go along with Salmon Patties tonight, and this was delicious. Thanks for the recipe!

  • Heather says:

    Thank you so much for this recipe! We have 2 boxes of brown rice at our house and 2 out of 3 people here (myself not included) don’t like it. I bet they’ll like it cooked like this though! Thank you!

    • Erin says:

      Oh, yeah! I “hide” brown rice in cheesy corn and beans over rice: I cook brown rice in my rice cooker. Then I combine one packet of Sazon with 1 can of black beans and about 1.5-2 c frozen corn (roast the corn in a hot, dry pan first for better flavor). Add corn and beans to the rice and top with cheese. Keep warm in the rice cooker until ready to eat.

  • This looks really good. I need some new recipes.

  • Lynda says:

    Made this tonight since we had all of the ingredients except the chilies (husband stopped to get them on sale at Bi-Lo on the way home) and it was EXCELLENT. It was before you added in the parsley in the recipe, but it was great without it and next time we will try it with the parsley! 🙂 Just shows that if someone doesn’t like parsley it is still great!

  • KimH says:

    Sounds totally wonderful to me.. Now I have to decide if a migraine is worth it since thats what i usually get when I eat chilis.. Its tough.. I have 20+ cans in my pantry, I was raised a few miles from Mexico and I love chilis in anything! 😉
    I think Im gonna have to suffer & try some soon!
    Thanks! 😉

  • Rebecca says:

    I’m going to try this one out. I’m always looking for creative starches to serve with the meat and veggies.

  • Michele says:

    Don’t kill me; I hate correcting grammar, but I think you meant “complement” rather than “compliment” unless of course the rice dish was praising the burritos. 😉

  • Dan says:

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  • Mona says:

    Wow, when I first saw this post, I thought it said green BEAN casserole and I couldn’t believe all these people that had never heard of it. Then someone said something about the rice being green and I was like, wait a second…I went back and reread the title. Oops!! This sounds really good. I’ll have to try it out soon. 🙂

  • That sounds very interesting. Not sure I could do the chilies, but the rest. Yuuummmy!

  • Kristin says:

    Thank you I made it for dinner. We had fish tacos and I was not sure what to put with it and this was perfect.

  • Amy says:

    I think instead of the parsley I think that I might try fresh chopped cilantro. My husband and I love cilantro and I think that it would go good with the green chilies. Thanks for the recipe.

  • anonymous says:

    This looks delicious!! One of my daughters is vegetarian and I am always looking for filling, meatless dishes!!

  • Dana says:

    Planning to make this tonight! We love spicy food and it sounds like this will be a hit with enchiladas! Thanks Crystal! 🙂

  • Ginger says:

    HI! This was exactly what I hoped it would be! Love chilies!!

  • carla Sorensen says:

    Guess what I had for lunch today? Yum! Very, very easy.

  • Jessica says:

    Crystal, have you ever used olive oil, skim milk, or reduced-fat cheese in the casserole? I’m sure you would have thought of those things in order to lower the fat content, so I’m wondering if you tried and it just didn’t taste the same for some reason with this particular receipe?

    • Crystal says:

      No, but only because we’re a family who typically goes for full fat in our food. 🙂 I’m sure it could be made with substitutions, though!

  • Paula says:

    Is the rice minute rice or long grain? I don’t cook much, so I wouldn’t know which one you were talking about.

  • AMBER says:

    Yay! I LOVE it when you post recipes. My family adores the soup recipe you posted! Thanks!

  • Paula says:

    Do you use minute rice or long grain rice?

  • Jenna says:

    Question: have you ever thrown in strips of raw chicken to cook with it?

  • Jodie Jones says:

    I made this for my family last night when I saw it posted yesterday! It was delicious! I made it before you noticed the missing parsley. It was so good, I am hesitant to add parsley when I make it again! I used it as a simple vegetarian main dish, with fruit on the side and brownies for dessert last night. We all thought it was a great meal. Thanks again for the recipe!

  • Elaine says:

    The green rice casserole is in the oven for dinner tonight! Thank you so much for posting the recipe. We can’t wait to try it! I am always grateful for new and easy recipes to try. Thanks for adding a new dish to our family menu!!

  • Jenna says:

    Yummy! I made this tonight, with a few alterations, and added some Adobo seasoned chicken strips to bake along with it 🙂

  • Autumn says:

    Thanks for sharing the recipe. We made this last night and it was really good. Served with some baked chicken. All of your recipes and freezer cooking have been a hit over here.

  • Gina says:

    Love, love, love this!! My husband is not normally real crazy about any kind of rice, but I served this the other night with enchiladas and he gobbled up every bit of rice on his plate before he ever touched the enchiladas, then went back for seconds. Definitely a keeper! I made it with fat free milk, reduced fat cheese, egg substitute and butter substitute and it was still delicious. Thank you so much for sharing it!

  • Christina says:

    Made this tonight with a couple additions. I added the meat from the 2 1/2 pork chops left over from last night, a box of creamed spinach, and used an extra cup of brown rice. 6 of the 7 of us loved it! And (#7)my husband said it was pretty good. I will definitely make this again. But I may run the creamed spinach through the blender with the milk, so my husband doesn’t have to see the pieces of spinach. 🙂

  • Sarah M. says:

    Thanks for sharing this recipe! I made it last night (splitting it into 2 9×9 pans, one to use and one to freeze). I served it with re-fried beans and we made burritos/tacos combining the two with lettuce, tomatoes and avocado. It was EXCELLENT. Thanks!

  • Sharyn says:

    HEY!! I have all this stuff on hand! Yippee! No having to go out and shop. COOL! Thanks!

  • Lauren says:

    Clicked on this recipe looking for vegetarian budget casseroles. I’ll used the brown rice, too. Also, to keep it Genotype Teacher friendly, I’ll edit out the chiles. Sounds delicious and money-saving.

  • Amy says:

    So… I subbed trader joes frozen rices cauliflower for the real rice and subbed 1/2 and 1/2 for the milk- I just used a splash! It was a hit and a great way to get some more veggies in our low carb, THM diet! Thank you!

  • Bethany says:

    This is one of my childhood favorites! My mom didn’t put chili’s in it. I may have to try it that way.

  • Jenn says:

    Im late to the site but i love these! What’s a good solution for no chilies? I’ll think of something!

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