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Five free holiday card samples

TinyPrints is offering five free holiday card samples. I’m not sure whether these will come pre-filled out or not, but it’s worth taking a minute to sign up for–especially since there are so many creative ways to recycle Christmas cards.

Here’s how to get your five free cards:

::Login or sign up for a TinyPrints account.

::Choose five different holiday cards you’d like to order and click the orange “Order Sample” button next to them.

::Go to checkout and use coupon code 5HOLIDAY and choose to have them shipped to your house. Your order should be free.

Thanks, Common Sense With Money!

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  • Emily says:

    Just to clarify – the “Order Sample” button is not orange (it’s a regular blue link). It’s *next* to the orange “Personalize” button.

  • liz says:

    It seemed like all of the cards i tried to pick needed a minimum order of 10…?

  • Maryellen D. says:

    Thanks! I just ordered mine.

  • Angela D says:

    Does the shipping get removed after I review because it only took $5 off?

    • Jennifer Patterson says:

      Yep, the shipping is free too! Thanks for letting us know about another great deal!! I was able to order the following by clicking on Occasions: Holiday Cards and checking the 0 (zero) photos box under Narrow Your Search:

      Festive Wishes : Olive
      The North Pole : Red
      A Holiday House : Red
      Wreathed Wishes : Meadow
      Santa Moon : Bright Red

    • Joy says:

      I’m wondering the same thing – my review page shows a charge for shipping

  • Jane says:

    Got them, thanks!

  • Romi says:

    Couldn’t do the five free holiday card samples… =(

  • Romi says:

    I saw it, but I don’t know why I can’t!!! =(
    I choose the 5’s and I personalized 1 and when I saved the card it says 10×34.90$!!! and I don’t find the way to choose only one of each of the five I have chosen…
    Maybe today I don’t have patience enough to do it!!!
    I’ll try tomorrow.
    Thanks anyways!!!!

    • Emily says:

      You can’t personalize the samples. Instead of clicking the orange “Personalize” button, click the link to the left that say “Order sample.”

  • jodi says:

    About the min of 10, you click on the “order sample” button next to the big “personalize” button. Not all cards have an order sample option.HTH

  • Amanda says:

    I don’t know if this helps anyone, but the first time I entered the code, I copied and pasted the code from moneysavingmom, and it did not accept it. I then deleted the code and manually typed it in the box, and it applied it and took my total due down to $0.00.

  • Cathy B says:

    I did everything right but it would give me the 5 sample cards free… it charged $1 for each sample card.. coming to 5.30 for samples…. maybe they ran out of samples??? I used the sample code and checked samples only…. :>(

  • Cathy B says:

    well after 45 mins of retrying, including the cards suggested it just wont accept the promo code of 5HOLIDAY… and tries to charge me $5.30 for samples… and yes, it does say samples… Happy for those of you that got it to work!

  • Jennifer Olson! says:

    Yay, it worked! I followed the advice given above and it worked, although it took three tries before accepting the promotion code. TY TY! Has anyone found out if the “samples” will be printed with another family name?

  • Joy says:

    I tried to order but it says the shipping is $7.50??? Am I missing something?

    • Joy says:

      I did a live chat with Tiny Prints customer service about my shipping charges (they have awesome customer service by the way) – she processed the order for me – I did have 5 sample cards but 2 of them were flip cards – customer service said this “No worries! I will take care of this for you. It’s just taking me a bit longer than I anticipated. I apologize. I think it’s due to the Flip Card samples. I will notify the engineering department regarding it, but I need to fix this for you first.” She processed the order on her end. Wow! I am impressed!

    • Stefanie says:

      I did the same thing but I had one of those flip fancy cards as one of my samples so I removed that and replaced it with a normal card and the code took off shipping then my total was zero and it did not require cc to place my order. Hope that helps

  • beth says:

    nope–still not working

  • beth says:

    says code is invalid

  • beth says:

    same says i owe 5.25 and code is invalid

  • April D. says:

    I just completed this and got 5 for free. I didn’t even have to enter a cc number (sometimes with tiny prints its required even with no balance). I’m excited b/c these will make cute cards for my daughter to use for her teachers at school.

  • Ginger says:

    You can’t personalize them. What’s the point in having a Christmas card w/ strangers on it? (Not being snarky.)

  • It worked fine for me. It’s 4:30pm here in California. 🙂

  • Connie says:

    Says invalid code, after I spent 20-30 min on tiny prints! oh well. Thanks for the post.

  • Lianna says:

    Try 5holiday … no caps. It just worked for me!

  • Anne says:

    “Try 5holiday … no caps. It just worked for me!”

    I tried the same thing and it finally worked!

  • Connie says:

    After a little break, it worked for me. I’d made sure that there was 1. no space after “5HOLIDAY” code and make sure you don’t choose “William Arthur” cards. I think the hang up for me might have been the extra space behind the promo code (when I copied and paste). Thanks again.

    • Kendra says:

      This was the hang up for me also. An extra space behind the promo code after I copied and pasted. Once I deleted the space the promo code worked.

  • margaret says:

    These are the cards you can choose from:

    I had to talk to customer service because the code wasn’t working for me and it turns out all the cards I picked out weren’t part of the promo. So if anyone else is having a problem with the code working that could be the reason.

    • peever says:

      Thank you for the link! I spent a ton of time trying to figure out which cards would work. That made it very easy for me!

    • Brandy says:

      Thanks soooo much for the link! I was about to give up! Using the link it was super easy! Yea for super cute, high quality, free holiday cards!

  • Robin J says:

    It worked for me! 5 for free! Thanks!

  • Heather says:

    Got mine. Thanks!

  • Kris says:

    Worked for me…just did samples with no personalization.

  • Valerie says:

    Thank you….it seems to be the *new* cards you can get the samples of!

  • Kate says:

    worked for me. Make sure the cards have a sample option and dont personalize them (I will add my own pics!)

  • Candice M. says:

    worked for me, thanks

  • Emily says:

    I got it to work no problem – free shipping too. Thank you!

  • I ordered 5 of the same card in different colors. The Partrige Tree card is actually a folded card that I can personalize with a note. The other flat cards don’t really allow you write anything on the back because they have a pattern.

  • Heather says:

    The Flip Card being removed, fixed the shipping charge. Thank you!

  • Nellie says:

    worked for me. 5HOLIDAY all caps.

  • Rachel E says:

    I had to enter the code twice but it finally worked. My question is, will the fake family names appears on the samples and how will you guys be covering them up. I know you all are very creative : )

    • ACMommy3 says:

      when I placed my order, it stated that each sample would be with the standard text only (like “Merry Christmas” if the card said so but not the “Merry Christmas, from the Holiday Family” or something)… otherwise, this wouldn’t be so great a deal. 😀

      • Stefanie says:

        That is what I thought as well but I got mine in the mail yesterday and other peoples names are on them making them totally useless to me. What a waste of paper.

        • ACMommy3 says:

          Yeah, same here! Received my cards yesterday…with the personalization of other people’s names on them. I guess the “Note: sample text only (does not contain personalized text)” from the order form meant their personalization sample. How funny….but thankfully the cards that I ordered will be pretty easy to either cut out or scrapbook to be useable. 🙂

          Very impressed with their quick shipping and the quality of the cards! This was my first time to see their cards in person and they’re very nice!

        • ACMommy3 says:

          Yeah, same here. Received my cards yesterday…with other names on them. On the website it said “Note: sample text only (does not contain personalized text)” but I guess that means their sample of personalization text seen on the website. How funny…but thankfully, the cards I received can easily be altered to be useable (I ordered non-photo Thank You notes).

          I was impressed with their quick shipping and the nice quality of the cards, this was my first chance to see their cards in person. 🙂

  • Lynn says:

    Where are you seeing the orange sample button? LOL

    • ACMommy3 says:

      Just click on the card you are interested in and below the card’s description you should see a “sample” button to click on. 🙂

  • ACMommy3 says:

    I ordered today and it worked fine! For those who don’t want Holiday greeting cards — I used this promo on Holiday Thank You cards instead and it worked! 🙂

  • Rachel says:


  • Brandi says:

    Clarification: so you can’t put your own picture in it? So do they come with pictures of random people or can you order ones with words and no pictures?

    • Stefanie says:

      Not other peoples pictures but name yes. Kind of a waste in my opinion. I would have never ordered them if I thought they would be like that.

  • Sylvia says:

    Thanks! I was able to order the 5 samples. Here’s to hoping the samples don’t come with some other family’s name on them, lol.

  • Wendy says:

    Yea, mine came yesterday with names on them….none of them can be used – seems like a waste of time / paper / postage from TinyPrints. I was hoping for 5 blank TY notes 🙁

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