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Clutter-Busting Challenge Day #21: I cleaned up the backyard!

Every week day in May, I’m challenging my readers to try to find at least 7 things to get rid of. These can be big or small things, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you actually throw them out, sell them, donate them, recycle them, or find someone else who can use them. Think you’re up for the challenge?

I cleaned up the backyard today and found two items to get rid of, plus a few more kids’ books on our bookshelves we aren’t using anymore (I loved one of your comments that recommended getting rid of books you can easily get from the library and I think I’m going to slowly move more toward that direction with our kids’ books — especially when it comes to paperbacks).

  • 4 kids’ books
  • 1 marker that doesn’t work anymore
  • 2 misc. items I found lying in the backyard

How did your clutter-busting go today? Link up your blog post and/or Instagram pictures below. Or, leave a comment telling us how many things you got rid of. Let’s clear our homes of clutter so we can be more productive and efficient!

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  • I found 4 books I was supposed to mail to my cousin months ago. Plus 3 other books I haven’t read in ages.

  • Maia says:

    I cleaned off my desk and threw away/recycled catalogs and misc. papers. I thought it would be hard to keep finding stuff, but sadly there has always been something to get rid of!

  • Grace says:

    First day i participated for real….3+dozen kids books rocking horse fisher price microphone etc lots going out to thrift!

  • Shelly says:

    I cleaned out my junk drawer and got rid of all the pens that don’t work. I also got rid of quite a few other items plus I found more paper clutter.

    We always have lots books in our home. My mom-in-law is a librarian so we are always blessed with lots of books for the kids. After the kids are done with the books I pass them along to our friends.

  • Victoria says:

    I really cut back our Children’s library collection the year when I noticed that going to the library had finally become a fun outing instead of a “oh my goodness don’t run…don’t pull those off the shelf…hey where did…go….and…” . I still keep a shelf full of non fiction books and a small book case of fiction books for them though so that if the weather is bad or we just had a killer busy week their is still something for them to read.

  • I love pitching markers that don’t work. There’s no thought involved. Not working= DITCH.

    Maybe I’ll go through my kids’ art supplies to feel a big sense of accomplishment.

  • Marie says:

    I found one thing that has helped me cut back on books is when the kids bring home book orders I immediately go through them, circle all the ones that look interesting, and then go to the library webpage and reserve them!!! it’s great and then it’s easy to go and just pick up when they all come in.

    I continued with my garage sale today and made over $400!!! I’m super excited. With the two days from last week I’ve made over $900!!! I found several more items this morning that will be posted on Craigslist. I am feeling much “lighter” around here lately.

    • Jenni says:

      That’s really encouraging to hear. I’m trying to get organized for a garage sale myself and am glad to hear that it has paid off so well for you.

      • Marie says:

        Have really good signs that lead them right to you!!! My husband made wood signs with posts and then we made signs using the computer and I glued them on. Then I took contact paper and covered the entire sign, both sides. We’ve used them the last 3 years. The great thing is that we just put the days of the week and the times instead of the date. this way we can use them every year without remaking them. We just put Wed, Thurs., Fri. and Sat. And if I’m not doing it Fri./Sat. we just put painters tape over those days.
        Also really organize your stuff. I have a table for girls clothes and a table for boys clothes with a sign in front of each stack stating the sizes.
        I was able to borrow two rounders and I hung most of my Carter’s and Children’s Place nicer items. These flew out of here yesterday and everything was priced from $1-3. I also rubber band sets because I’ve found as people rummage through stuff it gets really messy.
        I also go back through my tables during down times and make it look nice again.
        Good luck to you!

  • FMR says:

    Still going strong finding 7 items a day:
    unwanted cloth napkins, towels, placemats donated to a friend’s business to use as rags
    a computer monitor donated
    multiple old T-shirts to the rag collection pile
    stationery that I received for free in the mail: envelopes saved, some cards recycled, some card fronts saved to send to St. Jude’s card program

  • Every time you show a children’s book that you are adding to the donation pile, I always sigh. It brings back great reading moments with my own kids. But then I remember that a lot of books that I bought for them were from the library or thrift stores or yard sales. It was because of other moms letting go of those books that I got them for my kids. So I just have to remember that. I can always take a picture of them holding the book when I really have a hard time letting go.

  • Sandy says:

    I cleaned out the bottom drawer in my stove. Tossed out 4 small cooling racks. Then, I found 4 dish towels which have seen better days. Made that drawer more manageable!

  • Jessica says:

    toss: old stroller cover, 3 unmatched kid mittens/gloves, messed up kid’s scarf, girl’s dress with a large hole

    donate: 2 watering cans, 2 squirt guns, women’s scarf, 5 fleece baby sleepers, 3 baby coats, girl’s hoodie, baby sleep sack, 2 baby blankets, baby toy

  • Gail says:

    Donate Kids books to Half Price Books for local Childrens Charities. Check with the one near you to see if they are participating. Ours has a barrel inside for gently used books. Kids love to put the books in the barrel when you tell them they are helping other little kids.

  • Allison says:

    I finally sent off some clothing to Thred Up. (I’ve had one of their bags for a while.) I hope I’ll get a bit of money back, but if not at least I cleared some stuff out of my closet.

  • Anna says:

    Today I went through a couple dresser drawers. I found more than seven garments to donate, as well as a dozen or more loner socks. I also moved some winter stuff out of the dressers so the drawers can actually close (woowhoo!).

  • I hope that there will be a new challenge for June! I know you are pretty busy, Crystal. But I do hope there is will be something. I have had such a great time doing something I really do not like to do. It’s been very encouraging seeing everyone’s progress too!

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